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1. Possession Of Twilight Shadows

I am ruler of blackness, full moon terror
In daytime eclipse
I am lord of eternal night
To my lord Lucifer, I am servant

I am master of nature
In bloodlust of howling wolves
Darkest fog and torrid ice storms
I have crossed oceans of time to conquer

Adoration for the immortals
Possessor of souls
Those who were born
And aged without life

Beautiful women I possess
To do my blackest magic
The weak I show no mercy
Condemn them to the abyss and dark horizons

I am he, the tast of stale and stagnant water
I am he, who hungers for Mother Mary's blood
I am he, the black fire of hatred
I am he, Chorozon possessor of twilight shadows

I live immortalized since Christ was slain
I summon the most darkest evil souls

Forever I will rule
Over land, Sea and the winds
Possessing all that dwell in my kingdom
The whores, the insane and the weak

I enslave the innocent to be dark
For they have no life
I the shadow lord, the fire walker
I the creature of the night

Over fog and shoadows I am master
Bloodlust and unpure hearts
All I adore is my midnight lust
Evil, unthinkable magic

In my kingdom of diabolical wilderness
Order of the Seraphim
A warrior, a king, a prince of darkness calls
Upon the souls of the underworld

War and Armageddon will rise
Nocturnal creature I behold

So to whomever I conjure I am God
I drank the blood of Christ
On the day of his death
I now will live forever.

2. Battles Of Armageddon

I awaken from the blackened sea
Rising up with the name of blasphemy
I am the dragon which gave power onto the beast
Behold I am thee

Spirits of the devils go forth unto the knights of the earth. Gather them for the battle, that great day to dethrone God the almighty

Shed the blood of the saints and the prophets
Evil poured upon the salts of the earth
Scorched from the great heat from the sun
Powers given unto me, voices of thunder and lightning

Unholy spirits descend from the mouth of the dragon.Gater them into a place called Armageddon

Cast upon the earth burn the great mountain
Fire cast into the sea as rivers and sea became blood

A great star burning through the blackened sky
Listen not to the voice from the four horns of the golden alter

Spirits of the devils go forth unto the kings of the earth. Gather them for the battle, that great day to dethrone God the almighty

The dead angels of God scattered across the ashes of Sodom. Upon the blackened horizons, God will watch thy kingdom rise

Battles of Aemageddon!!!

3. Descending Through Black Moon Skies

Irrevernt to the one called God
Arch angel falling from the sky
Onto the fog covered frozen earth
Crack of thunder, Black storms arrive

Burning angel rises from the ashes
A new lord is born
Eyes glaring watching over the planes
And reclaim the throne of paradise

Angels weep in heaven above
Irreverent to the holy one
Light shall be no more
Angels decent from black moon skies

Attacking the kingdom above with vengeance and hate. Holy angels fight, yet powerful hordes destroy
Battles in the sky, holy angels die
Thrown to the ground God has died

Upon darkened horizon
Evil shall reign, lord of the night
Darkness will conquer the right of God
And reclaim the throne and kingdom of paradise

Angels wept in heaven above
Lrreverent to the holy one
Light sahll be no more
God descending through black moon skies

4. Baptism By Fire

Repudiate the protection of the Virgin Mary
Disclaim the baptismal chrism
Trample under foot the cross of Christ
Never adore the sacraments

Demon lord I offer to thee
A virgin of Christ by sorcery
Baptized in fire

Renounce the trinity, Jesus Christ
Baptized in fire
Deny the sacraments of the holy church
Baptized in fire
Commit myself, body and soul
Baptized in fire
Adjure the statue of the Virgin and the Saints
Baptized in fire

I deny the oath of the church
I deny the creator of heaven and earth
I deny the Christian faith
I adhere to Satan, baptized with unholy fire

I swear allegiance only to him
Within the burning circle marked on the ground
Baptized in fire

The mark is scorched and drawn
Baptized in fire
In exiled depths unknown to the lamb
Baptized in fire
Demon lord I serve only thee
Baptized in fire
The day of wrath has come forth
Baptized in fire

Thou who wills to master the arts
Must covet the seals beyond the gats
Baptized in fire

5. Through Haunted Caverns

Constantinople has fallen
An evil of invincible force
Swept across the Carpathian Mountains
Out of Transylvania arose a great roman knight
From the sacred order of the dragons, Known as the Dracu's. Victories of that great race are a tale to be told. For I am the last of my kind

I condemn you to living death
To eternal hunger for living blood
You impotent men with their foolish swells
Cannot portect your from my power

I renounce God
I shall rise from my own death
To avenge with all the powers of darkness
The blood is the life and it shall be mine
I bring you from the light into the shadows
Darkness is my light
Lifeless, soulless, hated and feared
I am the monster that breathing men would kill

Across the icy seas to my land
I will grow strong, wolves howl, the children of the night. Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit
I will release the powers of darkness

What devil or witch was ever so great
As the demon that flows through my veins
Beyond the grace of God
Wonderer of the outer darkness
You will be my devoted disciple
I walk to feed upon precious blood
Condemned to hell I command
Winds!!! Winds!!! Winds!!!

You think you can destroy me
I have sereved the cross, the light of all lights
Hundreds of years before you were born
Look at what your God has done to me

My land, the most beautiful place in creation
A land beyond a great, great forest
Surrounded by majestic mountain
To be found nowhere else
In the catacoms of my castle
You will enter through my haunted caverns

6. Seal Of The Dark Legions

Wolves carry my name in their midnight howls
The voice is summoning me from afar
The weight of my sould will decide a place
The horrors that stalk anger me a night
This is the ancient arcanum,
Handed down and passed forward for centuries

Fro this is my book of the dead
This is the book of the black earth
The celestial spirits
From beyond, the wanderes of the waste

I have seen one thousand and one moons
I have seen the unkown lands
I have raised the demons and the dead
I have summoned the ghost of my ancestors
I have fought the black magician
I have ruled armies against the lands of the east

I have ofund and feared
I have found teh gate to the outside

In the dark days of the moon
There can be little protection against the druids
From the ancient lands
An engraved amulet of pure silver
In full light of the moon

Open the gate of the dead
The gate of the shadowed ones
Which I have smelled the vapors of

7. Season Of The Witch

Blackened sun has set
Full moon harvest
Spells are of one with the natural forces
Root of evil grows in the ground

Red Celtic wolves appear from the forest
Watching a congregation of witches and druids
Cautiosly are they with the root
For they know death will follow

Dark and cold as ice
The season of evil demoncy
On this black and bitter night
Demon lord shall arise

In the book of shadows, Pan and Lucifer are one
The cross of Christ angers them

Celtic and Nordic runes
For they're horned god has come
Virgin sacrifice
Screams through the freezing night

Season of the witch!!!
Season of the witch!!!

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