Dark Lyrics


1. The Rope Walkers

But still the rope goes on and on...

Sometimes i feel like a moth to a flame
we live, we die
and still we don't know why.

Sometimes i feel the stone of Cain
the rain, the sea
won't wash the blood on me.

I'm walking on the tight rope
bowing at the empty chairs
that shade into the darkness.
Is anybody out there?...

Sometimes you guess you're a prayer left undone
too thick to fly, too thin to fall and die

You're walking on the tight rope
like a thousand times before
surrounded by the silence.
You're walking on the tight rope
surrounded by the wall
of a thousand bolted doors...

...I used to dream we'd meet one day
and find a place called home
but still the rope goes on and on...
Do we live to walk alone?

I'm walking on the tight rope
like a thousand times before
surrounded by the silence...
You're dancing on the tight rope
don't know what you're fighting for.
Do we live to walk alone?

2. I Went Across The Time

I feel the wind that cools,
my knees on the ground
a storm blast chases me,
trees bend to the dawn.

I went across the time
and all in a glance
I went across the time
and all in a whisper.

A clear sky in my hands,
the morning on the cliff
the dews of the night on my skin.

3. Tale From Nowhere

It was a full moon night
one of those night that might go on forever.
The mist was dancing on the stone floor
of the strange medieval square
a silent wind entangled through the archways
was ringing with the sound of distant steps.
A minute or a century later
the man was in the middle of the space.
It was a special night
the strangest night from now until forever...

Then a cloud concealed the moon
and when the sky was lit again
the Mad Jester in a hood
stood beside the roving man
and though his eyes were shining
the man took on step back
because his lips were smiling
of a smile that chills to death.

"i was waiting for you
for it's time to begin
we've got something to do
I guess you know what I mean"

"Why should I listen
to the idle things you say?
Tell me one only reason
or get out of my way!"

"It's written in your name
It's screaming from your voice:
You were born to play the Game
D'you still think you have a choice?"

So the man stood up in silence
while the jester took a band
then He wrapped it on his eyes and
put a gun in his hand.

"Within a century by now
I'll throw a coin in the air
from somewhere hereabout
you have to venture when and where.
It's the coin of Good and Evil
It's the Guardian of the Dreams
If you get it with your one shot
you'll be free"

The man was left alone
within his darkest world
and soon the deafening silence
was broken by a crowd

They crawled against his feet
they swarmed around his body
and all of them were blindfold
and covered with a shroud

"On your own you have no hope:
Give the weapon to your Pope!"
"Listen to a Nobel Prince:
I can do it with closed eyes!"
"I'm your favourite politician
don't you shoot without permission!"
"Need an expert? here I am
I'm a military man!"

The square was full of voices
and faces of undead
a hundred million noises
resounded in his head...

"go away!Stay far from me!
You don't even let me be!"

Many years have passed by then
an still the night goes on
The full moon shines above the man
reflected in his gun
One day the man will break the spell
one day the man will see
that when he claimed to be himself
and when he strained to be himself
and when he chose to be himself
he was already free.

4. The Script

Once more I left the labyrinth of madness
I acted the part within the mirror.
Don't be mistaken
about what you are seeing
are you acting as yourselves
or are you wearing someone else's dress?
The curtain rises...

Only here, only now
I'm the one I want to be
at last I am myself.
Open your minds!

Come in, let the farce begin!
The curtain rises...

5. Rain And Mist

And the time is still...

Rain and Mist embrace the cliff,
they hide the trees,
and cover the meadows.
Lady Shore is getting stroked
by the warm touch
of warping water.

And the time is still...

Reefs are dipping in the sea,
and seagulls sleep,
inside their shelters.
The almighty Wind
has flown away,
the air is dark, the sullen sky.

And the time is still...

I am sitting on the oak root
Oldman winter sist aside me
we look each other in the eyes
to seek something yet unknown.

And the time is still...
and the time stands still...

How many are
the colors of the ocean?
How many are
the songs of the birds?
All of my life was spent
in search for emotion.

And the time is still...
and the time stands still...

(as the smell of damp
grass crawls from the heart
of salty earth)

Runya's waiting at the harbour
for the journey of tomorrow,
but before I leave my land I need
to stay here for a while,
i will reap the sounds
and harvest the images
of the landscape
I will dream of once again...

I will dream them once again...

6. Ben Rowi

Walking slowly not to slide
on the rocks wet dew
Ben Rowi asked himself if he'd be able
of falling in a twilight world.

The branches, the different shades of green
the dead yellow leaves made him feel at home
laying in the underbrush,
his stare toward the sky
he talked with the silence

[Ben Rowi]
"I didn't hope you'd come"

"I couldn't be missing,
it doesn't chanc every day
to meet a madman who wants
to know the small people"

You can find yoursekf in the kingdom of fairies
if you swallow a primrose

Everything had suddenly become queer
the rain poured upside down,
the pools reflected several moons
I sawheavenly creatures
dancing around, dancing around,
I joined them

"Pay attention it's
a fay circle
don't dance with them,you might..."

[Ben Rowi]
"Don't worry , it's funny!"

"The dance was getting more and more frantic
I realized that time was flyin' away.
I was an old man"

During the dance time runs quicly,
minute last for years

[The Fairy]
"If you give me your eyes,
I'll open your mind
and you'll discover the secrets
of the small people"

I don't know how it came
I was made of steam
i was whirling in the air
I was ruling the skies

Maybe the fairy had joked me
maybe I was dead,ut death was not so bad
I was captured in a black hole
I woke up into the underbrush
I had finally fallen in a twilight world
but something seemed different
I was,now I am...

"I didn't hope you'd come!"

7. Waiting For...

Leaves are falling around

Drops of rain I smell the rain
keep on climbing
upon the misty mountain
waiting for...

Catch the wind if you're still alive
catch the flowers
the water and the sun
catch the wind if you're still alive.

Leaves are falling around

Dance all night
around the sleepy lake
waste no time,
the moon is high
the season of forever
waiting for...

8. The Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight will be as one with the Dragon
The Dragon Knight will fly as the Dragon
He will skim the night woods with eyes of Ithil
He will oversoar the Oceans, beyond the Gates of Twilight

The Knight will dwell in the Wings of Evil
The Knight will walk beside the Fire and the Storm
He will hold the Might of Anor
He will know the Ancients Wisdom

Those of you who will master the Power of the Dragon,
Those of you who will claim to be a Dragon Knight,
Those of you will earn to ride the Eternal.

Walter Rivolta ‒ Drums, Percussion
Franco Giaffreda ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Giovanni Bellosi ‒ Bass
Rick Ostidich ‒ Keyboards

Thanks to overthemountain for sending these lyrics.

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