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1. Enter

Escaping reality, composing life
Willingly taking commands, wired into the mainframe
Building up the machine, ready to obey
Chemically numbed consciousness, slave labour through their lives

Enter the machine, a new king of utopia
Swarm of willing souls that you are
Newtopia, the new breed
Who's the god and creator of my creed?

Losing the souls when entering the vortex of broken hopes
Injecting the machine, nerve system loses control
Willing resources, consumed in the blink of an eye
Mind numbed down, weak and abused

Building the empire
Gathering the lost souls
I'm subservient to no one
Offering the meek a new home

Kept away from the harsh reality
I offer them shelter
The empire for the submissive
And I, the highest of them all, I am the Emperor

2. New Age Dawns

First rays of the new rising sun burn my eyes
Sweating and trembling, lying on my bed
What are these dreams of decadence?
Flashes from the past or future visions?
I cannot really understand
Feels like I'm awake even I know I'm sleep

The dawning of the new age

Perfect lives... perfect days... in this new world of grace
All is free... perfect peace... empire of the sun

Once again fully awake and back in reality
A full day of rewarding work ahead
Every soul has got their duty to do
And they are happy to carry their weight
No dissonance, no scratches on the shiny surface
All is too good, too perfect, untrue

And the new age dawns
Time to rise and shine
Wake up from the unreal dream
Come, enjoy the peace

First rays of the new rising sun
And what are these dreams of decadence?
Feels like I'm awake even though I know I'm asleep

3. Humanimals

Darkness descends and the prowlers come out
They roam through the night
Looking for weak souls to join them
Looking for strength to gain

There're always rotten limbs to be cut off
But no possibility to do so
So there are voices to be heard
When agitators gather their herbs

Like humanimals, labouring
Gathering their herds
The powerless and the voiceless of the mass
The ones that have nothing

Once again they revert to their holes
Once again the dawn is their foe
Once again humanimals will gather in the night
Once again their numbers numbers multiplied
Once again they roam from their holes
And they will gather more lost souls
Their army is growing silently, the word echoes on the streets

Gathering their herds
Spreading through society

Darkness descends and the prowlers come out
They roam through the night
Looking for weak souls to join them
Looking for strength to gain

4. Losing Ground

Revolution's starting on the outskirts of the city
Spreading like a wildfire underground

Revolting mob, trying to overcome their fear
When the dusk falls they roam out from their holes
The revolution's getting near

Losing Ground

The hate against the power is getting overwhelming
They are trying to dethrone their despot, bring down their only king

Do you... realize... that they are... trying to break up your world?

You're starting to lose the ground
Should you start to be concerned?
Before all hell breaks loose
You gotta inject the cure

5. The Great Unrest

They raise their fists against you
Themob is causing havoc
Let them know who's in charge here
Let them know they'll get what they deserve

Using the power... over people... controlling the system
Show them you're king, their emperor, their god... Make them understand!

The revolting mob is getting nearer
The skyline burns in flames
They're bringing down your authority
You have to react, you have to join their game

The great unrest has started, your ivory tower going up in flames
There's a way to tame the movement, you gotta distribute the cure

The Great Unrest - Revolution's on your pearly gates
The Great Unrest - You have to act now before it's all too late
The Great Unrest - Revolution's on your pearly gates
The Great Unrest - inject the cure... 'fore it's too late!

Lawforce is trying to protect your power
But there's no way to escape
You need to fix the problem
And use the cure to tame this instability

Prepare the fix
Get ready to distribute
Tame down the uprising
Don't let those subhumans win

6. The Sweet Poison

Medicate the needs of society
Opium for the masses
To keep them tied, to keep their minds
Condemned - Contempt - Forced to obey

"The fix is in... and I can feel the peace closing in
Calming down the fall of my society"

Breakdown was near but we held back
The cure calmed down the roar
Revolution subsides humanimals fell back
The fix killed the uproar

The sweet poison, relieves the need
The need to feel free
The sweet poison, tames down the crowd
Pushes back the uproar

It's the sweet poison
Spread out in the society
Watch out, watch out, watch out...

Relieving the need to feel free
I'm the one to tie them down
Their king, emperor, their god...

7. Harvester Of Souls

Now that the people are fed, and all the dogs are counted for
I can feel the closing dusk, sundown is here
I'm in the height of my strength, I can control it all
Once again back on my feet, and the vision is clear

Drug-fed humanimals
Are now to be damned
They need to be conformed
Blunt their will to resist

Looking down on my empire, all is silent and under control
This is to show who's their master, their king... their god

"Thee shall be damned, curse on ye disobedient ones!"

Drug-fed humanimals
Are now to be damned
They need to conformed
Blunt their will to resist

The harvester of souls
You shouldn't have risen against me
Refused the addiction, medicate

What are these, dreams of grandeur?
Why I keep seeing myself falling from grace?

8. Fevered Dreams

What are these fevered dreams of decadence that I see flash before my eyes
This filthy roomaround me, I'm lying on the bed sheets strangling me

Gladly I have the cure to keep me from falling into these dreams

Fragile I see myself again, the pillars of my dominion perishing
Got to get back in control again
Got to get back before my world crumbles down, crumbles down, burns down to the ground

Fevered dreams of grandeur
Flashing before my eyes

What I see... is this real?

Fragile I see myself again... the pillars are perishing...
Fragile dreams...

9. Absolution

Fragile, this world that was created for me
Corroding inside, leaving me numb and broken, broken
These dreams, I yearn for, are not what they seem to be

Will I see another day rise?
Will I fall in another dream, once again?
Fragile, this world that was created for me

No, not for you! By you!
You can't control your own creation but still you yearn for absolution...

Deposed, degraded, back in filth again
Drown in the everlasting shame
Dethroned, stripping of the dignity
My gods, why are you cursing me?

Let me wear the crown!

Accept my sacrifice, and absolve me...
Or was I doomed to find out my own mortality?

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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