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1. Romeo A Go-Go

Tonight I'm coming home in a coma if it fucking kills me.
Listless but relieved, beaming like a newborn hostage.
Orphaned by an ambulance. I got this new black eye just for you.
Your hopeless romantic now helplessly rheumatic.
Poets grinding teeth to powder. All my vowels are getting lost in the gauze.
Misinterpret courting for the cursing of a drooling fool.
Here's to cheap sex and codeine in a hospital bed. And maybe I'd object, if I felt at all alive.
Everybody's dying to lay down with you. I got the order all wrong.
I must have bumped my head. Maybe I should quiet down.
Don't bet on another blackout. I'll be all right. There's an army at my window waiting to lose this fight.
I'm the king of this all night clinic. The fucking champion.
Tonight we'll feast like royalty in traction; happy and meticulous.
There's a delicate love song in this; kicked out and dripping in verse.
Go get your gun because God won't show. He sent a poet instead.
The Don Quixote of the ICU. Quite impressive for a cripple. Munchhausen by proxy of a muse.
Tempt not a desperate man. This split lip is for you. I traded it for an outdated tooth.

2. Off Broadway

This isn't at all unpleasant. I'm enchanted by the lavish ballet,
And I'll whistle the tune all the way to the gallows that I heard at the cabaret.
At the sheriff's signal, the orchestra moves the floor.
Don't it make you feel wonderful?
Body twisting strictly ballroom. Criminally elegant, ideal postured Viennese waltzer.
I'm dressed to kill. I'm weightless and well rehearsed.
In my godless opera my character is canonized.
Uphand me. This is a musical and nothing goes wrong.
Can't keep the classics out of the head of the masochists. Strike up the band.
It's 245 beats for a measure or 5 beats per 6 steps on alternating feet.
The show must go on. Never mind the teeth and fingernails, the show must go on.
I don't feel at all like I thought I would, but I could probably go on like this forever.
Tonight, we dance, for tomorrow they release the dogs. 1,2,3. Keep it up.
1,2,3. Savor it.
(Where is my head? Where is my heart?) Everything vanishes.

3. I've Been Gone A Long Time

What we're doing is so wrong, and what you're wearing is so right (it's so tight).
But I've never felt better so I'm going out to get her and I don't care what set of wheels I steal to get there.
Balance is a minor setback.
What she thinks is all right, and the way she looks is just fine.
She sure as hell ain't you, but lord knows she'll have to do.
She don't know I'm alive but neither do I so there's nothing left to lose.
If I could only make it make you want to want me. One more drink, I think, should do.
I wish that I could say I love to watch you walk away, but you probably
Won't be back in time to hear it.
So it's just as well. No one out there gets back in alive.
So I'll love the way you stand so close to a guy who we both know can't get near it.
Strike when ready. Burn the highway down.
Let me hear her high heels moan. I'm ready, set, go.
There's cocaine in the key that took us from the bar to her car to the bedroom.
Only the lonesome love us. Only the careless can handle us.
What's wrong with us that we're so unamused?

4. Godspeed Us To Sea

Turns out I never had a thought at all.
I've been talking in my sleep, reciting teleprompted anthems -
A marionette strung tight to the executives upstairs.
I almost had myself convinced that I meant everything I said. What a shame.
Oh captain, my captain, you've been drinking. What happened?
I've been slurring my cadences and blacking out when I stand.
I know all about your son, who never did return from the war.
But there was poison in that bottle, I tell you.
(1, 2, 3, 4)
Tell the tower I've been hijacked
Tell the gunman this vehicle's been stolen
I'm coming out with my hands in the air. This is not my voice.
What you are hearing is not me.
There's been a horrible mistake. I'm a proud God-fearing registered democrat.
This is all the same elaborate scheme and it will be cleared up when the governor beckons for me.
He'll clear my name. It appears that the inmates have overrun the asylum.
There's a madman at the wheel. We are not even remotely capable of keeping our heads about us.
We've abandoned all semblance of presence. Dead bolted, buckled in. Keeping our word to the sinking ship.
Let the rats orchestrate the new mutiny. I'll meet you overboard.

5. She's My Rushmore

Cut your break lines, brake your headlights and waited for you at the stop sign.
Disconnected iron lungs, insurance fires, our smothered young.
Always the first one on the scene. A pyromantic midsummer nights dream.

Thank you lord:
1) for this oil slick.
2) for her car wreck.
3) for I'm lovesick.

Heaven sent us a hero, but Hell tried to his resolve. And when you thought we were done for.
I pulled through. While you rested your eyes in the driver seat, I sat and watched you.
Always the first one on the scene. A pyromantic midsummer nights dream.
Trust me.
We'll wait for it, pray for it, step on the brakes till we're over it, under it, screaming like bombs for it.
Oh dear me, I've done it again.

