Dark Lyrics


1. Into Another Dimension

2. Celestial Completion

The biological struggle is coming to an end
Tears and sorrow in the eyes of the beloved

Spirit rising,
Underneath a carcass
Marked by the signs of time
Floating away
Into another dimension
Travelling with the speed of light

Reaching a wonderful place
Under a deep blue sky

No fear, no pain
Just peace and harmony
Majestic music
Filling the air

Millions of colourful flowers
Covering the ground

A tall companion
In shiny white clothes beside me
A warm dazzling light makes me feel whole
As all my longings are satisfied
By the power that runs through it

I bow down to the source of the light
And I hear a vigorous voice

"Well done good and faithful servant
You have been faithful with a few things
I will put you in charge of many things
Come and share your Master's happiness"

3. Burial

Blessed is he who has got
His transgressions forgiven
And his sins hidden
Blessed is the man whom the Lord
Do not ascribe misdeeds
And is without deceit in his spirit

Buried it deep inside
But soon a sprout came forth
It kept on growing
I couldn't hide
When I kept it to myself
Slowly my bones corroded
And my vitality vanished
Like in the summer dry

Too many people living this life
Who can take their guilt away?
Their minds are rotting
And causing an endless pain
Soon they are demented and put away

I confessed my sins to You
And did not hide my guilt
I said "I want to confess my misdeeds to You"
And He took away my sin and guilt

He is my sanctuary

4. Renhetens Elv

Den mektige Fyrste
Vil drpe oss i renhet
Alle onde makter
Ml vike for hellighet

Renhetens elv renner gjennom
De helliges liv
For l utruste dem
Mot den mrrke hcr

De helliges hjem skal merkes
Med offerlammets blod
Herren skal bevare
Sine tjenere fra alt ondt

Herren elsker
Det rene av hjertet
Hans blikk er for rent
Til l se pl det onde

De helliges lengsel skal rense
Denne jordens ugudelige sinn
Og forvridde sjeler
For tiden er ncr for Kongens gjenkomst
Fortapte er de som da
Ikke srkt etter fred
I sitt innerste kammer

5. Superior

Behold He comes from the cross
Where He suffered for our souls
Behold the King of Life
Is entering the fields of death

In the dark empire of death
A light is shining through the mist
As the Lord of Life and Death
Enters the gates of pure evil

By the sight of Him
The demons are shaking
And the power of darkness flees
And death for His feet is slain

Predetermined through the ancient prophecies
The incarnation of God and His victory
Over death through purity and holiness
His name is forever to be praised

6. Reflections Of A Broken Soul

I fooled myself again
Trusting an illusion
Of what I thought to be
Never ceasing love
I burned myself again
Leaving scars that never heal
Becoming cynical
To this thing called love

Look into my mind
Fragments of what I desired
In this state I cry
Father please won't you show me

Show me how
To stop it now
Cleanse my mind
Help me find

My soul is an open wound
Filled with salt of sadness
Was this my destiny
To be left alone
I nurse my misery
Leave no room for anyone
Still I am cynical
To this thing called love

A pale reflection
Of a broken soul
Slips through these eyes
Full of tears
Emotional blackout

I cannot trust my own feelings
My sorrow eats me up inside

Learn from mistakes
See what it takes
My feelings fail
Your love remains

7. Justified

Twisted intention
Lucifer, the highest angel
Wanting to overthrone God
No impurity tolerated in God's presence
Like a lightning
Falling down to earth
With his angels now appearing
As pathetic demons of hell
Sly and malicious
Filling man with lies
Greed and perversity
He loves to watch you die

Beware of the vicious serpent
Suffocating the world with poisonous hands
Intoxication of twisted views
On Christianity and the Lamb of God

He knows where you're weak
And tries his best to make you fall
Endless attempts, well aware
That he failed two thousand years ago

I'm washed in the blood of Jesus Christ
I'm holy, justified by the Lamb of God
Mercy was given undeservedly
The blood was shed, the pain endured

The battle is won
But still going on
To complete true justice

8. Embraced

Embraced by evil
In this world of hate
Searching for love
That was not there

Nobody gave me
What I was looking for

The shadows fell before my eyes
And all of a sudden
I could only see black

Hate became real
Partaking in evil ceremonies
Worshipping the beast
Mocking God and His servants

Depression weighs upon me
With its strangling hands
I'm looking for a way out
As suicidal thoughts enter my mind

Surviving in a mysterious way
With demons haunting me
Every time I close my eyes

Embraced by the spirit of life
Accepting the sacrifice
That fills my heart with true love
The only way to be whole

9. Innbydelse

Jag kan aldri ta del i livet
Sorte ormer har bundet meg
Sjansen til l bryte ned
De sorger som tynger meg
Vil jeg aldri se, vil jeg aldri finne

Dypets stemme, lever her inne
Og sildrer ut i samvittighetslrse gater
Svarte takter, den eneste glede
Som slipper ut gjennom mine sprukne porter

