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1. Infestation


2. The Corrupt

The masses, they gather to watch me fall from the sky. I have killed all the faithful just to watch them die. I have purged this land of their wretched kin. My reign of destruction will never end. You will see my cold face just before your final breath. You will see me in flames just before you’re fucking dead.
"Is this what you wanted?" "To watch your people die?" "As they fight to better their own lives." "Is this what you wanted?" "Look what you’ve fucking done!"
"How could you let this happen?" The fault is not mine to bear! They choose to kill each other! The fault is theirs! I told them what would happen if they disobey! They did not fucking listen! The fault is theirs! I won’t die! "I never said good bye..." "With this edge ill kill him!" "His crucifix is turning upside down!" Burn them all! Fucking burn them all! Burn them all! Fucking burn them all! Kill them all! Fucking kill them all! Kill them all! Fucking kill them all! "No!" I can’t die! I can’t...

3. Tree Of Hate

This is for all the times you said that I would amount to nothing. All the times you said that I deserved to die. You made me hate the fucking world, turned me into this beast. Those words that fucked with my head turned my mind to stone. Only with a hollow heart for killing. This is for everyone who put me down. Bitch im coming for you. My blood ran dry as my corpse forged into this machine. A girl I loved led my soul to damnation and now the cunt is back. Id fuck razorwire before Id fuck you. This is the end of all who spit in my face. I am the nightmare you wish to never dream, and when you rest your fucking head Ill steal your life away. No matter how far you run, bitch im coming for you. You wouldn’t last a month in our shoes. You wouldn’t last a day living the lives we lead
What the fuck is up now?! Look at what we’ve become! LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE!

4. The Unmad Man

I am nervous! so damn nervous! How can you call me fucking mad? It starts with the old man and his eye! So what had driven me to this, No, it wasn't anything he'd done. He was a simple kind old man. Yes, i believe it was his eye! Everywhere i look i see it staring back at me. The milky white of the moonlight his eye haunting thee! I must get rid of this, i must get rid of this, wait for the old man to fall asleep. i waited for an hour, i waited seven days and on the eighth i made my way up to his room. So patient i shall wait, the clocks are slowing down, i waited for the chance to make the final move. He lay on the ground. blood on my hands. The Heartbeat stopped, the old mans dead, i feel so peaceful now. Its time to clean this mess under the floorboards you shall stay. I heard a knocking at the door "Knock, Knock". They came in to investigate the scene. The screams were heard. I told them it was just a dream. The must know the old man is here as his heartbeat screams in my ear! I killed him! Oh god i can not take this anymore! The old mans corpse lies beneath the floor! Oh god i can not take this anymore. I am so damn nervous!

5. Conqueror

Hell has become a reality! I always fell to the feet of my father, but i can't take it any fucking longer. Now is my time to bring my hate onto everyone. Now is my time to bring my hate onto everyone. Visions of death cloud my mind. All i feel is my own hate inside. My father desecrated his followers and now its my turn to make them suffer. So i shall lay waste to them and forge my image. I shall strike you down and watch your blood soak the ground. Soak the ground. I want to hear your fucking screams as i rip your world apart. I want to hear your children scream as i fucking eat their hearts. I will spit on you so shut your fucking mouth. I will spit on you. You deserve to die. I AM YOUR FUCKING KING!

6. Ozma


7. Behold The Torment

Lend me all your ears! It came so sudden, this disease had spread upon your body infecting it with lies and deceit. You have become the follower of your own defeat. How can you just sit there and twiddle your thumbs in front of paper smiles that are easily torn. How can you just sit there and bathe in this filth a torment inside that devours your pride. This life you live is simply an abomination, your mind has been entombed as a false existence. Cleanse your veins, clear your mind, conjure that strength that been missing. Just when you thought all hope was lost you looked inside and found yourself. Its time to conquer the eternal nightmare that plagued your body with this curse. The clouds have parted the sky's are gleaming and all the glory shines above you. Your mind departs from the shore, your anchors lift from the sea these waters we shall clear, you become free. Your mind departs from the shore, your anchors lift from the sea these waters we shall clear, your soul becomes free. One chance to live your life give it all you got tonight.

8. Survival Of The Fittest

Poison spreads across this earth coating us and what do you know its reviving all of the dead. We must team up, stay strong before they all ascend before all our daylight ends. They are multiplying by the masses they’ll even craw to get to you. Fiends for the brain the moans and groans getting louder with every little passing minute. They won’t give up. The sun is going down we need to find shelter no time to be a hero its survival of the fittest. We turned around in time to see the hordes running toward us. It’s time to shoot the dead take your aim were gonna make it rain, make it rain blood, we will make, make it rain blood. You see there are hundreds of them fluid dripping out of their rotting necks. The cries of these entities haunt these winds. We are greatly outnumbered but we vow to kill them all. Kill them all. Oh I want to see them drop, oh them drop, them drop, them drop. So I’ll shoot them in the head, oh the head, the head, the head. Survival of the fittest oh fuck were really in it there lies a house ahead we must reach it we must defend it. Survival of the fittest only one thing we can do we must board up the doors so they cannot break through. Unfortunately this does not end happily. They've broken in we’re on our knees they bare their teeth so we bow to them. Day breaks everyone’s dead, black in my heart rage in my head. I have become one. I have become them. I have become one. I have become them.

9. Kingless

Your religion has misled you. Your king has led you to your death. We have been blinded by the fear that our fathers have created. It’s time to rise up and break free from tyranny! The kings last day is growing near, no longer will we be led by fear. It’s time to choose our fate and free ourselves His reign is over, standing up is the only chance left. The light shines no more.
The streets are filled with the blood of those who speak against,
“Kill those who don’t believe” they spew from their vile lungs... Salvation lies, Salvation lies, Salvation lies, Salvation lies within your heart! So stand up, find the strength, find the will, take the step and overthrow. We are gathered here today, we are here to overthrow the king! Carve his heart from his chest, Thy monster laid to rest! Fear no more. Suffer no more.

10. Bound In Blood

I curse your fucking name! The sight of you makes me fucking sick. I hope you rot cunt. You’re just a plague on the mind, a waste of flesh, a fucking parasite ,spilling filth from your mouth but bitch this shit comes back around. She took our brother from us. Clouding his mind with all her lies. Oh brother, she will suck you dry! Fuck that cunt! My brother one day you will realize that we were right! And we hope that her control over you will someday die, but just know that our bond is stronger than blood. We won’t forget this day, we won’t forget the memories, we won’t give up on you, but you gave up on us!

11. Reconstruction


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