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1. Clamavi Of Suffering (Intro)

2. Lord Of The Darkthrone

Lord of the dark throne
You who ruled...
With Strength about the knowledge
Of right and wrong
That possesses the mind
And liberate the flesh

Oh lord of the dark throne!

That possesses the mind
And liberate the flesh

Oh lord of the dark throne!

Proclaim the signs and open the gates of hell
Rise with your dark reign
Before the side of the world
Show cruelty and unleash...
Your rage... Die!!!

Cover with your sinister darkness all of the light
Destroy the rules of the bastard with your fire
Cut his head and eat over the skull.

3. Your Dogma Of Blasphemy

Your dogma has served
Too much to the fakes of dignity
Your nefast remains
Have marked the unlimited way
Of your selfishness

Behind the untrue omnipotent
That you blasphemy
In the presence of the blind and def
Of the fear to the pain and death

The humankind are corrupting themselves
More and more with the time
So your glory is shit
And your creation a disaster

Less yet that your lighten reign
Hierarchic and ridiculous limited
To the submission…

Your betray
Violated with Light the darkness
The rapture is the seal in you
That will proclaim your destruction
By the eternal hate of the darkness
The deicide of your kingdom
Will be absolute and eternal…

Your dogma of blasphemy…

4. Inmense Obscurity

In this inmense obscurity
It possessed my sense
I’ll get insane trying to Decifrate
How to penetrate the diabolic
Breath of sathanas...

Through the unlimited continuation
Of his power who arise
Against him will be dragged to the death
With immense pain and suffering

Through the malefic and dense fogs his past
Has marked the traces
Of the infernal Cosmos Will across in the present
Till watch the lights die...
And all that came from himself
With The chaos in the sky...

Coup of dark nothing can tie my mortal being
Because my soul is of your absolutely own
And in your dense obscurity
My spirit lives between...

Shadows where the eternal Hate
Of the dark revenge...
Shadows spumes just as
In darkness will live the planet...

My sword rise in your name
Once I feel your clamed of war
Spilling the blood from the mediums of the light
Who shelter our enemies
The sentinels of the light...

Those who duel to cause Drowning
Under the deep Yoke of fake holiness

Don’t exist in me Mercy for them...
Cause they live in Blindness
Following the steps
Of the submission
The temple where they wait
For their total destruction
When in heaven raise
The immense obscurity...

5. Exsanguination Thone

¡Ave Satan! ! Ave Satan!

Sons of the obscurity come one more time
In this bitter night

Bring that mortal with you disposed
Of the soul Drawn out his blood
And drench it

On the altar...
To join you to the diabolic madness

Of the abyss...
Of the terror...
Of the Exsanguination throne...

Your prays can be hear in the darkness
Unleash the essence of your hate
Behind the torment and desconcertation
Of your victim

Until lay his blood
In the ground
Of the horror...
Of the Exsanguination throne

Open their bodies and depredate
Their organs living curse to the cycle
Of the putrefaction
Of the Exsanguination throne

Tortured creature of the humanity
Don’t leave blood in those bodies
So as you take the essence
Tie their souls to the chains
Of the torment and desconcertation.

6. At The Inside Of The Darkness

Miser mortal walk with me
This bitter Sender
Dense dark nefast and coldness...
Between the darkness
Terror is necessary
And the diabolic manifest
The expression
Of your fears and weaknesses...

Take a look in to the deep
Of the darkness...
Drench your soul in seas of salt
Join your Remains to the eternity
In the name of Satan
And in front of the dimensions veiled by
The ancient dark gods...

Know the mystery’s of the dark
And his imperial power
Upon the absolutely dominion on magic
Of the infernal paths conceived by Satanas
Drink of the diabolic nectar and
Serve yourself of feast of the flesh the lust
The Torment and death

Watch the misery of the light
Sentinels slaves of the limitations
Captive of fear and the absurd reverence and
Engender in you eternal hate to them.

7. Fucking Humans Of The Light

Fucking humans of the light
Sons of deicide
Possessors of nothing
Slaves of the pain...
My soul belongs to Satan...

My body is mercenary of his horror
And in his memory
Will penetrate the Terror
And will make their bodies
Feel the eternal suffering

Feel the presence of my hate
Get inside of You
The torment will be all
Be all for you
And will make their bodies
Feel the eternal suffering

Your frightened mind
The putrid smell of the macabre in me
And I will pound your bodies
And I’ll take your blood...

Fucking humans of the light
Fucked is your essence
My soul belongs to Satan
Mercenary of Satan.

8. Failed Jehovah

Trampling your sacraments
In permanent scoff of your blesses
Away of your lamb inside this cold darkness
I habit the earth together
With Satan...

Where there’s no space for your worms Jehovah
Neither place that shelter them
Because your misery is marked in your countenance...

That no longer resist so many hypocrisy and
Your blasphemy in not Capacious to hide your Fetidness
Of filth and dirt

Rotting yourself in the desire of the absolute dominion
When everything escaped
From your hands and your servants
Found them self’s guided
By a failed Jehovah!

In the past!
In the present!
Failed Jehovah!

How much pleasure
Cause in me your decadence...
My hate feed in your frustration...
The mines tread under his foots
And eliminated yours

My lord is the hangman
That weeps your trace finishing with your
Absurd doctrine and Buried in the rubbish
Of your dead kingdom

Failed Jehovah...

9. Call Of The Underground

Bitter like ashes was my beginning
When the call of the underground

I heard I made it mine
Inside of me
Join to the glooms
Of your dense obscurity

Full of hate and hungry of vengeance
I ask from you sathanas
That my melancholy
Be just chaos and destruction


That the mortal blood
Which I drink be the symbol
Of my pact with you and the mark of the souls
That I take for you...

Father guide me to you
Under the red moon and annihilate the pumps
Of my black heart
I hear your striptocius power
That comes from your abyss

Call of the underground...
Raise my spirit and possess my body
Take it to you Where the darkness
Is so immense
That nothing more exist


Bitter like ashes was my beginning
When the call of the underground

I heard I made it mine
Inside of me
Join to the glooms
Of your dense obscurity


Invocation of my sadness and my long loneliness

Call of the underground!

Darkness of your abyss
Cradle of the abomination


10. Rapture

[originally by Morbid Angel]

Gletus ‒ Bass
Asmodeo Shiva ‒ Drums
Abraxas Satanas ‒ Guitars
Shub Niggurath ‒ Vocals

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