Dark Lyrics


1. Resurrection Of Ancient Evil

[Music - Valac]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

I am the dark apprentice serving Satan's will
I lie amongst darkness, Christians I kill
Resurrection of ancient evil
I kill the god of the feeble
Promised an eternal life, slowly fades away
I mock the crucifixion
I exist to create Christian extinction
As their souls fall to Hell and burn for eternity
[repeat chorus]
I have been summoned by the evilest souls
To kill the Christians that plague the earth
I am from the black dominion
Beyond the infernal gates
Where their fate awaits
Taking the immortal soul
From the lifeless body
Evil from below, Hell is where they reign
[solo: Blackthorn]
[repeat chorus]

2. Stormraiser

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

Armageddon has finally come
Billions of deserving now will die
The black wizard arrives from the east
The one that destroys, known as the Stormraiser
Black winds arrive from the Northern lands
Wicked storms of tremendous lightning
Unleashed upon the earth to kill mankind
With fiery black skies and earthquakes of devastation
The Stormraiser stand upon the higher mountain
Watch his evil creation
Blessed under the sign of Hell, the symbol of Baphomet
Lucifer in disguise
Conquer, end the relics of Christianity
Tearing down the cross of Christ
Thrown to the ground in blasphemy
The helpless and weak victims, under the sign of the goat
Now it's time to die!
The fiery winds sweep across the landscape
The end of existence as we know it
The Stormraiser, the mighty destructor
Forever dying and chanting his name
[solo: Valac]

3. Curse Of The Underworld

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Blackthorn]

Across the river of Styx, in the island of the dead
Awaits a Titan, the shadow keeper of the underworld
Centuries of evil, enter the realm of evil
Venomous blood flows through its veins
Two-headed beasts guard the gate
Eyes of fire, salivating jaws of blood
Slay the beast, the time has come
In dark and misty caverns it awaits
Serpent head of evil, lurking in the shadows
Hear the hiss of the venomous serpent
Glowing eyes, face of death, now turn to stone
Curse of the underworld!!!
Look towards the shield, see its face
Fires of the throne, you will not be saved
Complexion cold as ice, an entity of the unconscious mind
The beheaded Titan, acidic blood
Curse of the underworld!!!
[solo: Valac]
Clawed stinging creatures come to form
From her blood they spawn up from the ground
Medusa, serpent archer of the underworld, now cast down
I am the shadow keeper
The evil will now be passed down
Curse of the underworld!!!

4. Prelude To Shadows

5. Rise Of The Fallen Kingdom

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Blackthorn]

Rise dead angels rise!!! Rise dead angels rise!!!
From the depths I summon thee!!!
Rise dead angels rise!!!
Centuries have passed, time stood still
Beware the prophecies, they are real
Fallen angels that turned to dust will rise again
Satan we heed the call to triumph over the Father
[solo: Blackthorn]
Out of the boundaries of Hell we break the chains that bind us
Destroying the disciples of God, challenging the holy laws
Guardians of Heaven, face the rise of our fallen kingdom - rise of a fallen kingdom!
Scorched black by fire, hail to Satan!!
Necromancers of the earth, hail to Satan!!!
Bring forth the Father, hail to Satan!!!!
Witness the persecution of our Father, hail to Satan!!!
Attack the doors of Heaven, break apart its bars
Attack the barriers of Heaven, take the walls by force
Open the doors of Heaven, open wide the gate
I am the great shadow, ruler of Heaven
Open the gates of Hell, our rage ascending from the abyss
No door can shut us out, no bolt can turn us back
[solo: Valac]
Holy angels fall like rain from the sky
Turn to vapors, mist upon the earth
We have brought down the Almighty
We brought down the forest of the east
The blood of man is the spirit of vengeance
Rise of a fallen kingdom!!!
Rise dead angels rise!!! Rise dead angels rise!!!

6. Atrocities Of War

[Music - Valac]
[Lyrics - Holocauso Inferni]

The epic battle of good versus evil has begun
Now its time to reign in sin, with this mighty war
Armageddon is now upon us
The dark serpent claims his rightful throne
As the earth has become Hell
See the Christians fall in defeat
The mightiest black legion
Now we will praise Hell, as we now see God fall
Bound in chains
Hear the screams echoing in endless midnight
Darkness now embraces your life
Angels in Heaven, they will cry
As the beloved God now dies
Blessed are the warlords of Hell
They destroyed their enemies
Holding their swords up high
The demise of Christians
The end of God, the beginning of Satan's reign
Hail Satan one and all, for it is his world
Blood of Christians is on our hands
Their bodies desecrate the landscape
Destroying all that your adore
Unholy atrocities of war
[solo: Blackthorn]
[solo: Valac]
[solo: Blackthorn]
[solo: Valac]
[solo: Blackthorn]
[solo: Valac]

7. Rendered To Dust

[Music - Valac]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

Rendered to dust, dead in your crypt
Die for your mortal sins
Nuclear holocaust, die for the sins of man
Rendered to dust, ashes remain
Don't believe in the lies of eternal life, there is no God
There is no existence after you die
You pray to a false god, for He does not exist
Your destiny is to be buried in the ground
Or entombed in a mausoleum
Dead in your box, maggots infest
Divine smell of rot, as you are laid to rest
You're just a soulless corpse, dead in your box
For you I have no remorse, forever trapped you'll rot
You suffer from the incurable Christian faith
Laid to rest, you are deceased, won't escape the rotting
Resurrect eternal pain obsessed with death
Born to suffer punishment
[solo: Blackthorn]
Rendered to dust, there is no afterlife
Only the end, eternal strife

