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1. Seas Of Eternal Silence

When the sun was setting down
to touch the ground
shadows took their way to eternity
Their eyes stared the emptiness
following invisible steps.
Hawling behind the malicious desertion
and the acceptance of death
Searching for a sign to admit the ending
of their conflict.
When the moon appeared on the cloudy sky
in between dreams and reality
a world was born from their tears
where the dark seemed so sad.
When they altered their cries
to an unchecked falling rain
As the fear petrified their hearts
Forever they knew they were doomed
by their own weakness
At the gates of the morning sun
that starts to shine
shadows were passing through
At the seas of eternal silence
the sense of devastation
deep in their uncanny corridors
they 're waiting for the dream

2. Dreamy Recollection

The uncreated thoughts
are crossing through your mind
divesting all your life
that's rolling through your hands
You can't stop the time with your insane eyes
searching the unanswered whys
living in seclusion
denying what all the others had accepted
Don't invade into your dreams
penetrate your abyss
All your past is a dreamy recollection
It seems you're trapped in fear
and time is lost for you
you are two different pieces
in two different worlds
The clouds in your mind
are seeking for a perfect day
and your rainy eyes
just hopping for a look
You can't stop the time
but you can feel the wind
which is lying underneath your wings
You are a dreamer in desert
Hoping for the rain
you are two different pieces
in two different worlds
and you must carry on...

3. Beyond The Eyes Of Universe

Beyond the eyes of universe
where dreams seem to revive
and hopes, dead souls are scanning the sun
The conclusion of your soul is not real
seems like a dream,
it's not dead what lies forever
Falling from the edge of the sky
onto the stairs of misery
like a wave the pain approaches
screaming for eternal plunder
Sight has left a memory
of my whispering life
that choose to make me suffer
Fates don't let me drown
into this bottomless sea
which is called life
Let the breathless wind steel my mind
to a brand new morning

4. Forgotten Days

Fear drives me in the darkness
prayers propagate my fall
can you show me the distance
between my mind and soul
Remember the forgotten days
Now, while the dust of the stars
is dying with the end of times
Comprehend my bitterness
understand my fears
I wipe for my god
alone in the land of tears
Did you know?
Your Fall has been foretold
in days that stars began to cry
at nights that blood has filled the sky
and dying since a hope that's old.
Twisting around circles of faith
desperate skies
unholy winds are haunting the clouds
melting like ice

5. Passing Suns

Like passing suns in a desperate world
I passed through life watching the time
getting so old
Plunge in an elusive dream
seeking lost, places of my dying past
chasing my fate into a dreary sky
windows of pain permit me to fly
Like the wanton thoughts of the wind
I want to follow the restless circle of the sun
I want to veil my face
behind the secret side of the moon
Hide, find your inner self
cry out for your lost sky
born again
another sign of the passing suns
Falling into infinity where I belong
dragging the time of my existence

6. Ceaseless Sorrow

Upon the bloody altar of my tears
where all my dreams keep pilling up
I saw death torturing my soul
I saw my soul teared apart
Away, a nameless shadow
inundating my perpetual sleep
with their datestable bewailings
trying to recall my unconscious birth
A breath of life into the mouldly air
that diffuses my existence
an imposing voice that awakes
and erases all the apathy
Fire, a rotting race
all I see is a dying place
full of loneliness and pain
and my dreams are all in vain
Years are passing by
through my dark and velvet sky
isolation, ceaseless sorrow
makes me feel there's no tomorrow

7. Guilts Of Innocence

As I'm altering tomorrow
all the bitter thoughts of the past
are mangling the unsuspected
shadow of time
deserting the unseen side of soul
My lost youth which I've spilled
for the open cup of life
The dreams I've had, forgotten deaths
are tearing apart my upset mind
As I stared the rainbow
while my life's slipping from my hands
the dark appears to the sky
bringing thoughts of the past
Releasing shadows Guilts of innocence
throwing away the memories of hate
starting up again in the mausoleum of life
hunting all the fantasies on an empty sky
Times that they're haunting
the inaccessible sights
refusing my existence
while they are living away

8. Monuments


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