Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

Many have puzzled to whether or not
William Tell ever existed!
What do you think,
Did he or didn't he?
There's so much on this
Earth we will never truly understand......
And that's alright
Because if we knew everything,
What would be left to long for?
What else could we be curious about?
What would remain to dream about? .........
We just came back from a new adventure
We brought back the
Story of William Tell with us....
And when you have heard the end,
Maybe you will also know
If there was a Tell or not.......

Welcome to the land of the confederation!

2. The Tombstone

Far from the land where the sun was born,
I went rambling among the Alps,
Through the stones and through the trees,
Accompanied only by hope alone
The path takes me to the top,
Where the eagles want to fly

[Bridge 1]
To cross the valleys into the mountains,
Valleys of the kings,
I will shed my illusions to the whispering of the wind,
Dark tales are waiting for me and taking me back home,
To the home where the saga has begun.... back into that time

My face was close,
My fingers he tasted,
Just the stone had crossed my way,
But behind my mask
I feel the power, in my mind,
Everything's out of control,
Into the land of fantasy

[Bridge 2]
Everything is out of control
Somewhere in your mind,
I feel the power of the stone,
Blinded by the fear of life

I feel the tombstone on the hills standing still,
He sends me to the land
Where my predecessor fought to die

Get up into the valley where justice wasn't there,
The hungry howl at the door and whose moon is full of blood,
Slaves wrote this tale in blood, the sense (of justice)
Begins to die

[Bridge 1]

I feel the tombstone........


I know this land, I like this land,
Slights change into darkness,
I know the man who walks to me,
A crossbow in his hands.....
With the crossbow in his hands....
Crossbow in his hands

[Bridge 2]

3. Gfauni Ängle

Gfauni Ängle si uberall
Irgenwo ir Luft
Du muesch bliebe wenn Dunkelheit chunnt
Das isch ds Wort vom Blinge

4. Tell

Buried in the valley where the skies are gloomy,
This tale was carved in stone
The hunters enraged a head removed,
The master of Rossberg can't come

Death to the man, faithful to avenge,
Women disgraced all the while,

Here comes the man, to be a hero,
The hood pulled over his eyes,
Fight and die in the name of gods,
The best markman of that age

In the name of the axe, runs through his mind
For freedom and justice all time

[Pre Chorus]
Fallen angels are everywhere
Somewhere in your mind,
You have to stay when the nightfall must come,
And these are the words of the blind

In an area in the center of Switzerland,
Lives William Tell
In a land so dark
In a land so dark, where the skies are cloudy

Two sons and a wife, make his life so real,
The truth is curical to him,
Will fight on the side of his friends
Death to Gessler all time



Bim Urischtier, bim Urischtier
Do ha ig einisch gschwore,
Das ig bi nere Schlacht nid zwoite miech
Scho mi Vater het sis Labe verlore

Pre Chorus

Land so dark and could... could

5. The Tomorrow Song

Hate and pain from the highest hills,
The time will come when we can'not stand still
The price of honour we will pay,
Against Gessler we will stay

[Bridge 1]
Stand up for your right,
Die if you must during this night

(I) often walked in this valley before,
But the crossway always closed its door
All that I want is much too high,
I'm going to Heaven where you're alive

[Bridge 1]
Stand up for your right,
Die if you must during this night

I must tell you the tomorrow Song,
Behind the mask in a land a long
Time ago in a corrupted zone,
Was time for revolution against darkest crowns

All the people in the heart of the town,
Hear the voices of the black crows
A maiden stopped... please remember me,
I'm the king, not anywhere to be


[Bridge 1]


6. Dragongroundalp

William show me,
The path that brings us to the place,
To the place where the holy
Hunting ground brought something to eat,
Hunting in a holy land,
The animals must understand,
Die for immortality
And for the helvetic gods

Bears and eagles in the sky,
We hunt during the night,
To sacrifice at this hungry time,
They must live to die

But we hear the scream,
Of a man who's hanging on the cliffs,
Take his hands,
The hands they built to help,
We saw Gesslers face,
The mask that takes us to the rage,
Whatever comes whatever is,
My heart is full of pain

And my mind feels like a stone,
And my veins like a frozen tear
Like frozen tears in the winter
We want Gessler to suffer

Welcome to the forest at the dragongroundalp,
The revenge will come, the hungry must begone

[Bridge 1]
Dreams are enslaved in this reality,
Gessler takes us the hunting meat,
Dreams are enslaved in this reality,
He takes us the holy meal

[Bridge 2]
U wird's Bose ewig labe
Kampfe ig bis i Tod,
Warde Gotter mis Labe sagne
U s'Wasser vom See wird rot!!!


.....u s'Wasser vom See wird rot!

Everything that we hunted,
The lord takes greedily,
Into to the castle Zwing-Uri
The treasury of the dark swords
We brought him back
We want him back
To the opposite of the heaven,
Its never too late nowadays,
I am the enemy of the state

[Bridge 3:]
Gage Thron mir kampfe,
Dass mir d'Freiheit choi lanke,
Das muess d'Bestimmig si,
Jo, dass mir d'Chopf nid sanke
Und ds Laba nid verschanke,
Das wird so ewig si!!


7. Forgotten Hymn

A fallen time that's bygone
Somewhere in this twilight zone,
Gessler was the blackest son
Got us to the breathing souls

Knights of terror, fear and pain,
Enslave them to the veins,
Preach the words of evil
Time for the confederations

Oath, behind the hills of faith
Together with a judgement tale,
Fight and die in the name of gods,
For freedom (of) this country and guilty the lord
It was the time for the only thing

The confederation oath...
The forgotten hymn!

