Dark Lyrics


1. Sweet Obsession

aimed at with precision
I'm lost inside your tuf
the faceless demolition
my antichrist rebirth
when stranded in between
reboot me
I'm aiming, I hod the trigger I'm your victim
my battle now reformed
it follows my direction
it consumes me whole
it stains my crucifixion
it calms my soul
I'm a target in you distance
your eyes observe my moves
forgivenss through devastation
the penetration drills its hole

sweet obsession, dark and cold
chain me in you deep vaults
sweet obsession chills my blood
embrace me in your shade once more

2. We Are Unified Insane

we spill our guts and drain our souls
a broken world refined in sin
we hit and bash to break our bones
brick by brick we crack them stones
as darkness lays its shade
infected wounds fight
we all unite from pain
we are unified insane
intoxicated last in line
losers stand to gain no more
manipulated guided blind
inch by inch abused by all

hang me in sacred gardens
leave my corpse to show
kill me in sacred gardens
breath my empty whole
spill me in sacred gardens
leave my guts to float
end me in sacred gardens
erase all trace from me

3. Infamy

the panic seize me through
as the dark side takes control
now the blame towards me
it raptures my soul
we longed for his arise
found the mad man in his eyes
hate regardless towards all
a ruleless battle we fought
die in darkness consume me whole
a vast invasion a last formation
damnation frame no destination train
black is our answer we drown in its shade
when careless I lost my soul
I lost salvation in its cold
how the pain gained control
down tortured us all
one day we will die
in the darkness in the night
lit our fire feel it burn
as time heals no more
we pray for mandatory
protection from its blade
red eyes from blood vision
destruction flames our graves

4. Parasites

burn off them leaches
bleed out the filth from your skin
stone all the preachers
hunt them until they all fall
drench them in fire and see them all burn
bow for no masters
loneliness gives you more strength
left is the failure release of the beast
bastards who do you think you are
bastard, what is left for me
rotten is what's your lifeline is
we do not need to preach
kill all the weakness
fade all the fear deep inside
clean of the dust
freedom in sight gained control
we spit in the face of the filth

we burn all your churches
we burn all your lies

5. Reunion In War

cast aside with broken shield
I was abandoned by my god
left as dirt among the lonely race
it painted dark my space
open wound from a dagger hand
left open for no cause
rewinded thoughts I endlessly gazed
I found conviction in it's claws
reunion in war
traumatic point in a useless breath
I'm choking on its curse
faded role into dark absence
I was divided into half
a serpent's sting and a spit within
soon the poison starts its search
open casket headless bones
and my fight revived much worse
it tortures my thoughts
it leaves me in vain
it tortures my nights
it drives me insane
failure and frustration

6. Psychosis Warfare

psychosis warfare
in deepest tombs
our helpless saviors
divide our minds in half
brightless human
mind left blank
emty landscape
runs a sword in thee
utopia gone inside our selves
for nothing we feed our darkest thoughts
distant shallows swarms our inner truths
obliteration frames our naked walls
and stains our memory more
breathe your enemy
loose your sane
target mindways
follows with watching eyes
heartless movement
breathless room
darkened worlds
flamed inside our cells

7. Murder In Passion

murder in passion
now death is on its way
shadowed obsession
her darkest obey
muder in passion
intruder found wrong
too dark was her session
then her lonely hours seemed to grow
I dived into her hollow thoughts
I drowned in misery
murder in passion
precede the delete
when facing destruction
no forgiveness she leaves
murder in passion
was hiding among
so cold was our session
soon our passion ceased to grow
so I fell into her holocaust
the construction made me fall

8. It Is All Your Fault

diseased for no sake I burn in open fire
impulsive overdose frantic overload
evoked from its shade the beast came back for more
blood for sacrifice our weakness was our threat
rage at me
throw me against the wall
spill your hate
determination from inside
aim at me
leave me deadly thought
hate your self
its rise is all your fault
its all your fault
who was there to win, who released our sorrow
defected symmetry, rejected empaty
we found our god impaled
our god lives no more
god for sacrifice, we godless faced our death

burn our answers save us from your sins
break the silence bleed the fever more
turn the fire into toxic breed
see the liese and taste our infamy

9. Curse On The Creature

confession grows
from stains inside of me
as darkness calls
it craves me to reveal
force in the darkness, soak in the sin
play with the demons revealed
bestial eruption curse of the plague
bounded protection dissolved
a force sadistic
we found upon its blame
seductive call
our addiction guides us all
reflection throws
its darker side to see
a broken patience
resistance to believe
we broken bastards
pale by our own
our restless fever
has burnt it all
curse on the creature
that seeks and finds us hiding
curse on that creature
that sees our inner deeds
and force us to retreat

10. Apocalyptic

beneath the formations in stone
fragements of evil corrode
tragic creation in rust
fire in rain it explodes
inside our dead blind mind
our mutiny unfolds
above the blood red line
it grows
we face the storm we face our death
as dark we form apocalyptic
bringers of pain dark arise
riders of doom now united
crushing and raping our thoughts
we die in our darkness so blind
inside the dead born kind
apocalyptic we find
beneath the darkest sky
we die

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