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1. Legalize Hemp Now!

We're in the midst of a conspiracy
that has been waged for half a century
This sick persecution began originally by
businessmen fearing the loss of money
Through manipulation of corrupt industry
hemp prohibition became a reality
Misinformation became the legacy
as the worth of this plant was maligned systematically
This insane prohibition continues today
implemented by the fascists of the D.E.A.
Innocent people are locked away
for as little as possession of a single j
By waging this ludicrous "War" on hemp
millions of dollars are wastefully spent
Imagine the progress that could be achieved
if hemp were granted legality


We're all in the grasp of concocted lunacy
infringing our rights for personal liberty
I think about this and I cannot believe
that people are banned from enjoying THC
Through perpetuation of flawed ideology hemp
prohibition has been enforced tyrannically
This fucking idiocy must be cast aside,
hemp can be used to improve our lies!
Let's assume unrestricted legality
for medical research and potential industry
There are so many possibilities
for ways hemp could benefit our society!
There is just no way that legality can be wrong!
It's insane that the fight is taking so long
I'm thirsty and we've reached the point in this song
where it's time to kick back and smoke a bong...

Well now I've become euphoric,
I feel really high and I adore it!
How can it sanely be deemed a crime
to lift one's spirits and expand the mind?!?
We emphatically loathe the laws
that come into being from ethical flaws
Common sense must now dictate
that hemp is legal in every state!
Prohibition has now been repealed!
There is hemp based fuel for automobiles
There are hemp fiber clothes on every back
and it's perfectly legal to carry a sack!
There is no more need for deforestation
and we've buried the debt of this now green nation
Marijuana is Mother Nature's finest gift
so rejoice in the earth and smoke a spliff!

2. A Man And His Lawnmower

3. Oral Fixation

I've got this beautiful lover who's got a special friend
that I can only talk to when we're alone in bed
This friend gets so excited when deliclitly (sic) rubbed
and fills my precious baby with the feelings that she's loved

I really do adore this friend who's always on my mind
My lover says I'm obsessed but that she doesn't mind
I sensuously caress my lover's tender skin
I press my mouth against her warmth and eagerly begin

I apply direct pressure to her secret spot
and plunge my tongue into her love so fragrant, wet and hot
My baby's feeling energized, emotionally high
Sometimes it's better to give than receive, I willingly oblige

My hair becomes dishevelled as I make love orally
What a rush of satisfaction to administer ecstacy
Unsuppressible mewing gasps escape from her lips
as tingling torrents of pleasure race through her undulating hips

Her body is now writhing and going into spasms
Her back is arched, her eyes roll back, it's time for her orgasm

4. Constant Persistence Of Annoyance

Your words should be solidified and sold as manure!
Your life is like a crippling illness, and for it there's no cure!
Your attitudes are like disco dancing - silly and outdated!
Your ego is like a helium balloon that's incredibly overinflated!

Sometimes I ponder your existence,
and hope for the day that you do something right!
You commit the felony of staying alive!
Emitting stupidity is your life!!!

Your brain is on the same level as a small bucket of dirt!
Your intelligence is like a blow to the scrotum - it fucking hurts!!!
The open-mindedness you claim to possess
is totally nonexistent!
But the way you succeed in annoying the world
is constant and persistent!!!

5. Wake Up And Change!

[lyrics highly unnecessary!]

6. Snakes And Alligators

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