Dark Lyrics


1. Into Ruins


2. Condemned To The Grave

I saw a trace of your weakness, it surfaced through your smile
It was relentless, untamed and so divine

Down the tomb in the valley, we felt the trench of death
We saw some crooked vultures as they dove for flesh
On chunks from my disasters
They fight for every part
Your time is running out
I don't need no reason
You're condemned to the grave

So now your bones starts to shiver, your lips are turning blue
Distorted by the panic I forced inside of you
Cold steel in your back, blood will be split

I am the man that hang you on a sharp meat hook

3. Modus Operandi

As we go down into oblivion
The express train lane we ride
Though we are doomed by its darkness
We don't fear the eternal despair
Just one last fight to conquer it all
Win the war for the truth to come clear
Or will you die full of regret
Swallowed by the abyss of underneath
Asphyxiate our hearts, bypass our core
Revive us until we can't take it no more
Poison our systems, defile our veins
Now kill us until we live it no more
So now awake all of you zombie heads
Bleed out the filth through your skin
And never pledge their allegiance
You'll die in their well of despair
The myth of a tyrant will speak for itself
Modus operandi

[Lead: Exner]

Myth of a tyrant that never will die
Modus operandi now

4. Children Of Stone

Stillborn of sickness your time is here to be
It’s time to kill the monster that lurks beneath your sea
Illuminated death row, you’re running out of time
The puppet master laws shall paint your game
Astray this masquerade, it’s black in white
It’s not about what paint they use, it’s how they draw the lines
And as the fever embrace
As it stains your soul
That’s when the faceless ghost
Will rise above what haunts your world
From birth to death eternal slavery
The eye of the beholder, number six consists of three
Reactivate your vengeance, throw flesh upon their cross
And save yourselves from drowning, kiss of death, the bitter loss
Now hear the dogs of doom, their hungry cries
Those undertakers seem to be untied
Transcend your boundaries in silent grace
The skulls, the bones, its everlasting maze you’ll feed

5. The Coroner

I spoke with Lucifer, he gave me light
I found my inner sight to burn so bright
I climb my walls, in my darkened womb
Last breaths for air went weak to none
Now the coroner walks outside my door
I turn into fire
Because my soul has started to glow
And I feel this desire
To let myself go and never be born again

[Lead: Exner]

Inside my soulless tomb, incarnate mass
The curtain fell and ceased my day
It stains my skin, it's full of blood
Dark fiction lives to be my only friend again
As the coroner walks outside my door

6. The Shadow Archetype

The utter annihilation, condemnation to its core
The heathen skull, the savage lord, sharpened blades his soul devour
Submissive to the thought of death, commotion grows again
The angel dark, Lucifer, now rules his world and land
The sound is like insects in his brain
The act of the shadow archetype
Deceived from his pack, the lone wolf went insane
His eyes of the darkest, went dead and none to say
His thoughts, full of reptiles, his dreams were full of snakes
Those sliding through the sewer, where the rats are full of plague
So rise tall and never down again
Die more to live it all again
So tall and prominent, his darkest lords
Cast aside the truth inside, legions of war
Servant son lost his way, blind river in the dark
Evil bound, crucifix, let the fire burn

7. Blind Obedience


8. Survival Of The Sickest

[feat. Vesa Kenttäkumpu]

I shut down as we entered the conflict zone
My fragile borders silently collapsed
Evangelists that hang up high in constant rows
The underworld has lost its sacred fence
They lost their pride and glory under a shaded sun
The opposites now known to be the blame
They lost their oracle to the lords of sins
The pillars of creation were silenced when they set them all afire
A new world has risen beyond the red eclipse
Its pragmatism illuminate what overlords has built
Sucked in to its silent orb, its everlasting blaze
We're observing the survival of the sickest
Now hail to the mortals
The children of stone
And death became their truth
When bastards rule their throne

[Lead: Kenttäkumpu]

So dark this side of story and all loaded guns
The parasites now known to gained control
They killed their oracle with a dirty win
The pillars of creation were silenced when they set them all afire

9. Sulphur And Blood

From rotten infections
The worm consumes our souls
With toxin injections
Our truth becomes so wicked
And on and on it goes
Sulphur and blood
Mirrors and gods
Found them bound inside
My friend, serpentine skull
As the dose inflicts our faith
And its strength resolves our veins
The soul of a horned serpent mind
We serve the pentagram tonight
The weakened resistance
The snake reroute our show
Our naked reflections
Our truth is found in filth
Beyond all sane, it burns

[Lead: Exner]

10. Imperium Fall

Pledge to the darkest battle of death
Now distinct the sirens alarm
Bullets and bombers, pale corpses align
Stench from the rotten so foul
Dirty, sweaty
Our frontlines are marching so strong
Bloody existence
Art of destruction at will
Lawless decisions, righteous our visions
Erasing the filth from our globe
Set all on fire, burn our their womb
So violent the cascades of blood
Now fearless soldiers walk for the compound
'Cause all we have is all to win
We plague the belly of the beast
And all we leave is utter death
Imperium fall
Clash of the tyrants, the strongest of all
Rebirth at the death by the sword
Sparks from the fire lit up the skies
We march through the eye of the storm
Ready, aim
Lock on the target confirmed
Rotten, forgotten
Ignition explosion erased

11. Dark Day Sunrise

So cold empire of lies
Full of black watching eyes
Valley of the dead
On crimson skies we see our sun go
Down the sewers of the truth where the joker fake wears his crown
Sound was the master of all lies, muted puppet still lived his life
Bound to the circle of the fools, he’s insane and so lost in time
Slow, the withered shaded son full of deep incisions scared for life
Here he dwells in fire
Since the dark day sunrise
Blind in the city of the deaf, the sheep are not aware of wolves
Blood on the altar of the church, blinded zombie through a misled youth
Oh, the smell of the sacrificial flesh, last in line he sees no other truth
Down on his knees was his last move, he slit open his soul for a lie
Now he dwells in fire
Since the dark day sunrise

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