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1. Ceremony Of Innocents

Where are your graves?
You cannot hear a bird's song.
Innocent lives witnesses of disaster.
Forgotten names what have become of them?
In wild river never can they awake.
Penetrating flames, they're calling to myself
God sees it from afar, but leaves it till the end.

If I could drive away these clouds by my strong breath,
You wouldn't have to wait for salvation and empty future

I knew the gorgeous woods and valleys
Scents of flowers and trees,
Now you are living in Lakeland and dying days.

2. Thanatophobia

The sun means day and night for us is resurrection.
Wings of years don't save our weakness
The bells of churches our joy, our care.

The room is darkened I can't hear the voice.
The dream is alive and I see you all of us again.

I crossed the dark and I see the past, here am I?
Maybe I'll breathe maybe I'll stay with you or
Beyond the gate?

We're smiling and crying, your name sounds in our ears.
I don't believe, I'm on the way between the death and eternity

And I'd like to wake in your kingdom on one day.
We're just puppets you haven't changes us, we're
Afraid in your arms.

3. Winter Depression

The night has come and tender streetlights
Enlight snowy church.
Thousand days ago you had the same thoughts

You are feel lost, without family, sinful and lonely,
Clutch cold handle of majestic doors.

That's time for the shadows of your life,
Eyes of the angels see the tears in our palms.

You're a young man with face of old man,
With scarred body and soul.
The nights are long, getting longer.

States of depression and thoughts of suicide,
Couple of perverted moments and years,
The love was called drug.

States of depression...

4. The Ancient Echoes


5. Law For Burnt To Death

Impious and sinful life, ravens nation is born.
We hold the cross of thorns in palms of blood.
Chorales sounds through the valley,
Celebration of the earthly life and lustful
Bodies of beauties mean sin.

Beings clad in the darkness from god's will chosen.
Coming to the village with finite resolution.
Accusation and deceit, holy will orders revenge.
Envoys of fornication driven away in wagons.

Stoupa jen dym a jak zalostny je plac vsech lidi
Kolem a z nebes cerna zar.
Pod krizem spi vzdy jen proroctvi a splin a tisice
Tvari uz zmenili jste v dym.
Zkousite Ihat sami sobe v motlitbach a hrisnikum
Svym smrt vykoupenim dat.
Zapalena je uz hranice vsech tel,
Jak zakon vam kaze, vse spalit na popel.

6. The Last Gate

My life, I loved you so, but can't dream about
A never-ending, sacred night.

Honesty was not my oath in the fields of love I heard
The weeping of her glowing eyes.

My time has come and I pray for all my life sins.
Maybe I will confess to god but without tears.
I'm daze by the light of the eternal way
Behind the gate of times.
Echoes of calls pray for my return,
Calls of known voices.

But she didn't stay with me behind the gate.
I know she didn't stay with me, my only love.

7. Revenge Day

She's living her short story, leading for the crime,
She's speaking to mirror of river.
Her inner fight and war against others.
She pervaded into the post-mortem scenery through mist.
So far from valley of morass, from cry of the village bells.
Her soul is not confused. Maybe mind, premonition?
Labeled a madwoman, she seeks from people,
Horrify children voices, girl with scars of decease.

She rises her fiery torch, in the middle
Of the night in the moonlight.
Slowly walking to her revenge, burning homes of enemies.
Lamentations in the wind, humans forever lost.
She's fighting for love and against hate of others.

After everything's burnt, will she feel the mercy and grief?
For father an mothers, hanged for profane lies, for her destiny,
When she defended her soul in darkness.
Without the love of god, with her god or farewell?

8. Another Sunset

In an empty house, where I had seen your face
Eternal silence came you disappeared without trace.
Behind the empty house smell of arms like a witness.

One cruelty is over, hatred breed fear
Maybe you disappeared.
If loving means losing, then love in the afterlife.

Light and dark, we always fumble at the bottom of conscience.
Slave and time, all stories of horror go repeating...of violence.

Light and dark, why do I keep the seeing wraith of your soul.
Slave and time, all stories of horror go repeating...of violence.

Stay alive, another sunset. No time to cry, I must tell you.
Oh, how I would die for you. Stay alive, another dawn.
In the meadow full of flowers and scared with crosses.
Please, wait for me!

9. The Hate

We want to be honest and satisfied till the end of our days.
Millions eyes so often are blind it's agony of mankind.
The hate is born, the hate arose from perfidious love.
The wicked people rule over this world and children's cry
In the anthem of mankind.

We know the prophecy of our ancestors of the truth,
Turning into the light.
He, who promises true love and peace, then sells the war and fear.
The hate is born, the hate arose from perfidious love.
We live together in poverty and wealth,
We destroy hearts, loving their own lives.

10. Cruel Damned World

You may hope to see wake up the sun.
Joy and happiness, strangers to your minds.
Your only certitude in this damned world is
The innocence is lost.

The songs of your fatherlands, undesired pride.
Tons of live arms are the flags of fire.
You lost all brothers, so suddenly.
This cruel damned world we still cherish.

Just silent memory sounds in my head.
So many ways to destroy mankind.
We have chosen the shortest way ever known,
Do I hear the song of freedom?

11. Shorel Jsi V Jejim Tele

Gekas na svou chvili, propadls falesnemu chtici
Je to noc zklamanych dusi, neni nic, co te znici.

Tise spi, zivotem vonici, telo mlady dcery tvy.
Odsouzena na tvoje hrichy, na dlouhy minuty sileny.
Studena samota prochazi telem tvym, telem tvym,
Vzdyt sis to pral.
Tvoje city dabel hlida, je bezmocna, chces jeji telo, jeji dech.

Pral sis horet v jejim tele studenym,
Hazdy odpor znicit, I kdyz nechce - musis to mit.
V mori slanych slz se pritom utapi,
Detsky hlas, detsky plac, detsky splin.
Pral sis horet v jejim tele studenym,
Kazdy odpor znicit, I kdyz nechce - musis to mit.
V mori slanych slz se pritom utapi,
Detsky hlas, detsky plac, detsky splin.

Proklina te a silnej rev, je tak znicena.
Posila te do pekel, kde misto mas.
S nozem ted, ses posel smrti, chces videt krev.
Je to noc zklamanych dusi, neni nic, co te znici.

Zatmeni v lebce, branis svuj chtic,
Slaba se trese, mlatis ji vic.
Nervy ti praskly, uz ztraci zvuj dech,
Jses jako zvire, chces posledni vydech.
Proc ses tu dal, skyz ztuhla uz je,
Navzdy uz spi, smutek nasleduje.
Prazdny dum, kde si zustal sam a jenom telo dcery tvy
Tu spi, zdeseni, kdyz vidis z jeji hlavy kapat krev
Ted vis, ze je bliz a bliz, den, sdy tu svou pout zakoncis.

Ghtel si horet v jejim tele studenym,
V sobe tolik chlastu, stal ses katem silenym.
Vecne ticho v zilach samotu rozleva,
Zradnej chtic zase prekonal tvoje ja.
Ghtel si horet v jejim tele studenym,
Kdyz prislo mlhavy rano, doufals, ze jenom snis.
Tak si shorel v jejim tele studenym
A prisel cas, kdys musel jit za ni,
Odejit, navzdy jit za ni.

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