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1. Death In Vain

Sudden Wall of sleep arrives
In my bed, I can't awaken
Faintly I can hear their cry
Novena for my soul
Death in life, boxed in a case
In my Sunday's best
Underground, one thousand pounds
Crushing down upon my chest

Family gazing over me
Mourning their goodbyes
Why can't I answer them??
This is all a lie!!
Lowered in a pit of fate
Lamentation of the end
Forget it all, it's over now
We'll never see him again

Padded prison, living tomb
Silent hell in which I wake!
Scream in fear, no one can hear
Minutes left my life's at stake

Scratch and pound, and kick in vain
Claustrophobic waves send me wild
Gasp thin air, realize the end is near
They buried me when I was alive!

Cause of death was never confirmed
Did he really die?
Get permission from the state
To save his precious life

Force of pressure in my brain
Capillaries burst and drown my cries
Distant sounds of digging through the earth
Are they real, or wishful thinking lies?

Padded prison, living tomb
Silent hell in which I wake!
Scream in fear, no one can hear
Minutes left my life's at stake
Thank you Jesus, here they come
To save me from my final breath
Wretch in sorrow, disgusted they turn
From my horrified face of death

2. Homicide

I love pain, I live to fight
Homicide is what I like
Full of anger, and filled with hate
Violent scene makes me feel great
Kill for pleasure, kill for fun
Show no mercy on the helpless one
Run 'em through, until they're dead
Cut the guts out, leave the body lay there


Hang the pope, spill his blood
Leave his body lying in the mud
Rape the whore, bestial lust
Slit her throat cause she's a lousy fuck
See the infant, take it's life
Lick the blood off of the knife
Violent love, violent hate
Feel content about the lives we take

Down on your knees
Piss on your pleas
Nowhere to hide
From homicide

Fuck the authorities, piss on your lord
I am the law, death shall be
Pleasure to witness, you become a corpse
There is no remorse

Pray to your god while you still have some time
Death is so near, lethal gasp
Slit your throat, violent rage
One more death, turn the page
Taste the blood of the victim
Possessed by the killing


3. Desecrator

My religion is myself
Desecration's my belief
Your misfortune's my enjoyment
And I thrive on your disease
I don't care about your feelings
Pain and torment's what you'll get
I'll rape your heart of love
And I'll make you eat my shit

I'll piss on your grave
Total desecration
I spit in your face
For no apparent reason
I'm sick and depraved
Society's garbage of what I'm made
Devoted to hatred
Unholy war and violent ways

Virgin Mary's cursed to hell
Who needs her anyway?
The Pope is slaughtered in the street
Catholics grieving at his feet
Painting of satanic stars
Desecrating church's walls
I have no rules, I have no mercy
No remorse, I feel no pity, life is death to me
The desecrator

Agnostic beliefs
Defecate before the holy world's maternity
Origin of the species, strongest shall survive
Blitzkrieg tactics upon your family life
I need no reason, there's no cause
All I need is victims to exercise my hateful laws

My pleasure is your pain, your grievance is my gain
Desecration's my greatest pleasure in life
Your children will be my sacrifice
Offspring slaughtered, lacerate your spouse
My itch is scratched, I feel relieved
That I brought your fucking world down to its' knees

Fuck your God
No regard for your religion
No need to pray for my forgiveness
Exhorted coitus
Beg me to release your life
Slaughtered child
How could your lord allow him to die?

Placid world once alive
Dig your grave and jump inside
Never trust, never love
Dig your grave it's just as such
You weakened hearts are torn to shreds
A lying beast now has your head
Kill, rape, hurt, steal
No living time to heal
Desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, die!!

4. Exhorder

My will be done and I won't hesitate
To tempt your weary heart in my hands
Persuade you to feel that affection is real
When I'm finished, you'll be dead in the sand
Mosh on sad eyes after taking your prize
That was given as a token of love
Give me your hind, I'm yours all the time
Until another victim will come

Crawl on your knees, asking "why did you leave?"
As I introduce you to the new piece
Cheated in ways beyond bad taste
Your soul was but a toy in my tease
Breaking young hearts across the land
As I wake up in a different place
You do it for me, it's easy to see
Your pitied, lonely looks in my face

I'll make you obey
Don't try to delay
You never will learn
You always return to

I am the sadist that dwells in your mind
You run back helpless, I cheat you blind
I can desecrate the highest class of human life
Lure and seduce the ever faithful preacher's wife

5. The Tragic Period

Here's a tale in history
About a period of tragedy
A man who thought of horrid things
But really sought what happiness brings
Terror instilled within the souls
Of men and women, young and old
Come and listen to me, my friend
He'll make your morale descend

