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1. Algol's Northern Lights

The skyline wide expanded awaiting the rite of entering
Involving the mightiest force to absorb the particle
Heralded by the obtoe-angular great mouth of immensity
The single ego imbibes into universe dark
Far north, the throbbing lights
A demister as resting on the meridian
Of the pillars that maintain the infinity
As far as the perceptions capacity reaches
The Algol¡¯s half-range still stands beyond
Yet the light may blacken as the icicle may scald
Something our breadth of glance makes inaccessible
There, a thousands of platonian things themselves
Or just a dimension of inconceivable notions
The spheres where I fulfill the Wesensschau
Lurking to swallow the universe
Or a nominalism enchanted
Within threefold dialectical comprehension
As I enter the northern astral kingdom
My soul becomes the mirror that reflects the world¡¯s entrails.

2. Grim Spirit, The Forest Wanderer

I don't dwell here despite the apparent dwelling
Truly in dense malevolent abode
Feeling the presence's as inhaling effluvium
So I left the pit years ago
To regain at the sanctified zone
Far beyond the domain of human stench
I obtained the keys to the gate of great mystery
The forest kingdom now extends before my sight
A vertical hierarchy impersonates the rising might
From the carpet of floral dunnage that invites my feet
To the skies growing grey with sinister clouds
Veiling the timid rays of luminosity
Midway appears the main thickness
Of my old wooden companions
Let the woods reject due to proceeding fall
The lonely wanderer

3. Cages Of Cold Despondency

The cage is grimly cold yet in the space of purity
Hidden in mine forestland desolate
Sink thy mind's eye seizing the width
Vast fount of time, swallow thine source
Drowning in the aeons grasp
I recede far into endless fields
Alas no present shall indemnify
What each moment deprives from yesteryears
They darken of the oblivion's dust
Fixed to the walls at the reality's bound
Beware of entering the dark realm
As there the inmost hatred reigns
Attachment of life restrained to vanity
These chilling halls testify the ravaged soul
I summon the old wolves
To captivate my affectable sphere
The night evokes hunger
As the consuming force emerges from the mist
The sorrow and wrath intertwined to ill sign
Announcing the funeral of hope for the weak
I've made me a cell of singular force
To haunt with the beloved negative gale

4. My Tower Among The Timeless Mountains

Again I took a glance at the opposite chine
Where abdicating sun left its last sigh of agony
The shivering response at the lunar kingdom
The malediction to unfold myself
From the highest tower I submerge into pondering
To penetrate behind the facade
Where the monstrosity arose in immemorial ages
Strewed into soil of the incapacity conscience
Adorned with the garment of clods pretending gems
A custom hoisted to the absurd level
Of platitudes anyhow obscure
I stir the mountain storm to heavenly dissidence
An overthrowing winds of defiance to the usurpation
Since internal repugnant antilogy
Revealed between each of chain units
I depart to the earthworms' bottom
To behold the swarm rising the temples
The fear altars to praise the lord of craft destructive
Beseech not to tread while wandering
A response to ascending withdraw
Into darker evilness chapel
As the journeys turn oddly mystical
Either I become the old forgotten tale
Spoken silently by the distant winds
In the mist-coated autumn dusk

5. Lost Horizons Of Wisdom

From the mist evolved the face as old as the soil itself
The emperor time yearning inwardly for the fallen realms
Deplore what once the pillars were of monuments now gone
To the skies I raise my summons of the cancelled ones
The ancient woods joined the choir of bemoaning shades
The oldest oak bent before the blood from earth's entrails
Scattered funeral stars as thousand shrines of fallen glory
Thirst of the herd has forced the noble souls into mourning
The elders exiled to sail the immerse seas
Towards the cold vast caverns of retirement
On bereaved hills the gleaming advance temples grew
Yet mouldering straightways as ours never did
A dissolution overture proceeds
Clear within hearing in the darkening halls
Hateful scent announces the final
Approaching of grim death's harvest
Frayed banners risen
Heralds of descension of the evening mist
The ancient forestland wells of wise lure
Once overwhelmed by the giant boulders
Emerge in the night's afterglow as a tide of might
Rebirth of heathen hammers
A precious guest for a lost wisdom
Honour, strength, the disturbing swords of compassion failure
Spirit, pride, the phantoms of shallow inferior infamy
Could the sea turn abounding in springs
For the rivers flowing towards their wells
Thus regain the empires bygone of long
Even unveil the horizon heretofore lost

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