Dark Lyrics


1. Strings

I have finally become what I despise.
It was only a matter of time.
Always fucking shortchanged, always stepped on.
For once in my life with no remorse I got what I wanted.
The sweet taste has grown bitter.
I hated everything you are, now I'm no better.
I have become like you.

The world is starved by greed, we must force the corporations to recede.
Why has (this) war become a mechanism of peace?
Value is a term of the past, modern life knows only price.
We must bring the change before we reach, self-manufactured downfall.

Keep the weak in ruin, put the strong to shame.
Keep the rich in power, keep the poor at bay.
Money being created, never to be repaid.
You and the tyrants, you're one in the same.

2. Meaningless

Their lives are meaningless perpetuation of corporate interest.
Indentured servitude to the pay governments.
They are just pawns in the corporate scheme.
Puppets of international banking fiends.

The 1% drown the rest in debt.
They will only stop taking when there's nothing left.
Money leads to power, power leads to greed.
We will only find freedom, when society recedes.

What is the meaning of a life like this?
Our livelihood, stolen as a gift to the already rich.
This flawed system, armored deep into its roots.
How will we progress believing lies as truth?

The words you speak, mean short of nothing to me.
You think you're so sly, how you dance around the lies.
All this time I've wasted on you.
You're transparent, I see right through.

We have wasted years on this worthless charade.
I will never make the same mistake again.
Your words are meaningless to me.
I've spent my life, living out these lies.
My only regret is that I never opened my eyes.

If I had cared I could've pushed the change.
The 99% stuck in this eternal game.

3. Monsanto/Ewd

We've been fucked from the start.
Poisoned since conception.
We are all experiments.

If I never awoke again, I wouldn't be happy in the least.
The dead don't feel emotion, at least I'd be at peace.
Waiting is no longer my game, I've been playing it for years.
Your lies have grown old, and cold; And now for you I've grown too bold.
The feelings inside, the feelings you hide.
And within you I will not confide.

Step the fuck back, before you regret it.
Before you regret everything you said.
You didn't even have the common decency, just to let me know.
Fuck you.

Fuck you, and everything you've ever made me feel.
Your twisted values are a fucking disease.
I feel sorry for anyone that you have ever loved.

Question your beliefs.

4. Greed

Debt is mightier than the sword.
Banking cartels push us into a corner.
Religion suffocates our quest for knowledge.

Are we going to succumb to these tyrants demands?
Or can we still win back our natural rights?

So much injustice in the world today, but no one gives a fuck about the world, it's all about themselves.
These humane values we have created never truly existed to begin with.

Intelligence is a flawed concept.
We are destroying everything.
We live within the most destructive period of human history on a global scale.
Do you realize you must destroy in order to create?

Perpetual production for profit contaminates the land, seas, and air.
At the expense of the less fortunate, they profit from their greed.

It has already begun.
The media is owned.
Human rights activists being blacklisted as "terrorists."

5. Modern Capitalism

6. Subvert

Gtr/Bass/Vox/Drums: Michael Herman
Vox: Dustin Woodward
Drums/Rec/Mix/Master: Pablo Cabrera
Lyrics: Michael Herman

Featuring Drums & Vocals in "Meaningless" by Anthony Niv of Set For Tomorrow

Thanks to mikewherm for sending these lyrics.

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