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1. Anthropocentric-Ecocidal Conundrum

Animals destroyed by the life of man
Greed and anthropocentrism have gotten out of hand!
What kind of persuasion will change man's course???
Technology "progress" makes things worse!
We're looking at nature to see what profits can be turned,
Irrefutable proof of man's destruction but we have not learned!

The planet is contaminated by the way humanity lives!
Think... extinction will be the culmination and it won't forgive!
It is too late for saving efforts, or should we wallow in our techno-grime?
So many people satisfied with our culture of negation,
the government acts with hate to silence those voicing their frustration!

It would be blatantly naive to expect a new society overnight,
but don't take this as a que to sit back,
Every force is needed in this fight for life!!!

Toxic pollutants, chemical waste, precipitation that's acid based,
Industrial sludge and radiation, man-made environmental degeneration,
Cancer clusters, cancers seethe, polluted air not fit to breathe,
Two faced scheming administration, spotted owls killed by deforestation!!!

2. Reevaluate Life!

Nature contaminated knowingly by man,
Blind striving for profits, life denied by our plans...

The time has beset us, we must act with haste.
To rediscover a life - style devoid of destruction and waste!

Man is a creature of immeasurable ingenuity.
But his greed has facilitated an environmental killing spree!!!

3. Gaia

Earth as organism - Gaia
"Self - sustaining biota" - Gaia
"Total planetary being" - Gaia
A theory of Lovelock...

Nature has dissymmetry,
Disorder known by entropy,
Life seems to be an anomaly!

It's imperative that we respect the earth!
Realize it's total worth, worship it with glee and mirth...

4. Inbreeding Populations

Society of fools abducted by the latest trends and pathetic lies.
Engulfed in the plastic of their peers.
Being an individual is their greatest fear.

Inbreeding populations, lobotomized mutations.
Similarity fixation, typical of this entire nation.

Society of fools with no intellect.
Their inbreeding offspring will surely infect.
The contents of their minds isn't worth a dime.
An existence this stupid should be a crime.

5. Unintended Lyrical Befuddlement

Topics are discussed, personal biases thrust, yet meaningfulness is a must,
Too much blatant stupidity, nonsensical trends followed rigidly,
Is it too painful to deal with reality?!?
Various attempts at lyrical verbosity, have gone awry and concluded
in linguistic atrocities!
Though we aim for contextual sophistry, articulating frustrations sure ain't easy!
Wanting to avoid tedious references to goriness, and transcend the
glut of foolish trendiness,
Has given rise to band member unhappiness, but commitment to the
purpose of lyrical usefulness!

6. An Outline Of Intellectual Rubbish

A hero of thought by the name of Bertrand.
Has composed an essay which is magnificently grand!=0BLord Russell
outlines the numerous follies of man,
And lucidity ridicules them with a wave of his hand.

Human egoism and feelings of omnipotence.
Deserve the harsh antithesis of reverence!
Religious views and practices accepted.
Are given valid reasons for being rejected!

7. Where's Exit-13?

In the underground glut you'll be lucky to find a handful of bands
that will challenge your mind!
We're not a "just say no" campaign band or a commercial hoax,
There's no satanic fool lyrics or scatological jokes!
In this world of cliques and lies we feel out of place!
Life should be a celebration not a cutthroat greed race!
So search stores hard my friend and maybe you'll find these elusive

Pennsylvanians who play hardcore grind!

We are here, "where's the beer?" "I could smoke some buds!"
Congregate! Communicate! Be mellow and have fun!!!
Won't someone tell me...WHERE'S EXIT 13???

For you the listener band goals I'll outline, to develop our sound
and to inspire minds...
To critize the stupidity of humanity at hand, and to make an honest
living without this movement called scene!
Scrutinize your objectives, don't let idols lead!
Activate common sense to negate your oppression!
Don't let your persona become your obsession!!!!
Won't someone help me...WHERE'S EXIT 13???

8. Ecotopian Visions

Ecotopian visions fused with environmental education.
Natural harmony achieved through caring habitation!

Ecotopian visions fused with environmental education.
Natural harmony achieved through caring habitation!

Cognitive cerebral conceptions of nirvana,
Harmonious existance with all flora and fauna,
Human inperfections have all been surpassed,
Over the earth peace exists at last!
But how can we achieve this vision.
When most societies and nature meet in collision?
The know how and concern are before our eyes..
Commitment to the goal will help it become realized!!!

Ecotopian visions fused with environmental education.
Natural harmony achieved through caring habitation!

Ecotopian visions fused with environmental education.
Natural harmony achieved through caring habitation!

9. Constant Persistence Of Annoyance

Your words should be solidified and sold as manure!
Your life is like a crippling illness, and for it there's no cure!
Your attitudes are like disco dancing - silly and outdated!
Your ego is like a helium balloon that's incredibly overinflated!
Sometimes I ponder your existence, and hope for the day that you do
something right!
You commit the felony of staying alive! Emitting stupidity is your life!!!!
Your brain is on the same level as a small bucket of dirt!
Your intelligence is like a blow to the scrotum - it fucking hurts!!
The open-mindedness you claim to possess is totally nonexistent!
But the way you succeed in annoying the world is constant and persistent!!

10. Self-Misunderstood Cerebral Masturbation

I don't turn a phrase for the aim of profundity,
I only` wish to alert you to your impending reality!
A human centered view of this planet has so far exhibited.
That it will reduce the earth to being no longer inhabited by life!

Destruction! Pollution! Body and mind disillusioned!
How could humanity actively bring about the earth's ruin???
Why has a collective conscience allowed the furrow of extinction to be plowed?!?

I don't pen these rants for the plaudits of some critic!
I only wish to air the mind of a depressed, confused cynic!
To make you think, my only goal, I will not be inhibited!
But I realize that in the hardcore scene mental growth is limited!!!

11. The Funk Song


12. Get High On Life

We're always depressed because this world is a fucking mess.
Watching the oppressed be manipulated and regressed.
In Washington D.C. politicians sit and dwaddle away our time.
Scamming bucks and discrete fucks as innocent millions cry and die.

Corrupted government actions.
A power - mad faction.
Consciousless self - serving shifts.
They get high off of it!

We're always disturbed by George Bush's untrue words.
And from what I've observed the truth needs to be heard.
But it's too late, the "whimps' our leader, and Quayle is not far behind.
What's in store for the 21st century when we elect those without a mind?

13. Disemboweling Party

If I could gather all of the racists and sexists of this society,

I'd give them all an invitation to my disembowelling party!


No need for your ignorance or excuse for your thoughts, your existence is fucking foul!!
The hatred that you spew hinders race relations, you deserve to be disembowelled!!!


14. Shattnerspackle

Hey Chris Dodge, here's 15 seconds of pure fucking noise!!!

[From here the lyrical discourse degenerates into brutish flurries of perverse]
[hooting and grunting culminating in a frenzy of orgasmic destruction!!!]

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