Dark Lyrics


1. The Dark Dreamquest

[music and lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Do you hear me? Listen to my voice; picture me in your mind. I'm here,
beyond your dreams, beyond your will. Now your quest is about to begin. You
will see strange worlds and wicked things. Take my hand, join me in my
Kingdom of Darkness...

2. Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul

[music by Lord of Sorrow, lyrics by Prince of Agony]

I feel You
In my sleeps
In my dreams
When I wake
When I lie...

This cold tower
Called R'lyeh
Is my jail
Feel, oh man
My dark hand
On your doom...

Now I'm blind
Now I'm lost
Show the path
Guide my sight
Where am I?...

Oh poor life being
Leave your body
Feel my presence
Touch my hatred
For your kind
Let me penetrate your life...

"Everything's so vague. Mist covers my spirit; I feel a presence, I hear
his breath, I call,
I cry, silence in his voice. Now I'm lost, no way-out from this land of

You are mine!

3. The Ancient King Of Ice

[music by Lord of Sorrow, lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Once there was
A waste of ice
Where Kadath rested
With its towers

Once there was
An ancient king
Whose emblems were
13 globes

Lost in times
Forgotten by mankind
The King has hide
His dark globes

"I miss You,
Oh, my King,
Where is your land?
Where are your globes?"

"Beyond the highlands of Leng, beyond the Mountains of Madness, along the
waste of ice, there lie the ruins of the unknown Kadath, surrounded by the
great walls of,
with its dark towers that strike the stars, there lies the Abominion,
gate to the
Abyss of the Outer Spaces, there (He) lies in the sleep of death, dreaming
the triumph of
his revenge, but one day even the death will die..."

"There the globes rest,
Keys to their King,
the mighty Yugsuduk,
Convex gate to the Outer Spaces."

He wrote
"Unleash me!"
On his stone.

Where is it?
Where are you?

4. The Awakening

[music and lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Other quests lie in front of you. The Path is long, now it's time to wake,
but you'll be
back, back to Me, in my Kingdom of Darkness...

5. Witchlord

[music by EVOL, lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Moon...is black tonight
Silence...is mantling every sound
Shadows...coming down the hills
Fires...are burning in the clearing


Witches...are dancing...ghosts around the pot
Crying...praying...summoning the Witchlord

"Witchlord, come to us, thine servants 'till the end.
Possessed by Evil, we're trembling for thy strength".


Windblows...shaking the treetops
Lightning...flashing through the (clear) sky
Thunder...frightening men asleep
Blackshapes...coming out the pot


Witches...are bowing...boneless before the dark smoke
Weeping...shaking...summoning the Witchlord

"Witchlord, come to us, thine servants 'till the end.
Possessed by Evil, we're trembling for thy strength"


A blaze of darkness from the Reign of Black strikes the pot in the middle
of the glade;
A gust of smoke rising from the circle melts to poison as two horns appear;
A voice of sickness from a goated helm fills the air with a mortal stench.

"Kneel, my servants, I heard your sick pleas, the time has come to fight
for your faith.
EVOL, my Lord, send me to drive you, the storm of death we will bring on
Thunder, Plague, Wind, Flood, come to my request, Father give me strength.
Rise up
your weapons and follow my dark sword, children of darkness bow to the


Bass guitar played on this demo by Lord of Sorrow

The Dark Dreamquest part I demo tape is the second EVOL's creation,
released in 1994 by the Italian underground label Maggot Productions, and
recorded at Open Studio in Padova. It contains four tracks on side A and
one bonus track on side B. The total running time is 20 minutes. This is
the first professional release from EVOL, with professional cover and
booklet. It has sold 1000 copies and now is sold-out. New versions of the
songs from Side A are included in the Cd Dreamquest.

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