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1. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope of stars,
of comets passing by,
and shining supernovae
in the darkest of the nights.

So many different worlds,
inhabited or not,
spinning around like marbles
on the floor mat of some God...

We are children of the sky,
kin to Space and Moons;
shall we listen to their tune?

Kaleidoscope of strings
throughout the Milky Way,
like delicate synapses
of a Universal Brain,

that dream amazing dreams;
each throught is made of light,
and travels in the blackness
to the edge of Space and Time...

We are children of the Sky,
kin to Space and Moons;
the whisper in our heartbeat...
We are children of the sky,
kin to Space and moons;
shall we listen to their tune?

2. Here And Now

Time to wake up:
the world's waiting there for you;
twelve million different colours
to chase and dive into.

Why d'you quit it
and stay just by yourself?
No sigh of doors and windows:
you've built your prison cell.

(So,listen honey)

Life is here;
here and now :
you cannot stop this planet
from spinning round and round.

Life is here;
here and now:
the rhythm of your heartbeat
is worth twelve million stars.

You can't help it:
it all looks empty and wrong,
'cause things are always shitty
'n' there's nowhere you belong.

Stop this moaning:
you're wasting precious time,
and that is just the one thing
you mustn't leave behind.

Life is here;
here and now:
a flavour to be tasted,
don't leave it the denied.

Life is here;
here and now:
the whole world as we know it
may disappear tonight.

Use every minute,
every spark of light:
the whole world as we know it
may dissapear tonight.

3. Farewell On Planet F-19

Is this the end?
Is this what was meant to be?
You're staring down in silence,
but your thoughts are somewhere else...

Just like fine sand
that runs down my fingertips,
the star-wind led you to me,
now the star-wind takes you back...

And you know the pain that i feel
just behind my smile,
standing at the trap-door
with nothing to say
I watch you pass me by...
I know it well,
I guess it was meant to be:
a Spacer says "Forever",
but there's always one more trip...

And you know the pain that I feel
deep inside my soul;
standing in this space suit,
my eyes to the sky,
I have to let you go...

And I know the pain that you feel
as you meet my eyes:
staring from the cockpit
at all that you love,
you have to say goodbye...

4. More Than Reality

Let me cyber-hold you
with sexy virtual machine arms;
you will show seductively
your brand new software charms

We will choose the setting:
"Caribbean night dot four";
I like the way the pseudo-waves
run fast across the shore

Everything's just perfect
as I set my eyes on you
(hold on,let me fix the blue)...

This is more than reality:
this is living in the Dream
It doesn't matter where or who:
it just can't be more real,
so let's down together
in this GodPuter Heaven,
my little morbid Eve...

Holograms and fractals
are glowing endlessly;
what a fading memory,
the wires tapped in my skin

and it makes no difference
if you're forreal or not:
who cares if you're a program file,
as long as you're so hot!

Everything's just perfect
as you lead me to the bed
(hold on,let me fix the red)...

This is more than reality:
this is living in the Dream;
I swear some day I'll find the way
to do without these strings,
and live here forever
leaving behild the nutshell,
the hollow man called me.

5. Rygma 12: The Wisdom Of The Sea

The feverish flaming sunset
is staining with its blood the far horizon;
the burning waves are running to the shoreline
where they die whispering at his feet.
Seven moons high in the sky;
a small space-ship waits nearby;
an old man cries in silence on the white cliff;
his tears run off his face into the sea.

"I spent my whole life
searching for an answer:
the meaning of the very Vital Flame.
It's time for me
to give up and surrender:
I spent my days in vain".

"The meaning of a gift
is in the way you give it;
the sense of every life
is in the way you live it.

You can turn back
the Clock of inner time
feeling your life has just begun
if you just see and feel:
everything is different
yet everything is One"

Now the old man's face is smiling,
while the Clock turns back to youth.
The man is wimming
in the purple ocean.
The man is you.

6. Filthy Invaders' Dawn

They came from out of nowhere,
a distant galaxy;
we didn't even know
'bout their existence.

A little dying planet:
they ravaged everything,
and moved to further worlds
within their system.

A trail of mass destruction
just anywhere they go,
bringing the mark
of violence and madness.

We came across the vanguard;
the shot without a word:
not even an attept
to set a contact.

They are coming
like a bad dream at night;
cruel eyes shining
as our little ones cry.
Now we know what's hatred,
ugliness and fright:
the most terrible days have begun,
on the Filthy Invaders' Dawn.

Across the barrer deep space
and on a thousand worlds,
the battle rages on
in all its fury.

Their weapons ar so deadly
no sign of mercy at all:
these monsters came to smash
and spoil the beauty.

They are coming,
and we fight to survive;
cruel eyes shining,
as our bastions boom high.
Blaze of burning planets
lightening up the skies;
if we fall,any hope will be gone,
on the Filthy Invaders' Dawn.

7. The Oak Tree

Springhtly and warm
the raindrops are falling down
pouring on the wide wood
in the maze of greenery

Flowers and shoots
are dancing the dance of life;
birdies run for cover
underneath the sodden leaves.

The Oak Tree is watching it all,
King upon his throne
Everything keeps changing,
and yet standing still;
he knows and stands alone...

After the rain,
the bees and the butterflies
hover through the branches,
with their queer trajectories.

Quick as a wink,
a squirrel is running down
sniffing at the new scents,
in a bright burst of life.

The oak tree is watching it all
from the greeny dome
Through so many seasons,
the chill and the heat,
he's always stood alone...

The Oak tree is watching it all;
one more year has gone...
Sheltered by his leafage,
a new oak will spring;
he'll be no more alone...

All the nature, wild and free,
keeps on whispering its tune
in a hydroponic greenhouse
orbiting around Neptune...

Richie Zanardo ‒ Bass
Walter Rivolta ‒ Drums, Percussion
Joseph Ierace ‒ Keyboards
Franco Giaffreda ‒ Vocals, Guitars

Thanks to overthemountain for sending these lyrics.

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