One Boston day, it's sad to say
A newborn child was granted miserable life
Abandoned by his father and
Left alone by death of father's wife

Foster child
Tobacco exporter gave him a chance
History defiled
Twisted by literature, dark and opium enhanced
So far ahead of his time
A spark of a breed
Regarding all of his literature creed

Infamy of tales and poetry
Connecting his themes to his wildest dreams

The maelstrom grew but no one knew
He descended far beyond its spinning walls
Into the pit, the black abyss
His house was collapsing as he searched for El Dorado

Perched upon Pallas was life, hard and callous
The shadows of burden lifted nevermore
The vulture eye of death concealed
By wooden planks below the floor
The quest for solace evolved into sorrow
Lingering obsessions
Intoxication, stimulation, creation
Hindering addictions

Apparently the message in a bottle was lost
For I could see no conclusion
But all of us remaining in the shrouded past
Must remember to further ourselves by obtrusion

Inebriated grin leads the mighty pen
Across the paper as his fears come alive
Satiric whim ignites the brim
Of insanity as Pluto arrives
Swaying cognac barriers
And the beating of his hideous heart
Increasing ever so constantly
Conjuring the ne'er forgotten lore
'Tis only this and nothing more

Lightning bolts
Tearing through his house and soul
Mental gibes
Darkness hailed in what he's told

Eternally infatuated with despair

Fortunado leads the way to fermented pleasures
But as the cup of drink is met
The hour tolls and the Red Death guest reveals

In a kingdom by the sea
Is where they left beloved thee
The time has come to join, my dear
In your kingdom by the sea

Hear the toll of the iron bells!

6. Legions Of Death

Warriors of Sheol ride the storm
Coming to retrieve the human forms
Black cloak rider, force of sin
Mission to destroy white magic's kin

Curse their holy souls
In fire they will die
Good comes to an end
Steal the power from their eyes

High priests pray to their one above
But the winged beasts of evil kill their loved
Phantoms of eternal hell watch on
As darkness slays, light's now gone

Lives of earthen tame
Torn to shreds alive
Taken by the blade
Laughing at their cries

Evil stalks the lives of men, they can't be saved
Hapless victims falling hard to meet their grave
Terror reigns, insanity lives in human fear
Blackened world, malicious souls, hell is here
Specters hunting freeze you with their hateful eyes
Luring victims to their death, petrified
Sacrifice to lord of evil, glorified
For merciless onslaught, all must die

City lies in flame as troops march on
Pillaging and plundering from dawn till dusk till dawn
Turing the earth into eternal fire
Legions of death will leave you crucified

7. Anal Lust

Tie you up don't give a shit
Lick my asshole suck my dick
Hold you at gun point
Bend you over anal lust
Can't survive this torture fuck
There's fire in my eyes I laugh at your cries

Anal lust
Up the butt
Lousy slut
Virginities lost
Up the butt
Lousy slut
Down on your knees bitch
Anal lust... HUH!

Shove my fist inside your cunt
Shove my dick right up your butt
Screams of pain fulfil my lust
Beat your face in get my kicks
Fuck your brains out
Squeeze your tits
Blood on your thighs
Virginity dies


Blood on your face
Assume the position I love
Anal assault
Anxiously wait for the cum
Screaming in torment
The welps on her back are turning redder
She died from the pain
It made her feel ten times better!

8. Slaughter In The Vatican

Praised by all of thee
His hands are raised in order to bring salvation
Monarchy to hierarchy
Imminent excision
Propaganda for the "one true god"
Leaving your eternity feared
Denouncing dictation remove his lead
Exercise his lethal decision

The pontiff is gone, you are the one
To carry out and learn from your beliefs
Follow no more, the pope's been destroyed
An individual church of the will shall succeed

Papal supremacy...
Intertwining with infallibility

A dawning of a new faith arising now
The sheep without the shepherd evermore
Consumed by overconfident assumptions
The puritanic elders couldn't score
A holiday in Rome, people will not forget
The tires on the popemobile are slashed
A switch of a blade and a thrust through his stole
Steal his rings and pawn them in for cash

Some will let you be yourself
Others try to rule your soul
Imperials and rebels all trying to regain control
Roll out the red carpet, here comes our prince
The day He died, we've been crusaders since
Catholicism breaks in two
Time is running out for you

If the father of the church is to lead and teach you
Then why doesn't he follow the rules?
Imitate the son of man and live with the poor
Instead of fearing him while he's on tour

Avoid, abstain
Keep clean your life, your heart and soul
Don't miss the mass, you'll go to hell
You must repent and tell your sins

Pope, die!
You lied to me, my wife and child
Storm the Vatican, tear it down
The church is gone, we have won!

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