Dark Lyrics


1. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

The flame is gone, but I no longer feel the cold
No greater meaning than death
Another step too far in life
Open your eyes and see
It's not the way it's meant to be
Clouded by hypocrisy
Where is the silver lining

As the seas begin to rise
We question what's the point in life
I'll trust a fate so insecure
I'll face the world no more

We're told what we can not believe
Whatever's meant to be will be
Through blackest eyes
Every cloud has a silver line
Bad luck kiss me again
Afraid to live another day
When worlds collide they say
Every cloud has a silver line

Take me away, to a barren place
Where I can be free, and see the stars shining bright
Is this the place where true dreams come alive
Beyond the realms of fantasy and fallen light
Clear the skies, the stars be my guide
On broken wings, we'll fly into another life
We try to pretend that everything makes sense
We're all a lie, missing in this maze of time

Constantly we bring ourselves undone
From fear of what we have become
Gracious we are not
Succumbed to everlasting greed
We rue the chances missed
The goals we never cared to reach
Believing there's a better way
Will always end in vain

We're told what we should not believe
We'll see what we want to see
In darkest skies
Every cloud has a silver line
My eyes led me astray
Afraid to see another day
Before the Blackened Sky
Every cloud had a silver line

2. Before The Blackened Sky

Her black eyes behold the night
Her heart as cold as ice
Faceless, yet so merciless
Deceptive in design
She feeds all life our every move
Flames have never burned so true
Beware the fire
Before The Blackened Sky

Nightfall awakes in silence
Sky yearns the heavens cry
Enshrined with lust, everlasting fuel
Relentless, and so ever cruel
Dark clouds linger near
Watch the horizon disappear
Embrace the fire
Arise, The Blackened Sky

Landscapes devoured by time
Surrender this fight
Feeling of emptiness and fear
Tales once told
Grow tiresome and cold
My cries fall deaf again

Save Me
Fore I fall again into blackness
Fore I serve as slave to darkness
Before I rise into the sky and lose all sense of reality
What's hidden deep beneath the surface
See what lies voids beyond
With the light you fade away and vanish to the night

Brazen, fire, relinquish, soul
Seventh, sinner, you will, resent, your, cry

This night, reveal yourself to me
You're not, the be all and end all
and you will never envy anyone, but you

Now as the light begins to fade
Memories so cold from yesterdays
Drown my sorrows from the past and gather strength to rise again
When lightning strikes down the earth, endless calls of death will be heard
and the gods of night will sing again for their reign of night, has begun

3. Forever Being

What is our destiny?
Another day, another broken dream
Hallucinations deceiving my reality
The screams within they kill
A lucid dream awakening
What the hell is this, staring back at me
Is it me? Forever Being

Fighting, Watching, Waiting, Hoping, One Day, You will
Dreaming, Reaching, Endless, Endeavor, Nightfall, Closing
Crimson, Rising, Zephyr, Howling, Sky is, crashing
Cannot, wake up, Falling, Deeper, Ever, Faster

I call in vain for thee
Where are you Forever Being
An arrow through my heart
A frozen face so scarred

Adrenaline is what I need
A violent force alive in me
Electric streams tearing through my heart
Imprison every corner of my mind
Strange voices circling
Embroiled in this misery of mine

Please, come, execute this pain inside of me
Alleviate my tears so I can see
Being here is just too much to take
The days get longer the more I wait for you

I called in vain for thee
You failed me Forever Being
It's me against myself and sanity
Awaiting for the end to set me free
The powers that be will break me till I'm gone
Without a cause, a reason to carry on
So empty is this state I now confide
A world away and far from being alive

4. Eleventh Heaven

How could I stand there as your life passed you by
I gave up all for you and you threw it all away
No faith can break me down
The time's out

My lies suppress your needs
Your hate controlling me
I can't hide these fears
I'm out of here

So long, I'm never coming home
Don't know what you've got until it's gone
Now I'm one with the sky, this is my time to fly
Take me higher, than I've ever been before
Leave me there and care, care no more
One moment of madness has cost you dear
You're not so innocent this time
The catalyst to all that's wrong, no remorse in sight
So far, far away from me is where you'll stay
It wasn't meant to end this way

Mastermind of your own demise
Heavens cold, abandoned
Death is not the end of life
Seduced by her

Lightning strikes (You down to ashes)
Flames so high (Intoxication)
Silver light (Exhilaration)
Say goodbye, The sky is waiting

If you could, would you turn the hands of time
Seize the day or freeze the moment
Capture all the beauty and the grace
Unite in a second life
This promise for a night
Was just a waste of precious time
We all must die alone
Take me where I belong

The world's just not the same
No clouds with silver lines
A step away from you feels like
Being closer to heaven

My eyes painted a dream
A scene beyond belief
Thought I had seen it all
What was I waiting for

Those days you'll never get them back
You broke the chains now you will burn
You wonder why you always fail, always try to find
Answers are not needed now, you've left me far behind
Nothing more to say? Another paradise turns grey
Burn me, you stole my trust
Hold me, my will you crushed
A name you can't forget
Where are you now?
You came, you saw, you conquered
but left without your pride
If you've found your own way
Where are you now?