(I have) often walked in this land before,
One way to the golden ground,
Where honey and milk began to flow,
The heaven began to growl

But now the time will come soon,
The revenge won't be long,
Reflection in the dark of the moon,
(for) the confederations....



This is a forgotten hymn,
Back in a nameless time,
This is the forgotten hymn,
For unity in a hopeful time

Dragons fly,
In the sky through the clouds in the night,
This is Tells revenge
Fight and die,
In the name of the gods
With our blood,
Feel the markmans rage..
...markmans rage... markmans rage

[Classic part]

[Solo part]



8. Täu Grosse Kämpfer

Tau grosse Kampfer
I gruesse dini Macht
Ir Chouti und im Fuur
Do liegt dini Kraft

Imene angere Labe sto mir,
Mit usere Macht
Imene angere Labe bliebe mir,
Ir toifschte dunkle Nacht

9. Don't Destroy

Like an emissary through the village,
With the hood of Gessler hanging,
On the wooden pole at the marketplace,
He is lost in his own town

Silently I welcome,
The glorious mist of town,
Time to send one warrior home,
He is lost in his own town

Brigde 1
Huet nid gruesse,
De wirsch buesse,
Sotsch aber muesse
Das isch Macht!

The punishment is,
The shot with a crossbow,
At the apple
The head of his lovely son

But he hit the holy fruit,
Gessler hates the glory shoot,
Catch Tell to take his blood,
Take the holy blood

[Bridge 2]
Tell, great warrior,
I greet you with hail,
By fire and frost,
Gessler wants revenge,
In the other life we'll stand,
We are the strong,
In a better world we'll meet,
You're the suffering one

Don't destroy the circle of the pole

He still dreams....
I've seen the sun of tomorrow rise,
From the deepest rage of nowhere
Tells soul to save

On the journey to his death,
In a boat on a secret lake,
The men seize their only chance,
Escape into the dark

Then the storm shall arise,
Turns the clouds into grey,
Sends up a howling wind,
Across the secret lake

[Bridge 1]


On the journey.....
Then the storm shall arise.....

[Bridge 1]


10. Out Of Rain

On Tells journey, through his land,
Disfigured bodies lie on the battlefield
Like a leafe in the storm,
Behind the mountains, behind the mountains,
Where my fathers were born
They work together 'til they die,
The perception of voices of lies

[Bridge 1]
Traveling through the dark,
The trail so far - hollow lane!

I can feel it coming down,
The rage in the air frees us of our pain
Now that your kingdom has to burn,
Now that it ends in a death
The final shoot, it has arrived,
From the sky it came to bring your destiny

[Refrain 1]
The wind is out of rain
The seeds of eternal pain

[Bridge 2]
I saw the diabolic armies,
They fight to the friends to their fall,
I saw the frozen souls,
They cried so loud, then the pain had sung
I can't shoot the arrow into the sun,
But I can shoot, shoot it for the sons

There is no light, there's no sun,
Where have the tales all gone?
Into an unsafe past, to a nameless place,
There is no hope for Helvetic sons
Into the hollow lane, I'm waiting for the faces,
The faces that Gesslers body carries on

[Bridge 1]

[Refrain 1]

[Refrain 2]
The time has come for the hollow lane,
The arrow must fly into the blackest rain!

[Bridge 2]

[Bridge 1]

[Refrain 1]

11. Hillflames On High

What have the arrows done
To form the path we see,
The pain the rage that I see,
It doesn't follow me,
And the victory of this life,
They take his holy forms,
As Gessler goes into the hell,
Your lords must never be born

[Bridge 1: Instrumental]

Echos of suffering
Through the darkest night,
Forget the laws of the enemies,
All the order bloody right,
Against the black empire
A defense wall of men,
Now thats your desire.....
Helvetia strikes (back) again

[Bridge 2]
Zundet ds Fuur doch a
D'Schlacht isch da

This is the time for the holy crusade,
This is the time that Gessler falls
This confederation is now together,
The confederation waits for the one

Hillflames on high,
Signs in the sky for the fight
Hillflames on high,
Signs in the sky for the fight

[Bridge 4]
The tales of our lives,
Away in memories,
The spirit of all time,
Living in our dreams,
In a land built out of nowhere,
In a lot of lies,
The future in their hands

The power of your will
Is here to carry on,
The darkness was erased,
The faith is keeping strong,
He walks through the lane,
Heading his places he's been,
Is this reality,
Or a dream within a dream?

[Bridge 3]


[Bridge 2]

[Bridge 3]


12. Last Episode

The end of this sacred story
I'll always remember this
I will, too, so you can follow
In hours of pleasure and pain

[Bridge 1]
And I will preach in this light,
I can't fall through this night,
Will awake in my own time
In my own time

I was born in this land
I grew up in a jungle of stone,
I felt the hate of all men,
But I fought my way up alone

In cities in halls,
Revolution, to have a land
Raise your swords to lords stonecold,

Dreams of a this time
Scenes from long ago,
Years have to flow,
.....memories still survive

In the distance far away
Escape in me, dreams let me out,
I can remain and feel the pain,
Of a land where the mountains sleep


I feel the rain on my face its running down on me,
I lay in the grass in the alps,
This is the dream about my life,
Where my fathers want to, fathers want to fight

In the distance......

[Bridge 2]


13. Outro


14. Fritzebach (Po-Nuss-Drack)

[Bonus track]

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