Dark Lyrics


1. Evil Wings

The king of self contradiction
has blend together
the Wings of fantasy
and the Evil of reality
It's time for shouting at God and Heaven
to solve this endless paradox...

Until this order remains
without turning upside down
we'll fly forever... on the Evil Wings

2. Rise To The Sunlight

I feel the rain on my back
a lear sky within my inner self.
Grey clous cast darkness on my heart,
i need the sinlight in my eyes.

Unfold your wings agaist the stream,
cleft in the sky, rise to the Sunlight.

If I could only let them know,
each one is all and none's alone.

You're wasting your claws
in this fucking fight
amongst hopeless souls,
you're wasting your time
in this filthy swamp...
you pride begins to revive!

Unfold your wings agaist the stream,
cleft in the sky, rise to the Sunlight.

You can fly high and high
to reach the bravest of your dreams
I've found the place where
my soul's roaming free
here I'll dwell, I won't return no more...

3. Chrysalis

Sweat upon my brow in this timeless night,
sudden feelings running through my veins
shroud the torture and the pain.

I remember now,everything combines,
all the flesh I've been enfettered in,
all my true self hidden in my skin.

They trapped me again,
the tried to get me stained.
Beast is my name and Beast is what I'll be.

Watch me as i free my velvet shining wings
in the heart of Midnight.

4. Fairies

Look at the shades that crawl on the bed,
those are the flames
of the living and the dead.
They call me by name and empty myself,
they promise me Heaven
with fire made of Hell.

Now I know my leaving time
has come, my last hour,
iin a desperate need for more,
all of my life was nothing
but steps on the shore, and the sea
is tiding up until the end...

Where is the stregth
which dwelt in my hand,
I'm lost through the land
of the living and the dead.

Dancing with the Fairies
in my eyes, one last time,
while they're taking me to the Door,
nobody knows the streets
where I'll wander and go in the cold,
and maybe then I'll live again...
I'll live again...

5. Behind The Sky

While the time spirit is getting away
and you seek confusion
and it takes you far away;
you can see the writing on the wall
and now you're in a land
never seen before.

No voices only pain so deep inside
and while the Exodus Angel
overlooks the sky,
his eyes stand for all the mankind
and only a tired and deaf wind passes by...


"Now King of darkness you tell me truth,
and no disguise for hell fire
burns in my soul.
Torture for m but now
i stand in front of you
and I'll find the Reaper
who made the worold fall"

"Your lips send strong words as stones,
I feel that you're chilling to the bones.
But why don't you hear the endless rhyme,
Why seeker of reason do you
want the Reaper of Time?"

"I swallowed the pill of disillusion
and I know the hypocrisy,
the taste of reclution."


"Your believes are like tears in the rain,
you came from the light
to the darkness way...
I'm looking at the shadow of a dead man,
so I will take you where the Reaper stands."

They escape from within,
they break the wall close in,
no one dares to enter here
where a day is a year...


They see an old woman alone,
she's beyond a cell of stone.
She pronounces an old sing-song,
her delights come and go.


"Look at her blind eyes
just to see a glimpse of light.
This woman is the Reaper of Time,
but come with me and leave her behind..."

So he knew the void meaning,
he saw the hystory of man,
of man screaming,
and still and quiet,disillusioned mind,
for he knew the Fate is blind...

6. Treasure Island

Clouds far high in this summer Sky,
steady wind blows in the sails.
Straight beyond that close Horizon,
Trees grow green in my hidden Island.
Soon the Sunset then the night,
and the waxing Moon will rise.
At the harbour of my Land
merry people are shouting laughs.

Bones scream freedom from the black
of my high-hoisted Flag.
My Evil Wings clear free my path
leading to the Treasure Island.

Far behind us battle memories,
taste of salt chokes my throat.
Sugar cane spirit of my cellars
will this evening warm our souls.

From the Skull Cliff I'll watch,
as the dances join the shores.
Fire will shine in my proud eyes,
standing on the Treasure Island.

"Runya my vessel and I
sailed across the four Ghostly Seas"

Clouds far high in this summer Sky,
steady wind blows in the sails,
straight ahed my Vessel heading
rising trees of the Treasure Island.

7. Mistress Of The Silent Sea

"Lay your head, fall asleep,
find the door to my dreams,
and see the mistress of the silent sea."

[Wise Man]:
"Cast in an everlasting now,
far beyond the Rainbow
and deep inside your heart.
Lost among the holy walls of fire,
looking for the temple of the silent dreams.
the time has come to see the unseen,
to find the one.

Never throught I'd ever come so far,
rising from the darkness
to the frontiers of the sky.
Passing throught the guardian of Sapphire,
staring at the doorstep of the silent dreams.
The time has come to see the unseen,
to find the one.