8. When Angels Mourn

9. The Fog

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Blackthorn]

The clock struck at midnight, the six conspirators met
He hid in the shadows to conceal his complexion
Cursed by a vile disease, leader of a leper colony
Under a full moon we planned his death
Set ablaze a fire on the shore strong enough to penetrate the swirling mist
Out of the night, an unearthly fog rolled in
For a moment's time they could see nothing
The ship crashed against the rocks, the wreckage sank to the bottom of the sea
The fog recessed back across the waters and never came again
But when the fog returns the crew's lungs filled with salt water
Their eyes open staring into the darkness will search for the fire
That lead them to their death and my death
[repeat pre-chorus]
[solo - Blackthorn]
In a moment's time it will vanish, watch as it recedes back across the seas
When mercury freezes, when everything turns to mist
Look across the water into the darkness, look out for the fog!!!
Were it possible to raise the dead, I would return his fortune
I am the sixth conspirator, lead me to my death for the witching hour
From twelve to one belongs to the dead, I am a thief, I hold the keys to the tomb of gold
Set ablaze a fire on the shore strong enough to penetrate the swirling mist
Out of the night, an unearthly fog rolled in
For a moment's time they could see nothing
[repeat chorus]
Is this anything, but a nightmare is all we see or seen a dream within a dream
When mercury freezes, when everything turns to mist, look across the water
Into the glowing darkness, look out for the fog
Look out for the fog!!!

10. Manifestation Of The Black Spirit

[Music - Valac]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

Manifestation of the black spirit!!!
[1st verse]
I am the one that dwells in darkness, I serve the will of evil
Hatred and disgust fills my soul
An undying hatred for Christianity
On the night of the crimson moon a metamorphosis now occurs
Within my black soul
Soon to bring the day of wrath, in my black heart
[repeat 1st verse]
The black spirit manifesting in me, I am now an unholy creation
Having no memory of my former, I am reborn
For I am the great manifestation of the black spirit
The burning desires of lust now fill my spirit with the women of holiness
I fornicate, incubus of shadows, and in their dreams
Planting deep my evil seed, in the disciples of God
Procreating a new race of demonic drones, unleashed upon the earth
To make Christianity extinct, feel my vengeance upon thee
A holy death, another Christian is murdered
[solo: Blackthorn]
In the name of Satan, lord of the undivine, destroying divinity
I am the manifestation of the black spirit
King of the nether world, all will praise me
As all the churches burn to the ground!!

11. Heed Thy Blackened Sun

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Blackthorn]

A star burns across the midnight sky, crack of thunder
A bolt of lightning breaks the deaf silence
Show me the secret number, show me the secret shape
Keeper of the secret names, show me the signs
Look across the black seas, look for the black horizons
Look for the eclipse of the sun, look for the signs of Armageddon
Bring together which has been thinded, bring together the bible
Utter his name in reverse the last name of God
Make me the one begotten son reveal to me upon this hour
Make me the one begotten son reveal to me upon this hour
The visions of a world start to uncreate, heed thy blackened sun
Axis of evil at my command, let him reign upon this hallowed night
Bring in darkness, shade the light fulfill this tonight, my destiny
[solo: Blackthorn]
Look at the midnight sky, look for the black horizon
Look for the sweat upon the beast, look for the sign in the prisms
[repeat chorus]

12. Laid To Frost In Eternal Sleep

13. Lords Of Everlasting Darkness

[Music - Blackthorn]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

Your pathetic life has come to an end, Judgment Day has now arrived
Will you enter the gates of Heaven? Or will you descend into the realm of eternal shadows?
[1st bridge]
Fall into darkness, the eternal said
Burn for eternity
God has turned his back on thee, you've lived a sinful life
As you are cast to Hell, the smell of Hades upon you
[repeat 1st bridge]
[2nd bridge]
In the lands of everlasting darkness Satan's realm now reigns supreme
Father Satan save me from the spell of Christianity
Eternal darkness now surrounds thee, eternal suffering now is upon thee
Master Satan has spoken to thee, vengeance is mine, now for thee
Burning in Hell for eternity!!!
We are all servents of Satan!!!
What is thy bidding my master!!!
To serve in the lands of everlasting darkness!!!
[solo: Blackthorn]
[repeat 2nd bridge]

14. Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse

[Music - Valac]
[Lyrics - Holocausto Inferni]

It's the dawn of the Apocalypse
Satan's wrath will prevail
At the end of existence there is no resistence against the wrath of damnation
Pray for salvation, begging for your soul knowing there is no hope
Witness the kingdom of Satan and his throne
The wrath of damnation, end of creation, upon the throne of apocalypse
End of life as we know it, Earth becomes Hell, the world is ruled by the angel whom fell
The dawn of a new age, new world order
You were a hypocrite hiding behind the cross you bear
Once you were so high and mighty, now you are a mirror of your former self
Witness the new day of suffering bowing down to the throne of beasts
It's the dawn of the Apocalypse
Satan's wrath will prevail
As the old world dies, and the new one is born
[solo: Blackthorn]
Impaled servents upon inverted crosses, whilst they're ablaze
This is the wrath of damnation
Upon the throne of Apocalypse

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