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1. Intro: Open The Mysteries From Beyond


2. Fullmoon Over The Eastern Woods

Bow before the grim moon
The realm's silvery-faced watcher
Arquaint the inward fiery inhuman dismay
The kingdom of cold might
Overwhelming dark eminence
Disallows the impure undignified to enter
This land is a ritual sumptuous robe
An external layer to assimilate by the crowd
Unmitigated aspect hidden for undesirable sight
A gate to be forced by the somber nobility
A hypodermic permanent eclipse
That none with their inert rejoice
Ever felt the fraction of
This land has persisted immense
Thrust of desecrating burdens
As they tried to deprive its very core
By raising their abhorrent lucid shrines
Yet endured the obscure entity
A retribution force
Each meadow will own the gallows
For grotesque brood of God
Silver stream sinks through wooden stained glass
Paints my face a pattern of inconstant ambience
At the mystical bound
The luminosity dares not to stride
At the glorious time
When no human dare to disrupt
I hail the enchanted fullmoon that ascends
Over the eastern Mazovian woods...

3. Tradition - Heritage - Destiny

The stones are silently carrying the eons burden
Beneath them the tokens entombed in soil
I call over the echoes of the wayward winds of centuries
In tainted awareness they merge loyalty with betrayal
Among the oak limbs lies the remembrance
And the elders artifacts covered by dust
Brothers once standing as unity in warfare
Displaced through grandiose treacherous strike
Appeared against under opposite banners
Sworn allegiance to the outer sovereigns
And lavished each others precious blood
They were clouds torn by the winds of history
At the field resounding with funeral chant
A tree with shallow roots bends under assaults
Dependency to the nameless kings
Ending up broken and defiled in mud
The deeply-rooted tree shall stand high and proud
On the restless barren land despite alternate winds
Here are my roots, here, deep
Inseparable with this soil
Immersed into labyrinth of olden spirits and acts
I absorb the very noble essence
A vehemence to endure each storm...

4. The Wind & The Old Willows

Autumn avid mist coats the vast spaces
Homeland devoured by the weeping firmament
Grey horizons unfurl
Limbs embrace the darkened plains
A distant forest looming far away
A cheer to enter the sinister dark
I pass this Earth as the bleak frozen undead
Beset amongst the hideous pest
Adorned in carnal shield
The upper morbid evil domains
I ever wander in solitude my own places of worship
Ascending the thrones of great ominous mystery
The October sunset lured me to the moors again
To grasp and immerse into sullen desolate aura
The wind sang to surge the Heaven's serenity
The ravens echoed upwards their discord tune
The old willows watched bowing their rugged heads
The shimmering starlight reflected in my eyes
And death - the pale spectre carried soul
To her unfathomed mighty empress - infinity
Then I left the misty humid realm
And entered the uncanny meadows
Ornate in grief none might obtain
Yet armed in hateful highness...

5. Interlude: Passing The Meadows In Woe


6. Wolves Of Hyperborean Frost

Among the silence where the woods freeze
The skies remain grim to rejoice the winter wolves
That came from beyond the misty hills
Approached to gather at the immaculate soil
I am of them to obliterate the God's traces
I am of them to disavow the son thrice
I am of them to suffocate the spirit with hatred
I am of them to mock those raped by the luminous realm
Mountains - the calm witness to these
Conjuring and transcending rites
My face adorned with the hoarfrost
Atop the mount unapproachable plateau
Glance upon the grey locust
That drowned their innate pride
Into the mud of idolatry
Out of reach of the failure monuments sight
casting the stones in powerless incomprehensibility
I watch them hovering beneath our feet
Stand as a part of the limited circle
In the sphere I climbed once
Conquering the steps gropingly then aware
Filth nest I've left by my will as so few dared before
Over those of torn off knees and shattered brows
Forlorn attempts to reach beyond
From the grotesque usurper's blessed void
Distinguish the worms creeping in wolf masks
And drag them back into their divine swamp
And then amidst the silent woods
I shall intone the heretic chant...

7. Summoning The Splendour Once Fallen

All empires fell with crafts that seemed eternal
Silent testimonies of permanent elapse
Some walls shattered by adverse mights
Some mounts imperceptibly festered into dust
The time avoids depicting the line
It journeys incessantly over interfering circles
None spirit enfolds its flowing
Due to immense radius spread
A glance aback reveals
It brought us into aeon ghastly plain
The verge of timely dimension
A gallery of overpast lords
That left in fulminatory roar
Or departed in dismal groans
Environed by world order
Of inverted power's hierarchy
The odds obliterated between eulogy and disgrace
Dwelling in the oblivious void
Yet shall we recover the strength
To re-establish the exact image
And put it into the recent frame
Mouldered is the principle of kingdom lost
pride and honor they attempted to bury
Will disengage form damnation claws
And recrucify the pitiful idols
To let the streams of hatred efface the sacrosanct offal
Each empire must fall thus I behold the arisen
From behind the nearest void's bend
The splendour once fallen...

8. Outro: Descent Into The Starlit Spheres


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