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1. In The Reign Of Chaos

2. Silence Sleep

I'm trespassing the only rule warned not to do
Some say it's not my business who are they to know
Can never see things through your eyes or never feel your hell
I know that one plus one is two I saw the signs in you
You loose control blackened eyes emotion numb and unaware
On broken glass with dirty feet you walk the surface in silence sleep

Our scars so deep
In silence sleep

Stains of blood in moonlit snow traces through the cold
Ahead I see corroded blade aside the hand that hold
The start of day sang silent night surrounded by the close
Angel dark with serpent eyes leviathan arise

Termination murdernation domination sexifixation
Penetration violation obscurity revealed in you

3. Angel Of Torment

Lowered in her fire
Reborn in her flames
We asked for much desire
Consuming down our lanes
Strong currents are killing me
Seduced between our dreams
I found her in my faith

My angel of torment
So strong the bizarre angel of torment
My angel

Built upon bizarre
Fading loss of shame
Tempting twinkling stars
Poisoned bullets made
Wrong currents are holding me
Beneath the surface of sanity

Held in scarlet our fantasy
The vast of all virginity
I sold my soul for purity
Under the surface of sanity

4. Boundead

Pretentious this torment
That weakens our shade
We search the salvation
Behind the man made
Face of our failure
Damnation embraced
Breathing the toxic
Taste of disgrace
Head on a roll
Last touch is the axe
Seed in the plague
Face of our death

Boundead - break the chains cross the border
Boundead - lock that door starve your pain
Boundead - see your flame cross that border
Boundead - lock that door or heal no more

Abnormal behavior
Trapped in its claws
Who was the saviour
And who was the false
Trampling the spikes
Resolving the truth
Found my redemption
Led by the mute
Blood on our soul
Blood on our past
Internal infernal destruction inside

5. Dead Calm Chaos

Broken bones
Shattered temple bleeding wound bleed more
Beatless heart
Blackened clouds pounding rain rains more

I'll fight the pain
But all the time I fight it just hurts more

Strengthless feed
Sarcastic romance smiling clown that grieves
Horror dawn
Unshaped shadows lurking now hordes

So show me dead calm chaos

6. Truth Will Come Clear

Deadly sins tear you apart
An ancient evil kind of art
Bound to hell why can't you tell
Seek the truth down in your well

Demons beg you to end this dwell
Eternal flames will burn you in hell

Fading past as darkness shading
Regrets you feel when faith you steal
Truth will show do feel no fear
Scars inside to tough to hide

Eye enemy

Emotions hurt but pain no more
A question of hate that is for sure
Words of wisdom is no more
You burnt the bridge to safety shore

7. Dust

We face the future prophecy
We say we never knew
And now we lost all empathy
Reduced to face the truth
Toxic fills your veins
Razors ease our pain
Our illusion in the end
Was our sacrifice for nothing

Our inner (cosmos) found it self left alone to burn
Our universe at end impossible to turn
Our bodies all wrapped up left rotten in this cage
Impossible to stop we can't control its rage

We ablaze eternities
Every day a fortune fight
Sent to life captivity
Explosion from no spark
Issues found reversed
Damaged uncontrolled
Problems built black stones
Riding on our back

8. Protected By What Gods

Through ancient rites you speak the words
Once holy god arise
Religious battles gods command
Hand in hand combined

Raise your hands praise your lord
Forgive us for our sins
In his command slave all false
And break them till they bleed
Tortured nations beggars bleed
Defended by some sign
You know your wrong but still proceed
You think you are protected
Protected by what gods

Defined by death you strike the world
Since promised land awaits
Strike the past blood behold
Tyranity unfold

Beheaded sane close your eyes
We have no calm at sight
With toxic blood we stain the pure
No holy god we'll find

9. Antidote

I'm running around in circles
Lost my guideline to see
Searching what for
This silence I need I need it so
Where to find my antidote I do not know
Trauma panic increase so slow
My hell inside it slowly floats
I can feel its fire glow

I vanish into never
I'm bleeding into numb
Chased in the forever
I float into my slumber
How to find my antidote I have to go
Trauma panic increase too slow

How to found my antidote I still don't know
Trauma panic it makes me low
My hell inside in silence float
I can feel the fire glow

10. Tomorrow Has No Sunrise

Tomorrow has no sunrise
We've now reached our final dawn
The new empire arisen
The start we all have spawned
Angels burnt to stone
Lies buried down below
Their wings stripped and broken
The rain has turned to snow

Changes when conflicts made its cause
Awaited this war our final fall

Landscape turned to ice
Naked trees surrounded us all
Stiff dead are the beggars
And cold are the poor
Hypocrites as leaders
False preaching under law
Circles bent and broken
No sun forever more

11. Astray Masquerade

Hammering and
Sucking the sin out of me
Tearing and
Ripping my calm in to pieces
Soul fight
Twisted conflicts inside
Invisible retribution

Punishment cause
False faced was our crime
Non euphoria found
Tasteless fruit our seed
Decadence now
Re-awoken from its sleep
Rooted down deep
Our infected wounds bleed

Faded paled and chained to this damned masquerade

12. Razored To The Bone

Imagine your future like the truth was not told
Ahead lies destruction salvation ignored
The vast generation some found an empty throne
Same people claim they are razored to the bone

Razored to the bone

Chained are all saviours and tame are no lords
Succeed with your passion die by the sword
Lost in temptation destructed fuck up close
Trash doomed messiah razored to the bone

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