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1. Ode To A Rising Fullmoon (Intro)

2. Immerse Into Cold Mist

Dawn of time as I began my journey
The fullmoon seem to be this night
The forest was silent and clear
And no signs were bearing witness
That the storm will come to possess me
To walk apparently with no deeper meaning
At the end return to my old sanity
And ignorant imprisonment
Hammered by own limitations
This dawn found me weak
Devoid of hatred in heart
As a weapon against an effigy
Of his earthly hosts
Causing their decease in flames of wrath
I felt the first signs of it
As I immersed into cold mist
And distant visions
Were scarcely loomed
But on the horizon the dark ominous
Clouds slowly gathered
Mighty mother foretells
Of conquering the new throne
Shallow spell which will
Develop into persistent shapes
Has pushed my will there whence
It could not return filthy
Within the ideas of light…

3. Thy Woods Are Sacred

As the shadows were rising
First steps on a path of glory
Confident in my might. I entered
The path is the only one
I’m beholding around me
The spirits of trees are observing
This being is at the bound
Which it’ll cross before dawn
I realized that I’m on the clearing
Darker than I could imagine
And the oaken throne has been revealed
With spiritual evil force on it
Thy woodlord knows
How is to dwell into spheres
Of sorrow and evil
There is darkening on my path
The mist is descending from the mountains
And the creations are gradually leaving
Their abodes in depths of this old soil
They’ve prepared thy rite
Which will release the blasphemer
Instead of trodden heart
Forth coming storm
It cannot retire now…

4. Towards The Funeral Winternight Landscape

When I reached so far
Conducted by forces I could not seize
I walked as on the crest of a mountain
With realm of pest below
Suddenly with surrounding snowfall
Although the season debared from it
Covered all the land
Before I came to return to my conscience
Walking on the sorrow’s path
Which was never here
I gazed at the snowcovered crowns’
And wondered at their growing majesty
My journey through a black passage
Led me to the heart of the forest
Into it’s thickest sphere
Darkest, striking with it’s beauty
Where sun is for ever veiled
By the branches of ancient oaks
Phantoms were dancing on my path
Hoaxed me into thicket
Ravens croaked over my closed eyelids
Sending word of a stranger’s presence
But those for which the wood is the soul
And they are the soul of the wood
Haven’t destined me the enemy’s part
Then the inferior ones took flight
As scolded by mighty hand
Then the forest showed its true face
Huge power overwhelmed
Immortality opened before me
Horizon became endless
Deathly wind blew tearing the heavens
A voice thundered in my soul
Rejection of weakness is my destiny
And unity with essence…
The obscure storm came
To celebrate the ritual
And the great battle started
Under the rising fullmoon
To appear in my heart
A new aeon of darkness

5. Solitude Apotheosis

6. Descending Winds Of Holocaust

On the black wings of nightsky
The horde was riding across to me
And darkness slowly have risen
Under feet of them
My life is fallen to pieces by
Descending black fog
Which drains the fragments of lost
Ideas out of me
Breathing the air of the king’s clearing
I feel that I am uniting
With the essence of black forest
And cruel mother winter
At the cemetery
Of thousand tombs of false idols
In flow of morbid and terrific hate
I see the weak god in tears
And his son dripping with filthy blood
I desecrate them in possession of unholiness
The priests of compassion hanged
Fluttering in the winds of night
In hell created for them
By unholy beings
Only ruins remain instead of churches
Battlefields on their sacred places
Deathwinds are filling me
With this most beautiful vision
Candles enlighten the dark
And the fullmoon which appeared above
To enhance the funeral of forlorn ideas of christ
Which has been imbibed
By the pure black soil
And I became lord of woods and dark fog
Ultimate union in the shadow
Of wooden thrones
Has created mighty spiritual strength
And when the candles expired
And the moon became pale
I found myself walking to the
Gates of black heavens
Led by phantoms of the wood
And hateful storm
But now I was one of them…

7. The Black Heavens Open

After a great encounter
Where triumphant glory meant
To cast off the ashes
Of pathetic old non-ideas
And to stand solitarily
On a snow field that became a place
Of falling the dark might upon
Guided to the verge of solitude
They disappeared then
And I stand before the immensity
That took my breath
As the rays of fullmoon would reveal
That I crossed the boundary
Divine consciousness
Evidently in evil’s sense
Has conquered my heart
I’ll fill the emptiness
With fulfillment of my feelings’ depth
And the true emptiness which
Used to appear the essence
Will remain so far, far
So I stand there when the wood
Seemed to open its gates
In a stack of offals
Of those I’ve rejected
And what now diverged
In a crystalline majestic cold
Of this great hateful sanctity
And I reached the conscience
Of a victory in the glorious night
And I could behold the black heavens
That opened before me…

8. Morbid Rejoice

So the mighty space closed
And returned the old woods’ vision
Plain magic ended
However it remained in spirit
As strong as in transfiguration moments
Cause I saw it with another eye
Reception shallowness retreated
It became my flesh
A dark force which has made me its son
Distant from the rest of herd
Cannot submit to their craft
Cannot bear their compassion
Nothing in common with false humility
Not considering myself a god
Although my hatred is above me and it is pure
My visions run to dead pyres of carrion
Ruined monuments of pathetic life
Crosses shattered to splinters
And this what they builded for cons
Taking themselves for a tending to perfection
Truly plunged into swamps
Lacerated and torn to pieces
I walked out of the wood calmly
On my old snowy path
The trees have been bowing
I walked out different into old enclosure
And I know that I’ll always be returning
When the sun smothered at sunset
When the moon in silvery cold is rising
So I arose in might
With no fear into death no fear into torment
And when I’ll drown in solitude
It shall give me eternal peace…

9. Desolate Fields Left (Outro)

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