5. Where Dead Skies Dwell

Leaders of the night will fall before me
Reaching for truth but being denied
Bleed for my sins and you won't die alone
Cross the lands of fallen snow, death it lies so close
The eye in the sky strikes again
Now we all fall victim
The shadows of night grow dim
Come walk through the gates of fire

Dead skies dwell
Deep in hell
New dawn's near
More to fear

All my life I've been waiting to see
An elegy of all I should have been
Now I have nothing to give, no reason to fight
This is my life and my future's futile

Drowning in the seas of darkness and eternal spite
Glowing in the flames of falling stars burning bright
Through these years, all my notions disappear
Blinding beams shine in my eyes from the highest peak
Tides of hell are rushing forth
I feel my mind decaying
No time to dwell in yesterday
A snowstorm is approaching

Strains of time have made my mind fall apart
Day after day, there's no respite in your eyes
Free falling from the sky, my life has been forsaken
All my demons gather to quell the fire, only flame that's burned in me

6. From The Netherworld

Craving for more we deny our inner greed
A lifetime condemned to slavery
Starving salvation, treachery
My thoughts are clouded on the path to

Insanity drives us to deeds we would never dream
Tears apart the very essence of our being
We'll travel paths unknown
Wander fields of gold
Is this what we desire tonight?
In the black and cold, we are light
Through skyline's so frail, we shine
Freezing winds blow stronger
Our withering hope is over

I dream my life away
What I've seen belies reality
This world is too vain
I wish to leave it all behind
Nothing more remains undreamed
Will we escape this hell of ours
Dreaming of the Netherworld

I close my eyes and see
A world without meaning
You can't save me now
Let me go, I'm drowning

The higher we climb the further we fall
Promised lands have failed us all
Burdens hanging around my neck
We're following a blind deceiver

Endless trails lead us round and down again
We grow weary of this numb existence
Resenting the games we're forced to play
Struggling for our own identity
We must obey and conquer (as we fall)
As we fall so ever deeper (where to go)
Where have we left to go?
What more can't we control?
Is this the end of the world we know
The dawn of an age to come so cold
With pure hatred, we cross the line
We will never return

I dream my life away
What I've seen belies reality
This world is too vain
I wish to leave it all behind
Heading for a world undreamed
Finally escape this hell of ours
Now I see the Netherworld

We gave our lives to see
The world inside our dreams
Now this dream will end
A dying light
The harder we tried the further we fell into strife
Into cauldrons black as night
It burned me inside, and swallowed all of my time
It burned me inside, and ruined all I desire

7. Starnight Rider

Born on the wings of darkness
Forever lost, concealed in time
The day which shone, yet fell so grim
Death, heartache, endless suffering
Lost in a dream, so hard to see
Life he lived, but strived to be
Something more than what's been before
A greater art, a shining force

Shadows of life fly by in the sky
Evil prevails light
Riders of night, betrayal of sin
Immortal souls once stood proud to kin
Forlorn faces, final traces
A thousand years of fire
Not afraid of what lies ahead
Not afraid to die, to signal the end

As he flies enchanted lines
Fallen stars have scarred the skies
His epic journey has begun
To overturn the dark lords sun
He is strong, yet weak inside
Too many years have slowed his mind
Unbeknownst to him, he will have to pay
For darkness reigns in the black of day

Shadows of life fly by In the sky
Evil rules the light
Riders of night, Betrayal of sin
Immortal souls once stood proud to kin
They thought they could take him
Nothing could ever break him
Prepare to taste the steel
The unforgiving sky reveals

Now the wings of terror are clipped
and the longing sense of hate is gone
Blocking paths, for the newer breed
Once doomed, never to succeed
The state I've left, can never be seen

8. Road To Redemption

For tomorrow until the bitter end
We'll stand as one, and rise to win
Our passion lies so deep
Weight of the world now at our feet
From the hands of glory
To the mercy of death
New memories begin
Along this road to redemption

Crossed the valleys and the seas
Aligned the stars towards a dream
This is where my road will end
but death and love go hand in hand
Whenever we shall lose our way
Know the gates of time forever wait
It's not what we do, but how we go
Lay to rest my weary soul

Stop to think, what have you done
You've lost your way my only son
Everyday we try our best
Only strong survive this test
We'll cross the line together
One love and bound forever
Walk on the edge of life
Give me back what's mine

Standing on these cold white winter plains
The wind is blowing cold
Forever fly so high
In agony I walk alone

Paths we walked, the places told
The only place I call my home
This road gets ever longer yet
So close but still so far from end
Nowhere's here and here I'll stay
The sacrifice I have to make
Will we ever meet again
Our road will never end, my friend

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