Can't believe I'm standing
on that shore tonight,
staring at the mirror of her eyes,
dreaming about music floating
like a sorcery, on silent wings.

Caught between two heartbeats
of a butterfly,
trapped within a cold and angry world.
Elorah whispering the words
of self oblivion,
born to be the mistress of the sea...

Breath another consciousness inside,
eve of new beginnings
like a mighty wind of life,
now I am the master of my guide,
now i am the master of the silent sea!

The time has come to dream my dream,
to be the one,
and all I've seen,and all I've done,
are part of me,the silent one."

8. Enigma


Drippingon the forest of neverending fear...
Shegazes at the winter,holy silence,
withwide emerald eyes.
Andshe sits,and she waits,
andshe cries without a noise.
Whilethe timeless snow keeps falling
onthe roots upon her face...
Softand cold covering her ivy necklace,
coveringeverything like eternal oblivion.
Andshe sits,and she waits,
andshe cries without a noise,
andshe dream...


Avision out of madness
ofhellish fire and stream
whilethe thunder in the Earth
isthe mighty scream of anger
ofancient forgotten Gods.

(Red Apocalypse above him)

Whilethe solitary old man/not a word,
slowlytries to climb the Mount
ashe bends beaneth the years weight,
ashe reaches for the goal,
hethrows away his garments.

Nearthe bloody river stream
there'sa strange light in his eyes
anda quiver of emotions
whenthe white hair catches fire...

Andhe's getting nearer still,
andthe sweating of his brow
starsto sizzle upon his body,
butthe stare is still exulting.

Whilethe solitary old man.../not a word,
ashe dives into the flame,
ashe jumps into the fire...


He'sjust a little pawn in the middle of the
sacredhuman Chessboard...

Withblack and white emotions,
inblack and white squares.

Heebony bishop stands in front of him,
thehate each other
butthey cannot touch...

"Whilepawn, your failed
tochoose you colour!
Forours will be the final victory,
throghyou may fight
withcleverness and honour,
perhapsthe one who'll take your life is me!"

"Ilove my lily clothing,
andI don't fear your brand;
youjust deserve an only promise:
I'llkill you if I can!"

Thenight falls slowly on the battlefield
hidingthe World within the shades,
theblack time keeps on crawling
tothe white time of the day...

...Asudden touch on the shoulder,
asudden hissing stab,
somebodyfalls at the pawn's feet,
leavingblood on the palm of his hand...

Andhe shouts when he sees the colour,
theunseen shiny Red...
Andhe shouts when he hears the laughter
ofthe one that should be dead!

"Whitepawn, white pawn,
whathave you done?
Haveyou wakened from your dream?
Somewherein a black and white hell,
somebodyawaits for you,
foryou killed the lily Queen..."

He'sjust a little pawn in the middle of
thesacred human Chessboard...


Ameaningless extent of broken mirrors
eachwith a broken image in its face,
andeveryone is different from the others,
ansshines within his frame...

Apicture of a man on a volcano
forgottenin the corner of the view,
thelight and shady vision of a chessboard
hiddenthrough and through,
andlaying on a thousand other pictures
thebiggest mirror dims
withmeaningless extent of broken mirrors
inthe landslide of dream...


Wavingon the forest of neverending fear.
Thegentle snow has covered with a mantle
herpale and precious face...

Andshe sits, and she waits
forthe time of blooming life...

Whenthe flower sealed inside her
ina dewy crimson dress
willunfold and watch the Sunlight
andthe world outside her head...

9. In The Dream

Yesterdayi had a strange dream:
rebornfrom the ashes of ground
therewas a phoenix spreading his wings,
andhe was flying after the storm of Dawn.

Justa shadow in a desert land;
iwas looking at my hand
holdingmy memories,
andevil eyes staring
throughsad walls of debris.

Chainswere stronger than before
Iheard voices of his soul:
"I'mfantasy, so let me be!"
Hewas trapped in the gates of dream...

He'sdrowning in tears,in the dream...
He'sstanding in fear,in the dream...
He'sdrowning in fear,in the dream...

Thismorning when i awoke
theSun was rising,the day broke.
Iwas in my dream room and now I'm sure:
thephoenix will do come soon...

Chainswere stronger than before
Iheard voices of his soul:
"I'mfantasy, so let me be!"
Hewas trapped in the gates of dream...

He'sdrowning in tears,in the dream...
He'sstanding in fear,in the dream...
He'sdrowning in fear,in the dream...

Walter Rivolta ‒ Drums, Percussion
Franco Giaffreda ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Giovanni Bellosi ‒ Bass
Rick Ostidich ‒ Keyboards

Thanks to overthemountain for sending these lyrics.

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