Dark Lyrics


1. Evisceration Conceiving


2. Disemboweled Engorgement

We start annihilation of the human race
No one will stay alive to breed
And everything and everyone
Will drown in rot

Parts of human entrails
Lie mangled and distorted
Worms about to feast
Like never before

Refugees are torn
Blind boars eat that substance
They keep vomiting maggots
That consume what's left of humans

Still living welter in fel
Choking with their own stomach acid

Skinned bodies scattered half-eaten
Being squashed by invaders' legs
Destruction inestimable
Nothing can stop this bloodbath

Torture the mankind
Don't let them retreat
Their anxiety turns into panic and tenuity

Inability to fight, obscurity
Cornered, the only way
Is to commit suicide

3. Gutted Face

Will be no mercy here!

The torment in the forest
Your guts hang on the tree
You'll stay here for eternity

The blood is dripping on the ground
Full loss of sanity
Enough of your pathetic tears
Time to cut your eyes

Of your body
And of your regular features
Better start fighting
Before I start to...

Cut your hands from your shoulders
And feed you your own fingers
And drive some nails into your ears

I've done this to your mother
And your precious daughter
And I still haven't spent
My imagination

They cried like some retarded pigs
Turning into meat
The remains on the nearby tree
Are your family

Hug them!

4. Serial Urbicide

Raze everything that stands!
Infected earth
Shall bring the cure to their dying kind
The marching tonnes of hate!

Rotting, gorging sweaty meat
Crawling to its victim in insanity
Retarded, deceptive sluggishness
Specious immobility
Slowly accelerating
In direction of the putrid sore

They dare to believe
Let the messenger fall!
There is no more dignity
Crying for mercy
They watch their towers fall

Buried under corpses
Meat and stones are all that's left

5. Deconstructive Parasite

I turn an injury into tumidity
I turn that moisture into pus
I turn a human into grunting entity
I turn life into torture

I tremble in foretaste of consumption
Of the soft tissues and bone marrow
Lungs are torn by my poisonous mandibles
Rest of oxygen is melting the throat

Guts are melding
Into pulsing liquid manure
Spewing liters of music
And swarming larvae clots
Convulsions are shaking the whole body
It's turning into suppurative soup

Eyes slowly start to swell
Filled with spawning insects
Ichor oozing congealing
In turbid crust

Inside the bloodshot gullet
I tear it out,
Tear this meat out from the insides
Impregnated, saturated with putridity

Inside the bloodshot gullet
I live to eat to breed
This is my territory
This is my newfound hive

Here I will secrete sorely
My maggots that shall
Complete my business here

Overwhelming frenzy blinds my eyes
While I start to grow
I gnaw my way outside
Becoming a beast, battling no more

6. Survival

Destroyed by a deadly virus
People decompose and feed the flies
Blood and flesh clotted on the sun
Mass cannibalism and loss of mind

Survivors turned into undead
Wandering in a lifeless desert
Somewhere far there are explosions
Unbearable heat kills all the emotions

My hunger is now my obsession
I have become an abomination

While tearing the skin from the face
I want blood!

7. Devastation Squad

Retribution, severity returning
Savagery that was
Eternally underneath

Blinded by red-hot iron
Crying for more of a torment
Broken bones, ruptured jaws
Life sustained by poison

Tonight is the night for entertainment
Slashes are ready for updating

Sow the terror
Let there be sirens
Let there be devotion

The entire district is covered with blood
Let them agonize till the next time!

8. Carnivore Outraged

Retarded, all covered with blood
Returning with rage inside
Monsters worthy of tyrants
That turned him into the terror he is

He is more powerful than ever before
Nourished by their greed

The heartrending groans of the dying
Chant coming of the ravager
The terror is intensifying
The end is only a matter of time

There is no salvation
Everyone will perish once he
Enters your purulent world
Death will triumph


The heartrending groans of the dying
Chant coming of the ravager
The terror is intensifying
The end is only a matter of time

9. Bloodbath Religion

Total desolation
Ruthless ruination
This is retribution
I am extermination

Welcome to the world of madness
Of devastating pain
Prepare for major suffering
You're nothing but a shame

Feed the increasing terror
Feel the severity of your disease

Abandoned by its bearer
You sun is gone forever
Flooded with blood
Of your relatives

Now you are going to learn
The attraction of pain
This is where you should start
Complain of destiny
You worm!

I am your wicked nightmare
And you shall say your prayers
Behold the bottom of the stairs
Unleash the fear

You worm!

Filthy slug is born to suffer
Denying its significance
Redemption is not an option
There is no escape

And so you kneel

10. Human Holocaust

We'll ruin their bloody cenotaphs
Annihilate that dirty tumor
The smell is attracting vultures
So let them tire

Turn our arms into the
Deadliest gear of human tearing
Serenity impaler
Sets passage to fear

It's here, it's a venom
It's virulent and fierce

See to believe
In eternally blustering cataclysm
It's here to rip, it's here to kill
Relentless, merciless chaos

See to believe
In the torment of the innocent
In the human cries chanting their demise
And it's never turning back its fury

It's a severity brought to the limit
It's turning into hominid curse
It's turning ultimate, supremacy
It's turning into satrapic manslaughter

Acid, pouring acid
Shall replace the water
Deadly gases shall replace the air
Rancid bodies shall replace the ground
Under your feet

Bow to the rupture
Return to the primitive
Put to the slaughter
Any who dares to breathe

Bow to the rupture
Return to the primitive
Put to the slaughter
Any who dares to rebel

Put it to the carnage!

Insanity for eternity
For infernal remedy
Let them feel the wrath
Let them feel the pain
Let them see us entertained
By perfection of the game

For term of life forced to bleed
Throughout the life degrading
Feverishly chasing nothing
To end the path eviscerated

Run for your life
Don't look back. Ever,
For this is no war!

Nowhere to hide
All shall suffer
This is a slaughter!

No more society!
We have one direction!

No more authority!
For now your filthy world will burn!

Arseniy Kovalchuk: Guitars
Valeriy Kozhemyako: Vocals
Vihtar Kanashevich: Bass
Vladislav Martirosov: Drums

Thanks to edsbdm for sending these lyrics.

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