Dark Lyrics


1. Prologue (Of Sintram And Bertram)

The story we would like to tell
Peculiar it may be, is about boldness and strength
Many have died
It is about two brothers, the fearless they were called
Fire and shade... not even death did tear them apart
Yes, this is what we would like to do - tell the story
Of warriors and dragons

2. Brothers Of War

With horns and swords, to another country we march
We, the immortal army, against an evil force!
Lost in the dark, far away from home
We are brothers in war and no one can take this away

3. Druids

We are slaves without fear
And search for foreign countries!
This is the dangerous and dark side
That a lot of people fear, but we will stay
Fight against evil spirits, fight against them
Until they will have to leave

4. Heathen Princess

The heathen princess lets it happen
Is waiting for warriors and no one else
She can help and heal and lots more
The sorrow of the people pains her much

5. The Fear


6. Uechtland

Leave for a country, that doesn't hurt you, there you will
Find war and death to no avail
Leave for a country without borders and all you will find
Is homesickness
Uechtland afar, we fear you
Your swamps and your calm, I fear them as well
Uechland you wait until you catch someone
With your dirty arms you seize those with fear

7. Chrieger

Leave me here, I will stay even through my life
Will want to depart from me, I would like to stay in
The soul of this world
You would be happy, if it stayed like this
If time would never end, pride and courage is worth
More than money
Your time will come... warrior, you will live forever

8. Dragonhole

We are dragonslayers!
The hunt will come and the dragon must leave
The land wants to find peace as in old times
There, deep down, we have seen it
Darkness is near, there in the dragonhole

9. The Chapel

Hallowed chapel on the hill
You wait and you wait calmly until others may come
And free you, between walls you lay still

10. The Fall Of The One

One, two, three, four!
I will fight, and you will remember me
Against the behemoth of the night
Yet, all will be different, because my brother cannot be here
The dragon goes to battle against me
We fight... until we can fight no more
We fight... until only one remains
We fight throughout the night
My life has parted from me, you have imprisoned my soul
Through one thing I promise you... my brother will take revenge

11. The Avenger

Avengers promise that death will never do them part
They smear to loyalty and honor, that no one seems to remember today
They stand until their last breath
Side to side and overcome, even the hottest times

12. Wissi Bärge

On the white and snow-covered mountains a fire blazes
And watches over us
It waits for the ghosts to arrive through the cold night
You will see... the white mountains
There lies the snow
That will never melt
There our ancestors live and are content
Glory and honor will endure
Yes, on these snow-covered mountains, I want to gain strength
I look to the sky, I look into the night
That is the dark and peculiar might

13. Epilogue

Green forests, dark shadows... far away the snow
On the mountain tops, lush gardens, fields and paddocks
Tell me my heart
What else would you want?

...'cause we are Emmentaler Dragonslayers!

Rölu – Guitars, Vocals (backing), Flute
Mäk – Bass, Melodica
Münggu – Vocals, Guitars, Bagpipes, Mouthharp, Whistles
Küsu – Drums, Talerschwingen
Ädu – Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Whistles

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