Dark Lyrics


1. Fast, Loud 'n' Rude

Into my freakshow
A poisonous venue filled with hate
Ripping through
Your vital organs
Tearing the flesh off of your face!

The blast that you
Are about to witness
Will leave you
Addicted to pain
I'll bring it to you
Fast, loud 'n' rude
Crushing your bones
To a pile of dust!!!!

I'm the infection
Molesting your health
I am the dictator
Obey my command
You need my action
It's a fatal attraction
Lash out your neck
To the speed!

Burn, burn
Let the fire ignite
Scream it out!
Destroy this place tonight
When all you sick bastards collide into one
The world will be ours! Let it be done!
Fire, fire
Burn it down
Burn this place right to the ground!
So sick of this shit, it's time to intrude
We'll take 'em down
Fast, loud 'n' rude!

Fuck off!

Fuck all of this bullshit
I'll break through
I'll show them I'm right
This expression
Of my passion
For aggression
Exhibiting my might

The blast that they
Are about to witness
When our powers
Come together as one
We'll bring 'em down
On their knees and bow
[Breaking their necks]
To the gut cutting sound



I'm the infection
the fatal attraction!
The cause of all your body fractures
I will rage on
Without looking back
A violent storm in for attack

It's time for action
Give me the right reaction
Show me the force
Of a total destruction
United as one
Inferior to none
We'll blow them away
Like a fucking H-bomb!

2. Pulses Of Pleasure

Black and blue, bruised and battered
You're demolished but still you want more
You feel the urge to be taken by force
As you're crawling along the floor

Your body is mine! I'm in command!
That's what we both wanted
Now you understand
That I'll leave you addicted to ME!
Tearing you down, 'cause I'm wild and free.

Pulses of pleasure, pleasure or pain?
Red hot and wild and I know you feel the same
A force that has been ruling
Since the very dawn of time
I feel it, I have to cross over the line

The rush is increasing, no way to slow it down
A one track mind, there's no way around!
Lust overpowers, you'll have to obey
Driven by instinct I grab hold of my prey

The heat is building, it's burning your skin
I bet you're yearning for this bestial sin
Pushed down to the floor
Are you ready for more?
A strike from the back heading straight for the core!

Nowhere to go, your limbs are tied
Waiting for the fire to ignite
Enjoy or suffer, suffer the delight
Here we go

In the night
Pain is right
Don't you know
Only pain excites!

I'll tear you down,
Tear you down
The burning sensation of love and frustration
Get down
Back to the root of mankind's creation!

Screams of desire, desire for pain!
Unstoppable hits! I'm in your domain.
Into a higher sphere of sensation
You've stopped into my trap of temptation!!!

Nowhere to go, your limbs are tied
Waiting for the fire to ignite
Enjoy or suffer, suffer the delight
Here we go



3. Eclipse Of The Mind

Open the gate to my life as it was
Don't leave me imprisoned inside this black mass

Is this world just a mirage in my dream?
Or am I doomed to roam in this darkness...

Who's blind?
They can't see through your eyes (that)
our mind
Got awakened inside
Left alone in despair
Does anyone care?

Trapped inside your own body,
Paralyzed and blind
Find a way to exit
The eclipse of your mind

Captive in this total darkened space
Can't find a single trace!!!

Is there a path through
This endless...




4. Siren

There it is again,
The call of temptation
It breaks the silence that I had finally found
It rips through my mind
The scream of impatience
Enslaved to the beauty of this horrible sound

It guides, guides me away
And I know I should stay
But I can not resist the sound, the sound of regret
It rings in my head
It drives me so insane!!!

Trapped in this maze
Between love and despise
Will I wake up from this nightmare alive?
Invading my mind
With it's ice cold blue eyes
And I'm diving deep into the darkest of nights

Deep, deep down in the sea of misery
It's pulling me closer to it's side
The side that I detest
It gives me no rest!
Insanity's creeping up my spine!!!

Can you hear it calling me?
Can you hear it calling me?

Vermin is feeding on me
I forgot what it's like to be free
Screams straight out of hell
The siren casting it's spell

Rotten inside
Lies result into grief
My trust is shattered, I've been deceived
The magic enchantment
This creature creates
It leaves me deranged and filled with hate

But hate, it keep me alive
My way to survive
And the screeching carries
On and on, and on in my head
Driving me mad
Can't get it off my mind!

Can you hear it calling me?
It's cutting through my bones!!!


5. Stairway To Insanity

With the eyes of a magpie, forced into greed
He would do anything to satisfy his needs
The steps are in front of him, shining so bright
But how far could he go until he's blinded
By wealth's light?

His excessive existence will surely e his death!
Consumed by selfishness he's to blinded to see
He has devoured his own identity

With the mind-set of a jackal ready to kill
He sees the reward but can he pay the bill?
He climbs up the staircase reaching for the top
But he doesn't know when to stop!

His excessive existence will surely e his death!
Consumed by selfishness
He could not see
That his climb towards
The upper-class was
The stairway to insanity!

6. Shot To Paradise

I am the one
You rely on
The one that you need
To succeed in life
Listen to me
And I will set you free
For just a little free
The price is sharp as a knife

I hit you harder
Every day
But for a paradise
That's a small price to pay
Inject the illusion
A liquid prophecy
The utopia within your mind
It ain't reality

Blinding your mind
Like you're doing every day
Running from yourself
No escaping the decay
You'll always walk alone
With me by your side
I am the needle
Ready to guide

You to the way
To ecstasy
Reality is what you sacrifice
On your way
To ecstasy
I welcome you to the paradise

There's no chance of liberation
As we collide as one
The end has begun
Stricken down
In agony you moan
Prey to a demonic saint
Kneel before his throne!




You to the way
To ecstasy
The road to desire leads to my empire
A trip to heel
I pull you t me
No turning back now!
You're coming with me!
You're coming with me!

7. Venom

Pathetic and selfish, just a piece of shit
Betraying yourself and not aware of it
Denying and lying, but always complying
Retarded, demented everyone know
Empty-headed it clearly shows
It shows that you should stop trying!

The venom is good
That's what you said
The venom is right
But only in your head
Confusion and fear for the speed of transience
Love without hate for this deadly alliance
The venom is good
That's what you said
The venom is right
But only in your head
You search for the fuel which will burn you tonight
Embrace the silent assassin in white

Too blind to see, to see the hurt
You cause to the ones that pulled you out of the dirt
While digging your own grave!


8. Blinded


9. Master Of Illusion

A source f knowledge
The answer to all
My light shines on and on
I educate your children
Teach them wrong from wrong

In an addicted way
You pray and pray
The pressure's growing strong
Pushing the others to the light
The herd just moves along

Deceiving my believers
A spider in it's web
Waiting for prey
Bringing decay but take it step by step

As you look at me
Your eyes can't see
The truth behind my lies
Lies that burn, yet cold as ice
A mindfuck exercise

Master, master of illusion
My filthy lies, their mind's demise
Master, master of illusion
My blinding eyes they paralyze
They're begging me Master
Oh Master please
And they will all just bend the knee
Controlling your reality

The shepherd of the second life
Decides which throat will feel the knife
Provides the mask for those in fear
I decide what you will hear

And in the end
You'll kiss my hand
There's no one else to blame
A god without emotions
Hallowed be my game


No individuality
A puppeteer's banality
Stripped of all reality
My herd will saunter on

The master with his heart of stone
Sitting on his worldwide throne
War death and agony
'till nothing else is left to be!


Joe — Vocals (lead), Guitars
Sam Lemmens — Guitars
Senne Jacobs — Drums
Nico Beekwilder — Bass

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