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1. Funeral Sorcery

Immortal is my admiration for the moment when the light is fading
For a cold obscurity that embraces the expanse
Life is a sparkle that expires in source
The only battle which we will never conquer
To perceive the conscience of dawn suffocated by the night
Which won't surrender to the brightness again
This vision haunts me and once I was close to fulfillment
Arriving too late after they took the cardinal part of might
Though the day shall come when I'll reach it
For the wonder at this face is my internal fire
I go out in the immense spaces bounded by crowns, drowned in fog
The dawn casts off remains of moon's silvery cover
I hear a ghastly call that leads me to this sacral place
Dark beyond all expression
The wood guides me where the scent of death becomes clear
I am there at last, on a thatch lies
What once was life's essence taken to hateful force
In partial unity with soil, slowly returns to it
The space majesty arisen by junction
Nature's involution with death's one evokes a bit strange states
From euphoria to fright, from aversion to morbid rejoice
Despite the vision's end I know that the day shall come
Of the encounter with my funeral sorcery...

2. I Reach The Winter Twilight

Eternity is relentless, this notion harasses me
Induces that all is worth nothing, the passing frightens
You may speak of darkness at ease until you're touched by its cold
Until it stops remaining an abstract term
Infinity takes away what seems to be worth and might
Each of mights decline and disappear...
If the immortality opened as a horizon over this snowy plains
As the circle closed at last
Delusion would spout, the force of all deeds
Nihilism would be shed as pest embittering the hearts of a rabble
Would these considered the martial ones stand against it valiantly?
It approaches...
To touch this knowledge is a soul torment
Only winter transfers it to the dimension I may conceive
Its cruelty hardly substitute of a true great cold
Which will deliever a battle condemned to failure at dawn
Thus I did it once under the moon
Confrontation of worths with what turns them into dust
I reached the winter twilight though won't reach this dark
Until it calls me by itself...

3. Krone Aus Kalten Sternen

Der Wald ist meine Zuflucht, er wird mich nie wegwerfen
Meine Seele wohnt dort sebst wenn Ich bin andernorts
Ich kehre immer zurück, liegend auf der Streu schaue Ich an das Firmament
Mitten des Zweiges und Kronen der Bäume
Damals Sterne reflektieren sich in meinen Augen
Sie schauen mich an mit dem lichtvollen Blick vor tausend Aeonen
Sie überweisen die altertumliche Klugheit
Sie werden hier sein wenn wir Staub sein werden
Aber heute sie sind ein kaltes Sewölbe
Unterstütz auf uralten Säuleen der Eichen und der Fichten
Weiter nach Osten verbinden sie sich mit der Erde
Auf benebelten Nassen Böden. Die Mondklugheit. Das astrale Wissen
Heute gehe Ich nach dem dunkelsten Pfad wann habe Ich mich wieder getrogen
Erwartend dass Würmer hinauf auffliegen werden
Mein Wald hat mir die knorrige Hand gereicht
Er flocht die Krone von Sternen und hat meine Schläfe verziert
Ich werde mich zu schwarzen Raben gesallen auf dem blutigen Jagd
Nachher in den grossen unheilgen Abgrund wegfliegen...

4. Tale Of Carpathian Wind

Above the crest a whirlwind blows again with fury
The crag monument appears in its dark magnificence
Clouds ablaze trying to bridle the space, a single being amidst
I've gone hunting anew to seize the highland spirit
Across the spheres where the streams' ribbons attempt to break the resistance
Unholy forests ascend vanishing before they reach the clouds
A genuine realm of dusk shall be my realm this night
When I'm breathing the frozen wind that descended throughout the Tatra pass
Where no weak endures and the immensity is appalling, I'll be conquering...
The filth always flows down, in a distant valleys it settles
Hateful for they exhibit what's pure for trades
As I clamber isolation rises, sacred dearest solitude is thy end
Though the scum still pester... Nighttime journey
Achieves monumental deeds in a stone freezing interior
As the wolves come out hunting towards the sullen landscape
The mild hide before deceptive moonlight
The old sprits revive, the past returns, the purity of a winter kingdom
That is still left as a primeaval splendour of the fatherland
On a mountainside I observe clouds on a nightsky torn by
Carpathian winder wind. With wolves I'll share my throne...

5. Iconoclast Eminence

They increased to force the souls, I stood in comparison with them
They wanted to seize my pride, it aroused the inner fire
They tried to lower this land, we have upraised to cleanse it
They replaced honour by compassion, we'll repay them with holocaust
They stained the woods with blood, I want to see their blood in streams
They have made my heart burning, let their temples be burnt
My hatred is a river which sweeps away the vermin
Let the storm evoked by a thousand ones make the sea open
And absorb those which number transformed weakness into seeming might
Who has made the cross this throne of a fucking feeble jewish scum
Makes me dethrone him with all of my acts
Their rejoice begets the black misanthropy
A thirst for their decease is a basis of what I won't see through
Though it will rise one day as a proud crowns of trees
To lacerate heavens and make our ranks pure
Be the sword on sanctities... Be the hammer on christ...

6. Im Schatten Der Majestät Des Eistodes

Das Kalt kriecht heraus, es macht schwache Herzen gefrieren
Ewigkeit wird sie wegnehmen, diese Reinheit ist so schön
Wüste Täler, ausgestorbene Sitz des Lebens
Solange die grausame Frau hat bedekt Alles mit ihr Leichentuch
Wie der einsame Felsen steche Ich inmitten der Bäume
Das Weiss des Schnees zieht mich an, Ich sehe nicht meine Haut
Aber meine Seele würde sich hervortun
Das Blut unter dem Eis, Körper waren neulich warm
Jetzt sie sind Hort der Kühle, doch Alles ist Finsternis
Die Einöde und Vereinsamung, Niemand werde Ich treffen
Die letzte Sache deren begehre Ich
Wälder haben sich nicht unterworfen aber Alles andere ist verluste
Wenn die schlechte Dammerung ist herausgekrochen
Die Macht der Trauer, das Heimweh füllt mich aus
Wann der Mond erscheit auf dem Himmel
Ich nehme wahr dass die Zeit auf mir kommt
Zu verbinden mich mit dem Frost und diesem alten lieben Wald
Der hat mich nicht verraten...
As the obscurity crawls out the land, to embrace the old forest
My path like a black stream tears off above the void
Oh, the great cold carry me where the grim winds reign
Where my cursed brethren of the wood dwell
Let this unholy night strain the gates
Im Schatten der Majestät des Eistodes habe Ich meinen Thron...

GrimSpirit ‒ Vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards

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