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1. Bad Energy Troll

this is a curse

the flies are out for their feast of shit
can´t hardly see with the swarm so thick

how can I love anything and everything in a world so quick to piss all over
another's plate? how can I sleep? when did their blood pump through my tank
and burn the sky? it´s in my lungs as I slowly die away

but I can´t stand here any longer and clench my fists or grit my teeth
when I feel all of my insides, I want to cry and scream

no truth
no rights
no life
no light

there´s no light, this is a curse
I beat my fist to the bone

2. High Tide Or No Tide

serrated words
can cut so deep
they slash across my chest
and now they pour into my lungs.
they will never be the same.
have you enjoyed your selfish games

what doesn´t kill me, makes me numb

please don´t forgive me
I´m never waking up
this won´t mean anything to you
no use resisting
you´ll never get enough
this won´t mean anything to you

the hole you left
I filled with the stones
you threw and now it´s time to sink
rats will eat all my flesh and lick my bones clean

I´d rather be here than there with you

I need you to say I don´t mean anything to you
I need you to break, I don´t mean anything to you

I can´t breath with you near me
cut so deep, taking over
leave me here dead inside
I can´t breath knowing you´re alive

3. Wolfbiker

fear your thoughts is what we are taught
fear the gods that are worn and jaded
watched by our own minds
fear the eyes that we created

I can´t stop to breathe until the walls are coming down
I can´t make believe that this is all because what´s lost cannot be found
I can´t stop to sleep until the walls are painted red
the only time you ever walked on water was to stand atop my head

no real rights, thoughts, or ideas
just safety proof lives for safety proof minds
no sin. no nonsense. time to break free
no worries left about your immorality

you close your eyes and fear the gods
someone´s watching
fear your thoughts

4. Chaney Can´t Quite Riff Like Helmet´s Page Hamilton

through black and blue
through thick and thin
it takes much more to break this skin
looks like we´ve finally made it
this time we finally made it

we´ve had our backs against the wall
and all you´ve said we´ve proven wrong
looks like we´ve finally made it
this time we finally made it

we give and we take
we bend and we break
but that´s just the life that we´ve chosen
this sinking ship will not be abandoned

we´re under the radar, we´re under the rug
but that´s just the way that we´ve broken
fall in line to get what you´ve needed
out of time, so take it or leave it now

we´ve lost and we´ve won, but the damage is done
but that´s just the life that we´ve chosen
this sinking ship will not be abandoned

you´re here and you´re gone
but we´re moving on
nothing is left unspoken
the bottom line is all that we´re after
another dime to silence your laughter now

one more time
one more try

you get what you pay for

bright eyes have fallen far
but hold tight, a black moon´s on the rise
cross lines with battle scars
now you know, you get what you pay for

5. Where There Is Fire, We Will Carry Gasoline

I walk so freely among the damned
at time it seems we´re hand and hand
the same weakness; it pumps through my veins
which of our virtues brought us here?
was it laziness? was it fear?
the same desire to see another´s pain

you hold me down
making sure I still believe
no common ground
no foundation to play my feet
taking this one thing from me
so watch me drown with only the rocks underneath

hold me down
watch me drown

when a new world is just as likely as the old
the one that you found cruel
the one that left us cold

come on, come on
we´ll make it through this
open your eyes and see that we are halfway home
we´re going home

6. Rip This!

follow fools gold into the darkness not knowing what the light at the end
means, I´m the patron saint of putting it all on black when it always comes up red.

just one taste is all you need

I´m never going home
once you feel it
I´m never giving in
once you taste it
I´m going to find a way
I´m going to make it last

throwing your lies into the throats of unknowing
5 long years meet their end
we were the patron saint of putting it all on black
when it always came up red

the dream is dead!

7. Starter

something´s come over me and I need some answers
my capulet, it seems, is just a step away
we walk, we walk this darkened road
I can´t see, I can´t see at all
this joke is getting older every single day

something´s come over me

no place I´d rather be
what are the chances
it´s right in front of me but still a step away
we walk, we walk this weary road
I can´t move, I can´t move at all
this joke is getting older every single day

I´ve heard quite enough

forget, forget it all
starting all over again
regret has mounted tall
over and over again
is this our final call
starting all over again
forget, forget it all
over and over

you can´t take it from me with softly spoken lies
one more mistake may end up costing you your life

8. To The First Baptist Church Of Jacksonville

we are the wicked that walk these city streets by your light house, by the riverside.

we are the ones taken for the vandals and the thieves.
these filthy streets disgust you as they keep you on your knees.

the graffiti´s just as clear as the writing on the wall.

you want it
you got it
feel it through your veins

you want it
you got it
another dollar, another day

you want it
you got it
pray that it washes you away

you think an open mind can be so dangerous

poor hopeless sinner, too filled with guilt to see thoughts are so betrayed
pray that it washes away

9. Rolling Thunder / Mental Illness

you're antagonistic to the idea of being robbed
exploited! degraded!
misery still consumes and depresses you
humiliated! deceived!

ignorance depresses you!
persecution depresses you!
violence depresses you!
slums depress you!

greed depresses you!
crime depresses you!
corruption depresses you!
you depress you!

I stole these words from a rolling thunder anarchist journal of dangerous living

10. The Damned

it´s OK, it´s OK, it´s OK we´ve seen enough.
staring straight, staring straight, straight into the setting sun.
let the light burn our retinas and our callused skin
all you will have is anger and the money you cash in

wishing to contact, but contracts put us out
you can fool us once but we won´t be the same again

desperately seeking the fallen, the damaged, and the weakened, and the used
how can you see where you´re going when all these burning bridges block your view

we know what you need
we know what you want

crawling up from the bottom of the list
you have fooled us once but now thing´s have changed

this song will play your death

on and on we go without you

Thanks to black.santa.666 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to morphine.song for sending track #9 lyrics.

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