Dark Lyrics


1. Images Of Our Extinction

I climbed the stairs of loneliness
from where I saw a darker sky
of images torn under fire
and debris of the human race
I realized the pain on earth
the bitterness of our existence
I forced myself to see some more
fronted the horror
of our inevitable extinction
Mediocre beings
without strong passions
left in the mercy of altruistic
refusing responsibility
for shaping our destinies
Displaying false sentimentality
I see another version of my life
the misconception of reality
the way to sweet insanity
As history repeats itself
I won't fail to find my pieces
your shape will fade in my memory
but I 'll remember your many faces
The images of our extinction
will give me back the pleasures I 've once had
the images of our extinction
the way to sweet insanity

2. Withered Sky

Do you see
in me all the endless years
that 've marked my life and my destiny
See the time
is flying leaving on my soul
all the signs
of my world which is dying
and I am falling apart
in a vicious cycle
Promises and bitter laughter
the missing link of my past
learning how far the truth is
which is denying my life
through the centuries
Do you feel
my soul fading away
as the time is leaving
through my hands
gray clouds are hiding the stars
that 's guiding my nights
in an exile land
trapped in a withered sky
How? I will approach the sky
with my emptiness
drawing two eyes
looking at the void of my life
watching all these wasted years
trapped in withered sky
Is it death that covers my thoughts with hate?
Is it the life?
Bringing back the memories
through the purple rain
my dreams are coming
carrying the loneliness of my soul
Is it death that covers my thoughts with hate?
Is this the end?

3. Dance Across The Past

My eyes will meet yours
in a swirl of time
like a whisper in your dreams
I will fly there to die
I am the one
who's rolling through your tears
I am the passing thought
inside your untold fears
I am the one
who dances across the past
with my black heart
made of dust
The velvet night
was breathing on my soul
so lonely in my everlasting dream...

4. The Slender Light

Where is the meaning of life
in this unjustly wasted time
of lost ideas and dreams
in the hidden side of my life
I can see my unborn fear
that's consuming my only way out
to the light
beyond the gate of silence
Where is the meaning of life
at the empty angle of my eyes
was hovering the aura of death
is this my redemption
In the slender light of the day
my unsuspected existence
was whirling in a farrago
of an illusion
that slowly is killing my soul
Breaking the wall of loneliness
I faced a moment of truth
the quintessence of life
your biggest enemy is yourself

5. Moonless Night

Walking at the desert paths
feeling uncertain for tomorrow
my unexpected fears
are looking for my mind
Watching my life day by day
lost in empty pictures
trying to escape from monotony
misery unable to cry out for help
are leading me to a heaven
I already lost
empty horizons are my visions
and this is where I can only be
far beyond the sky
I lay down my wings
till the clouds
will uncover the sun
When the moonless night
will come again feeling uncertain
walking in a desert path of my pain
the moonless night will come again
walking in the desert path of my pain

6. Regrettable Remains

Life is coming on me
like a breathless wind
scattering all my memories
of days in the spring sun
When the soft wind
was breaking lose from my thirsty hands
can 't stand this
springled sensation of life
which vanished all my dreams away
The howling in my mind
won't let me feel my life
that 's haunting my destiny
like death before my time
The night is walking on my way
leaving a glacial touch
like the endearment of the dead
extincting my untold feelings
Search somewhere in the sky a sign
that 's been forgotten
through the years
I 'm still a regrettable remain
of a failed world

7. Sin

I can do you no harm
even though
I hide behind hatred
a child that's hurt followed the road
all little ghosts follow
Using the excuse
of a cruel world
a strange pleasure
in melancholy and horror
An empty body
washed shame away
indulging in the lust for evil
depending on the kindness of strangers
and the loving arms that smothered me
for I have sinned
and no regret can fail my presence
I can do you no harm
even though it has grown up
reminding me
the purpose of my life
the meaning of a sorrowful existence
A child that's hurt
can learn about the pain
a child that's hurt
can know how wonderful this is

8. My Depression

An isolated shadow
lying peacefully
on an endless heaven
a corrupted soullonging for immortality
a filthy mind
fed with delightful dreams
Players in a game
somehow I feel unable to get involved
Tender blue invests the scene
with a kind of lyricism
I try to find peace
within ancient rhymes that cry of anger
Needing auxiliary channels of life
shaping a visionary company of love
inviting you into my depression
Sadistic green
completes the atmosphere of decay
I won't find peace
in ancient rhymes that cry of anger

9. Territory

[Sepultura's cover]

Unknown man
Speaks to the world
Sucking your trust
A trap in every world

War for territory
War for territory

Choice control
Behind propaganda
Poor information
To manage your anger

War for territory
War for territory

Dictators' speech
Blasting off your life
Rule to kill the urge
Dumb assholes' speech

Years of fighting
Teaching my son
To believe in that man
Racist human being
Racist ground will live
Shame and regret
Of the pride
You've once possessed

War for territory
War for territory

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