Dark Lyrics


1. The Black Sheep

[feat. Dan Of Infant Annihilator]

I'm so sick of it all sick of taking the fall for your actions
Fall for your actions
So you just leave me for the dogs
You left me for the dogs

You kicked me aside just like a stone on this fucking empty road
Where will you go?
You chose this road
Soon enough death is all you'll ever know
Now there's no where left to hide
& I'm leaving this all behind
But I'm taking you down with me
Where you can burn with your kind

I have materialized
To collect what lies within your flesh
I'll release you from your shell
To drag you to Hell
I drag you to Hell

2. Crook

These thoughts are taking over me
They never stop I still can't fucking sleep

So let me walk with the deceased
It's not like you'd care anyway

Running around
Spreading your lies
You're still the man I despise
Empty eyes & words that don't mean shit
Contradicting yourself you fucking hypocrite

I want to watch you suffer
i want to watch you fucking burn
How does it feel now that the tables have turned?

Don't say that you didn't
Feel the same

I can't wait until the day
Until your eyes don't open

& I will never forget
The words that were spoken
You shattered my heart
You left me broken

& now all I see in front of me
Is what I'll never fucking be
& you're too blind to see
That your actions got the best of me

3. Dead Ends

I'll never be like you [2x]

Murdering my self day by day
With the help of being put on the shelf
By fake friends
You can all burn in Hell [2x]

Why can't you fucking see
All of the things that you're doing to me?
You carried me out just to leave me to bleed
Leave me to bleed

A broken home surrounds me
Broken bones
Left here to fucking bleed
Why can't you see what you are doing to me?
Doing to me

Nothing ever stays in the end
Nothing stays
Nothing stays in the end
I'm always swayed by my "friends"
Fuck you for leaving me in this dead end

Where the fuck were you
When I fell to the ground?
I was always there for you
But you were no where to be found

Nothing ever stays in the end
My life is slipping away
Nothing ever stays in the end
Everything I've loved has faded away

I put all my fucking trust in you
Nothing left but a knife in my back I'm fucking through with you
I will never be like you
I promised myself that I'd never fucking be like you

4. Desolate


5. Streetwalker

[feat. Tyler Of Traitors]

There was no love
There was no hope
The things I've tried to make myself cope
I'm better off hanging from this rope

You're just a fucking snake
Fuck your worth
& fuck your time on this Earth
I can't wait until you are nothing more
Than 6 feet under the dirt
Fuck your worth
& fuck your time on this Earth

These fucked up memories,
They've lead me to my end
Leaving me with nothing but disgust
& a sanity that is condemned
My mind will never fucking mend

Look at the blood that's on your hands
Please tell me was it worth it?
Look at the blood that's on your fucking hands
Was it worth it to you? [2x]

You spread your legs & share your fucking disease
Just like the vile lies you spread to end
Your suffering
To end your suffering

I'll never forgive you for the pain you've caused me
You're just a used up worn out waste of space
Just know that I'll be the first one to spit on your grave
While you're too involved in those substances you take

6. Rejection

[feat. Bryan Of King Conquer]

No closure
No fucking sleep
My negative thoughts
Always get the best of me

Days go by, sleepless nights
Living like this is a constant fight
Every breath, every step
Every step I come close to death
Wishing that I already had been laid to rest

I am so lost in this world
I feel so fucking alone
Bitter thoughts & an angry mindset
I try to pull myself through

You left my eyes wide open
When you put me in the dirt
You exposed me to the world
Then exposed me to the worms
& you let them feast upon my soul

You exposed me to the worms
& let them feast on my soul

You left me asking myself why
Why the fuck did you abandon me?
All I wanted was for you to see
That I cared & that I wanted to be
Standing by your side [5x]

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