Sett luken pl glrtt
Til ditt innerste kammer
Lpne for meg
La meg fylle hver sprike

Jeg lpner slusen, lar vannet strrmme inn
Vann ispedd spirer gror seg fast til min bunn
Tlken skygger for lyset, nlr skal den lette
Jesu invitasjon
Kan vcre lrsningen til dette

Husk det var ikke jeg
Som stjal det fredfulle, skinnende
Lyset der inne

En fullkommen overgivelse
Lar Herrens hellighet
Fylle mitt indre
Og Den Hellige Lnds kraft fornye
Min sjel, mitt sinn
Til Herren jeg lrftes opp

10. Tears Of Bitterness

Divine security, heartfelt certainty
But my faith was soon turned to doubt
When everything around me fell apart

A broken foundation
No unity remains, I was abandoned
Left alone, put away, God forsaken
The downfall of my faith

The peace and safety fades away
A glance towards the sky
So unreachable without signs
I'm drifting towards the unknown

The solitude surrounds me
And the loneliness drains my strength
Old memories dawns upon me
Your light, your warmth

My God, my God
Why have You forsaken me
When I need You the most
Where are You to find?

My faith in You has vanished
I've tried long enough
You seem further away than ever
Will I ever trust You again?

Tears of bitterness
The broken hope within
Is this what You promised me
The day I gave my life to You?
A wish, a longing towards the sky
But still encircled
By Lucifer's freezing shadow
God if You really exist
Illuminate the path that leads me back

Thoughts penetrate my mind
Words from the past come to life
A light from above melts my callous heart

The Lord is good to those
Who seek and wait for Him

11. Work Of Art

The whisper of a weak winter breeze
Wakes the trees to life
The sun slowly rises
Behind a mountain
Covered in a cape of snow
My gaze wanders
Past an eternity of blue

The clouds gather and shadows the earth
From them the rain falls
Like torrential streams
Part of a cycle of life and death
The wind rises and invites the waters
To a wild and incomprehensible dance

A crack in the clouds, light from the sun
A huge and beautiful bow
With all its colours
Reminding everyone of the promise

The sight of this unique nature
Surprises my soul
With a peaceful joy

The clouds take over
The magnificence of the sun
The contour of the moon far away
And the sparkling of the stars
On a night blue sky
King of the night
And servants of the night
Silence rules the hours of darkness
And lets us rest
Or reflect on this incredible work
In the hands of humanity

12. Jesus Kom Til Jorden For L Dr

Jesus kom til jorden for å dø
Han forlot himmelen for meg
Og på korset måtte kongen blø
For å åpne livets vei

Jesus kom til jorden for å dø
Vi var skilt fra Gud som syndens lønn
Men Gud elsket oss med slik en glød
At for oss Han gav sin sønn

Jesus kom til jorden for å dø
Og han knuste Satans store makt
Det er fullbrakt, seiersropet lød
Allting er Ham underlagt

Jesus kom til jorden for å dø
Tenk, Han led for deg og meg, min venn
Ja, for vår skyld måtte Kongen blø
Hva gir vi til ham igjen?


["Jesus Came to Earth to Die"]

Jesus came to earth to die
came from heaven to sacrifice himself
and on the cross the King must bleed
to clear the way for you

Christ came to earth to die
We were separated from God's presence
but God loved with such passion
that He gave his Son for us

Jesus came to earth to die
and he crushed the power of the evil one
Everything is finished, the victory cry can be heard
Everything is laid under Him

Jesus came to earth to die
He gave salvation to you and me, my friend
To pay for the sin he gave everything
What do we give to the Saviour?

13. The Prodigal Son

[Bonustrack for the Japanese version]

Why did I leave?
Lost, fooled, confused

Crawling in the mud with pigs
Starved to death
Discouragement strangeling me
I have no breath

Full of sorrow and despair
The father lets his son away
Challenging the world without fear
Unknown of the evil atmosphere

Imperfect man, imprudent mind
Disobediant to the call of God

Exhaustion becomes perdominant
Hell on earth is where I am

I'm longing back to a life in peace
With abundance of food
And plenty of water

I'll return to my father's house
And tell him I'm worthless as his son
Father please forgive me
For I have sinned against you

Regretting man, independant mind
Attraction to the call of God

With open arms the father
Welcomes his son back
He was dead and became alive
He was lost and has been found

Spiritual satisfaction
Inner peace
Comes from the Father

Endtime Productions 1998 (ENDCD01)
Avalon Records 1998 (MICY-1088)
Solid State Records 1999 (SS16)

Peter Espevoll - grinding vocals
Christer Espevoll - guitar
Ole Brrud - guitar, clean vocals
David Husvik - drums
Eystein Holm - bass

Additional musicians:
Arnold Brrud - keyboards
Maria Riddervold - violins on "Embraced" and "Tears Of Bitterness"

Thanks to death for sending track #12 lyrics and translation.

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