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1. Temptation Wasteland

You'd rather smash the mirror
Than look yourself in the eye
Truth in its coldness
Could make your childish dreams die

The world is a stage where the legends are made
But its cast is of farce
The price to be paid is getting heavier today
For all the fast-burning shooting stars

Give me a fight with the snake in the wasteland
I need to be a victor at least over me
Give me a chance to get hurt one more time
That way I will know I'm alive

Reality is for sale today
Just in case you lost your own
The image stream will make you forget
Your unperfect reflection

2. A Moment In The Spotlight

For me adorement outspoken
Along with the blinding flashlights
Pieces of me are wanted and taken
I had never before felt stagefright
It was a song that just came through me
Like hundreds before had done
But this one had a different feel
This time I wrote too good a song

I'm told my soul is sold
For the moment in the spotlight
I never knew the price
Of the moment in the spotlight

I will be played through, then I'm gone
After the show is the light-switch turned
That much of the place in the sun
I should have let that note-sheet burn
Tomorrow I'll have a new song
To strike a fresh new note
Back to basics where I belong
I wish the system would let me out

3. Reality Bends

Why has the truth been hidden,
compromised and sold with lies?
You're just a puppet on a string,
yanked in panic and told to die.
Look behind the black veil,
Curtains fall and panes break.
Planets and stars collide.
Gods cry and forget the weak.

Humankind giving birth to death,
killing this we call paradise

Who's to blame? Worlds will never hold hands.
See children slayed, see them fight by command.
It's a shame. We will never see it end.
Look for your heart and reality bends.

Have you seen a blind man crying?
he has seen death gone by.
All his life he's been hiding.
Hidden you can live or die.
Have you seen the new temptation?
Rapists are demanding rights.
They reap down their homenation,
Hiding cause in Task Force Scythe.

A storm will rise and set the weak ones free,
lets them see.
Time will heal the wounds and clear the sky, telling why.

4. Dire Waters

For time past remembering
I have talked to the sea
Above all beloved for
Not speaking back to me
Silent friend throughout the years
Of much of harm and strife
Fierce, infuriated
Now comes to claim my life

Hand clutching the ship-rail
Appears to be my own
So miserably frail
Flesh, sinews, blood and bone
Elegance of its craft
I had never realised
In deadly peril only is
Beauty therein recognized

Towards oblivion I've fared
A thousand nautical miles
For eyes unveiled at last
Sea-level reflects emerald

5. Stage Of Lies

I am losing my reality
If their lies turn to truth
I'm surrounded by their cruelty
Only one way to choose

They blow the light away
And I start to fade
The edge of life and death
I scream for the death
I wished from a shooting star
To bring the end to this time
My burning torch's fire
Guides me through the night

The greatness lays in one's heart
Just release your desire
The new sun is rising soon
And the liars burn in fire

Why? The world is stage of lies
Deceiveness will rule our lives
Oh, we can sing about the love
It is just disguise
For the lies

Liars acting nice behind the golden smile
Poison dripping tongue, like father, like son
Why am I so blind that I can not see?
All these well-dressed snakes, all around me

6. Heart And Home

Pouring rain is falling down on me
All hope is gone for me
All alone remembering the past
Hoping this picture to last
Many years I've travelled on the path of pain
I have nothing left to gain

Again the rain is falling down on me
My mind screams for horror I have seen
I lose my faith for good
Nothing can light my mood
When I lost my wife my tears I denied
She took my heart when she died

Lost in this time
I can no more deny
No place to go
No heart, no home

Searching for the guidance to know what I'm going to do
I have only time to shed a tear and I miss you
My heart is crying, the pain is burning my veins
I'm hoping someone to unlock these chains

All that I have ever loved is gone
And nothing in my life will be done
But in me the pain remains
Until the day that I die

7. Megalomania

One Friday morning, I finally found my paradise
When I saw her I knew she'll be my sweet sacrifice
Figure like an angel
So beautiful but so fragile
My mind ice cold, full of burning excitement
Deep eyes outside of her small apartment
Standing behind the window
When she goes asleep

My victims' fears, give me strength
My undying need, the loyal friend

Don't ever try to change what I am
Her future lays forever in my hand
Don't mourn for things that I could never feel
For me empathy isn't real

I could easily take her miserable life away
And when that time comes, it will be true but not today
Those who I left in peace
That's a great gift from me
Every day since I met her life's been sweet torture to me
Divine feeling fills me, I see her crying because of me
On the edge of madness
Oh, this everlasting sickness

"Don't be afraid, cause I'm just a guy from next door"
"Let me in, surrender", let me show you my tenderness"

8. My Legacy

Finally I see that my time is near
My sight is clear, filled with fear
In here all that I see is grey
Only lies are what will remain

What we teach our children
Tomorrow, what they'll sing
If the evil one wins

Shall my deeds remain after me
May my sons make it real
Wise words will echo in their hearts
Then brighter will shine my star

Behind the curtain of beauty
Awaits the hungry beast
If the blind leads the blind

Our legacy is phasing away
No respect for what the elders said
Forgotten is the path to our fathers' days
Few are those who know the way

Behind the curtain of beauty
Awaits the hungry beast
If the blind leads the blind

A cry in the wind
Will guide the way to my keep
And the singing of the angels
Sets me free
Will I leave my mark
In the hearts of the righteous ones
Is this the death of our day?
We'll fade

9. Obsession To Prosper

Others have gone to paradise, those who made the sacrifice
Not everyone did the rightful acts, they've come to end of their laps
Things you did, were they justified, crimes you made you just denied
Forgiveness allowed to everyone, look far behind and see what you've done

Do you decide horror and pain
Or glory and grace that many claim
Don't fear footsteps know what is to be
That you will see, you will see

In time when your judgement is called, in a place where many fall
Your future gods only know, soon you'll see where you have to go
Step ahead and confess your sins, take what they have to give
All chances flown by, too late to kneel and apologize

Do you decide horror and pain
Or glory and grace that many claim
Don't fear footsteps know what is to be
That you will see

Power and desire to prevail is a great temptation
No vengeance no grief makes away you can find
Will to success in this life ends in an obsession
Todays rivalry leads our way and to darkness us binds

"Behold the punishment yourself you set, finally you pay what you owe, your debt
First time in history you've been justed, no prays for your soul when bones turn to dust"

10. Luopio

[European bonus track]

Päivää kolme on lähdöstä saattueen
Vie loistosta köyhyyteen
Miehen tuon, viittansa pois antaneen

Ei takaisin tietä entiseen

Kävi onneton mies herransa luo
Jääköön maat ja rikkaudet nuo
Miksi aarteita jäisi hän palvomaan
On vapaus kultaakin kalliimpaa

On silkki heikko suoja kylmyyteen
Ja syy kaikkeen hulluuteen
Vain yksi heijastus naisen silmien

11. Lady Moon (Demo)

[Japanese bonustrack]

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