Thank you lord:
4) for the loaded gun.
5) for the bad aim.
6) for I'm lonesome.

God is smiling down on us, he shines his grace on everyone.

[p.s. - The greatest lovers were murderers first.]

6. Floater

To my mistress the bridge, I don't feel well. I'll be leaving and you can't stop me.
We've been carrying on too long.
I'm sorry, but I'm gone. I've got a bad reputation to think about. I've been dirty, I've been wrong.
Maybe someday they'll find that I've washed up.
I'm stepping out to clear my head. I'm breathing in to fill my lungs. We're all dead.
Farewell scenic highway overpass.
It's better this way anyways. My lover the river makes a better soldier than a bride.
But I left my heart at the side of her bed and she's got the warmest body that I've ever had.
Drain the lake, you'll find it's full of love.
Bring the children to the water and let them see what heartache did.
This matrimony needs a witness, and you can teach them to swim.
Don't let your dreamers grow up to be dead men. Drown us at birth, save her some time.
Drifting on romantic holiday, breathless as her cold arms cover me. Drag the lake. You will find it is full of love.

-Sincerely mine. Finally.

7. In The Event That Everything Should Go Terribly


8. Ebolarama

Boys: shoot to thrill from the hip. This time we put the "act" in action.
We've tricked the pigs into thinking that this auction is a pageant.
In no time there will be makeup on our new set of cutlery.
The livestock is star struck. They're all salivating like ravenous cartoons.
Goddamn animal. You'd better watch where you spit.
Squeal like soft music. If it helps, we'll dim the lights on the floor.
Neon bulbs are the cosmetics of swine.
Everybody looks quite dazzling, trussed up in their formal attire.
You'd make a great secret if I could keep you, but we all spill our guts.
We're locked and loaded. Drip fed and bloated.
Our trigger fingers snagged in the mouse trap of the moment.
Turn the lights off on us, like a moth left in the cold. In the dark, begging for more.
When the urgency strikes you, you'd better not lose your nerve.
It's the rush that the cockroaches get at the end of the world. It's alright.
There's a pail by the bed if you need one (but you're doing just fine).
When in Rome we shall do as the Romans, when in Hell we do shots at the bar.
Last call, kill it.
We don't think in terms of the morning afters, and we don't utter a single word of the night before.
In the meantime we're just thoughtless incessant buzzing apparatus.
Disillusioned and lonelier than the last man standing. It doesn't get any better than this so run like Hell.
This is a rock and roll takeover.
Living each day one night at a time.
There were mercy fucks, there was blood.
You should have been there by my side.
This is passion, this is red handed denial.
I have no lover and she hasn't the prettiest eyes. Last call, kill it.

9. Hit Of The Search Party

No man abandon his post. A gatecrasher has called us to arms. Take up your torch.
I want this ship cleaner than a hospital ward. A radical has polluted our ranks.
Slouch into position men, this is a war. Set the traps.
We'll have that criminal's head marched through the streets on a stick.
Someone will pay for this.
We'll squeeze his goddamn brains out.
Sleep with one knife open. You can't outthink us, we've been out of thoughts for a while.
The warrior with the deadliest weapon is the one without an instruction manual for his gun.
This is a union of dunces and we are the new global menace.
Stalking the land, gnashing dull teeth, tapping our feet, sighing and humming and watching the clock.
That's what you get for fucking with us.
When we find you we will skin you alive, we'll pluck out your eyes
And the cannons will roar as we march to the capitol, dragging your hide.
Drooling polished jackboot monsters, tracking the scent of a sleeping child.
Your composure gave you away, next time it's best to cry havoc.
Keep marching, the bridge is ours. They're coming to get me. They're coming to take me away.
I'll never make love in this town again. Everyone on the dance floor is doomed. Hit the ground. Shut your mouth.
The prisoners have laid waste to the pulpit. You're in for it now. Are these helicopters for me?
Have I been appointed to speak? Then I'm going to Hell, and I'm taking the renaissance with me.

10. Pornogratheraphy

Tonight the cinema's the treatment clinic where the perverts seek the cure.
Show me the rape scene one more time for the cause.
And I promise we'll behave like perfect Christians.
We'll sing the glory of the gospel for some whiskey and a skin flick.
All rise. Hallow be my name. In this kingdom we came without calling.
The violence and the choir, the virgin and the fire. Up to her neck in tongues.
Lovely, so lovely is Ludwig Van. Electronic sonata pumped through the mud of a one-night stand.
The saints in regalia whistling while they rape. Lid clamps in vitamins.
Lift up her skirt and I'll be cured, like a junkie with a methadone addiction thinks he's clean.
I'll be cured.
Sit down and watch closely. All these whores have conceded the war.
She said, "you might be sick, but you feel alright to me."
That's enough. Turn it off. I promise I'm better. It's too much. Healed at the horror show.

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