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1. Back In Life

The gate of the eternal temple is opening, it's so near...
(I am the key..., I am the key...)

I'm on the burning stairs
closer to the dark horizon.
On a hospital bed....
I'm losing the moments of my reality.
I was a sinner tested by fate
I didn't know the value of the gift of life
I was a stranger in every street
And maybe it wasn't me.................

I'm in an endless space
I can hear the beat of my heart.
My failures paid for my eternity
my bottomless well of sins is full...
I felt young for all my life
I was close to my unfulfilled dreams
Pictures of the past mean a desire and dream
Lead me through the way of truth; I want to be back in my life.

Stay by my side
I've to make a lot of things right
Stay by my side
The time for violence is gone
I pray for those lives
Which remained in front of the Gates
I pray for those souls
Whose voices I can hear every night.

I can see you all,
who live your lives without meaning
Love for your family
Hides disagreements leading to pain and losses.
I am for my doom, as like you.
But I have one chance to open my heart
At the end, we are all the same
From difficulty and disaster to the path of hope.

2. White Lies

The members of NIM (National Identity Movement),
friends, brothers and sisters to Kathrin.
Under the mask of understanding, they sway in their hands
the tools of annihilation
the planned violence is changing the vision of revolution
The reality of these days is spinning roulette wheel
Removing Erin takes its toll

The idea of a struggle for their own conviction
Fails in attempts to declare the ideal
The message engulfed in the joy of emotional motives
Turns into the hunt for the renegade
It's hard leave under the threat of uncompromising attack

Every time she turns round the corner
She is afraid they will be there.
I don't wanna be there when they break through her door
Every day now is the day of the rope.

3. Dying Memories


4. Blind Man

I was alone in a burning house,
I arrived there just in time.
This was to be my last act...
But my mind froze my steps.
I couldn't go on.

Please take my hand
And put it on the cold ground.
I swear, that anything I have not seen
I'll find afterwards.
And maybe one day you'll understand that I looked forward to this.

Where is light on my way? I'll give the stone cold heart to fallen angel
Where are their prophecy? I can't dispose of feeling of danger.
I promise, I will be praying for coming souls, theirs fates are here
There are too many worlds, which I would like disclose someday.

I was alone in a small town
I stayed there all my life
I used to hear songs of night in the cemetery
And the tones of church psalms,
Songs of my solitude....

Please show me the sun,
I want to see Mother Earth once more.
I keep seeing the final scenes
when chimeras of life are passing through
my ideas about family and coexistence with love...

I wanted to leave quietly
But the opportunity did not come.
Balancing on the edge of madness
With a black candle I extinguished the light of days.
Behind a curtain of sound I felt at home,
In a burning city with the remains of an image in my memory...

5. Identity

I promise, as I see you crawling on the ground -
Everything will come to be.
Everyone can see behind the screen
a reflection of heavenly light, but....

We lost our faith
We became lost in the future
Nothing lasts forever.
Where there are damned skies and oceans,
There is time for the pain...and for eternal abandonment.

This human race has overstepped its condition
A deformation of souls and thoughts.
We're dragging a bloody flag, colored
by the night and the reddest tears.

We lost our face
We lost our identity
Standing on the threshold of a new evolution
Which will be for us the final destination.

I do not believe anyone remembers
What exists around us.
We close our eyes and we know why
We fight for money and the children cry.

We lost our pain,
We lost our judgement.
Nothing lasts forever.
Whoever wants to stare at empty hearts
Can lift up his eyes....and thousands of phrases echo from faraway

Who cannot cross over must find his end...
That is what we chose, there can be nothing else.

6. Chimera

The moonlight mirage of damned lake
Quiet screams of souls from the bottom of the wattery graveyard
And the look of a blind old man.
An image of inviolability and blind faith
Dying memories, like a life clenched in a fist.

7. Memento

V tmách nenajdeš cestu života svou,
mračna kryjí rozbřesk,
zkus zahnat předtuchu zlou.
Tvář, co jsi znal, ve snech probouzí žal
touha pátrat po pravdě
tě nutí se zradou se rvát.

Klečíš a prosíš, chceš odpověď znát.
Kolik dnů a cest projdeš bídou?
Na konci snad vyřčený je ráj slíbený.

Klečels a prosils, v chladu svíce pohaslá
a než sbohem matce své dals.
Snad věřils, že máš už na dosah dědictví předků svých.

Však najít ten vysněný grál mysl souží,
mezi nebem a zemí jsi jen prach,
jak toulaví psi na cestách.

Záblesk a ostří už protínaj ti zrak
nepřátel záš? tě vzpouzí.
Už není z lesů cesty zpět, smrt je jen nouzí.

Chvíle je dlouhá, když cítíš věčný žár
ve stopách svých konec vidíš.
Jen stín naděje ti zbyl, po zázraku toužíš.

Pohled matný v kalužích ti zbyl, úzkost rdousíš.
Vstaň a běž, snad ještě je čas,
než vodu života rozprodáš.

8. Sanity

In the gardens of deafening amazing
I have fulfilled my destiny
beyond human understanding of life
When unspoken wishes found freedom
And the desire to awaken frozen time
And open the gate to illusion

In a solitude and understanding of human vanity
I walk through the landscape of forgetfulness.
Foggy curtains hide misunderstanding.
Not everyone can see the unwritten words
Of our destinies,
As we search for the path to sensuality

Permanently trying to leave our trace
We bring nothing into this world
And a simple life offers only a little
Of what we can carry inside of us.
In the gardens of discovered silence
I have fulfilled my destiny.

9. Strands of Unknown


10. Unspoken

Take me away, Sir, from the mirror of the past
The tears are dripping in the eternal well
And ripples on the surface create
Impenetrable cells surround the seconds of our lives.

All unspoken,
There is no one left I can confess to.
All unspoken
I can swallow up the letters of those sentences.
All unspoken,
A tongue, as carved from a throat.
All unspoken,
Writing alone on the wall of tears.

The presents has been scattered into the dust
Why do I wake up in the past?
I can see through blind eyes
Into the kingdom of the fallen.

The words I haven't spoken
Are disappearing in the depths of buried hopes.
In the echoes of unlived tomorrows
I learn to listen to the steps of solitude.

Dancing shadows create a silhouette
Of celestial freedom and connection.
I'm waiting by the wall of tears.
Outsider the borders of time, inside the temple of light.

The unspoken desires
When you couldn't peer into my soul.
Unspoken admissions follow you
You drift through my world toward my arms
Without prejudice and monotony.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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