Dark Lyrics


1. The Coming Of Legion

scornful desire
implant the seed
glorious presence
creates the deed
victim of heaven
you're not so almighty
captive of your weakness
no hope for survival!!!

reap what you sow
death is all you gain
return from down below
belief in christ was insane

our numbers of the living
and the deceased surpass
all of your wildest dreams
now you shall realize
the future of man
in in legion's hands!

I am legion
we are many
we shall rule
destroyer of christianity

woship that bastard's book
for it was written by man
you fail to listen or look
run from your fears if you can

he shall ascend
to this satan's world
corruption mankind
you'll learn his word
into hell descends
his feeble heaven
dawns ancient prophecy
the coming of legion

they call me legion
for we are many
praise lord satan
the ruler of your earth!

2. The Autumn Burning

the dying season is upon you
first born giveth unto death
like tree leaves descending
your falling soul wanders downward

I congregate within the blackness
and hear my master on the wind
he speaks of death and scornfulness
a flame inside ignited by equinox

this is the season of dying
when the leaves turn crimson
it marks the cycles ending
and time for the living to die

their infant sacrifice - I offer unto thee
merciless, bitter and cold - like an autumn breeze
pluto come and ascend - lord of one dead!
king of hell!!!

enchanter of dreams
master of all human
decayer of false believers
enslaver of throneless heaven
I burn with hate
consumed by autumn's call
feel the fires burn
and come burn with me!

the autumn burning graves
lord dis, I obey your call
all for you, the autumn burning
come burn with me!!!

3. From The Ashes (She Rises)

born from fire
angel of darkness arises
creation of desire
heart of blackness sears

opposes holy father
daughter of satan
temptress of thee
come and take me

such beauty indeed
my evil queen
she shall arise
like a dark phoenix
returns from the ashes
may you grace this night
none can stop your spell
you're beyond death's reach

a vision of glory and seduction
from the ashes she rises to the earth
not even death can claim her soul
beware for she is evil itself

I ride the wings of death
I laugh at god's face
I escape from the grave
to rule over you all

4. In Praying Sorrow

I remember your words
to go forth and be strong
I forgotten their lies
and the walls between you and them

maybe the sky you'll ride
or the ocean you'll drift
but I know you will
ride the winds this eve
may your spirit upsoar
let us not depart forever
but be enraged to do battle
to avenge your death father

so is "god's will" the fool claimed...

5. Chanting

"I speak words of hatred"

designed my masters revenge
assigned to gods creation
affix the evil blessing
crucifix avoids your salvation
assertion of intense pain
desertion of christian promise
crawling in your blood
fall in agony from this...

evil priest chants... backwards
morbid prophets forsee... darkness
fires in hell rage
as allies of chaos... speaks

a death to live again
offer thy sacrifice
the goat shall rise
blood spilling on my altar

spells that haunt your end
tells the truth evil will conquer
radiate the wrath of sathanas
devastating hatred reigns forever
broken all your futile hopes
spoken incantations of your demise
defy foolish jesus christ
deny the maggot whom I despise

chant blasphemy
die jesus christ...
death to the heavenly
in virgin blood
we chant blasphemy
for I am chanting blasphemy!

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