Dark Lyrics


1. Euphoria

When the shackles are broken tonight
Seize your chance for it may be your last
You opened the door to another world of pain
Then sought salvation on the other side
Acquire the elixir to ease your mind
Don’t you feel the need to change
The indifference that’s unexplained
Unleash me now
You hold the key

All you ever were or will be
Created in disharmony
Decimate the walls of fire
I can’t stand the heat much longer

Can you feel the release of pure adrenaline
After the bright lights comes the emptiness inside
Come back to me now as my world crashes down
Will our paths intertwine
Shattering everything
Destroying all I am
Becoming inspiration for the next generation
I am exuberance
I am enlightenment
On the verge of collapse as the next wave attacks
Let me show you my true strength now

Don’t go chasing shadows
In the middle of the night
You listen for warnings
Illuminate my sense of sight
On a cold midwinter morning
It’s all turning into despair
I am destiny
I will exist forever
On the road to immortality
I won’t leave a trace
I won’t make a sound
Exuberant touch
Exhilarant desire
Wake me up so I can’t return again
Raise me up when I’ve got nothing left to give
Don’t be afraid of what stands in your way
And I won’t forget the reason I’m here

When your back is up against the wall and you feel strung out
Anxiety will eat me alive
Then suddenly begin to die
As despair turns into delight
Persevering through the turbulence
Bittersweet emotions kill the innocence

Systematic self-destruction (is causing me pain)
Sabotaging all my visions (losing perspective again)
I’m a master of the darkness (I’m the poison you crave)
You’re the chosen one so take it

2. Ends Of The Earth

I have seen the episodes of madness in the eyes of passers by
I have felt the energy flow through the heart of catastrophic devastation
Of wilderness untouched by greed
A constantly evolving canvas
The ravages of time and knowing hollowness
Contemplating my soul

At the ends of the earth
I’ll race the dying light
To the edge of existence
Where it’s all forgiven
I’ll stand my ground
When the ashes rain down
Fear of the unknown
Drives me further onward

I have seen the sheets of ice catch fire in torrential downpours
Supernatural forces raining over me into the pit of desolation
Everlasting train of thunder relays the fears of our ancestors
Weathering the storm of ages into the blackness where I will believe again

I have become what I could only ever dream of
A wanderer between the stars, a pillar in time
Navigator of the earth and all it creates
I will survive darkness at the ends of the earth

For the air I breathe
Purifying all my senses
Ecstatic wonders at my feet
Rejuvenation of the mind
Natural constructs of the light
Universal solidarity
Will be my guide

At the ends of the earth
I’m running out of time
Discovery waits for no one
I’ll be the one who makes it through the storming waters
Understand the power of nature
Feel the pressure rise as I plunge into the unknown

Unforgiving ocean
Battering me over and over
Pulls me under as the waves crash over my head

3. Zero Below The Sun

As the red sun falls beneath the horizon
We’ve crossed the point of no return
It feels like we are drifting through the twilight
While the stars are echoing signs
Through the fires that rage along the way
In search of a higher purpose
We create foundations for a new beginning
We’ll rise from the ashes of a frozen world

Too long I’ve been deceived
I’m leaving everything behind
The memories
The shattered dreams
And misfortune that was coming my way
Death foretold as the story unfolds
Nothing will emerge from here alive
Middle of nowhere
Nothing to hold on
A cry for help was never enough to save me

In my eyes I’ve been redeemed
It takes a setback to visualise the changes to the world (darkness all around)
The curtain starts to fall
Hell froze over
The battle has just begun
I’ll march towards the sun
With uncertainty and anger inside

Zero below the sun
I’m a zero below the sun
Zero below the sun
Is all I’ll ever be

Fading away in the starless night
I’ve fallen from grace
Neon lights awaiting me
Before the rising of the sun
I waste my life on the plains of sorrow
Somewhere in the distance
A voice whispers me to the light

Resurrected by a newborn star
Until the day when death unites
I feel so isolated
One step from devastation
There is no turning back
Crimson sun sets on the earth
I ask myself
Should I trust my instincts now

All those years of insignificance
Roll the dice
Become the catalyst
The days are long and nights unending
I can’t see
The eclipse is blinding
Closing in with the fast approaching storm
Will you be forever by my side
Far from vanity
Escape from agony
Hanging onto life with grim dissatisfaction

I have reached the pinnacle of life
I’ve conquered new heights
I have the will to resist the power of the universe
And I won’t deny the glory is mine
Lay your trust in me until we’re out of sight

Fading away in the starless night
I’ve fallen from grace
Neon lights awaiting me
Before the rising of the sun
The day has come and I’m the last one standing
The leap of faith
Anticipating the fall

4. Mirrors

If we can’t accept the reasons why
We’re out of touch and cast aside
Just a limitless expedition
Through the grand illusion of reality
Losing my balance on the edge of desperation
Aspirations I abandoned slowly return
Consequence for existence
How can I find the way to deliverance

Eternal suffering within
The rise and fall of a tortured mind
Thinking what could have been
Is the death of everything
A strange anomaly
Was it all just a dream
Looking back through
The mirrors of tragedy
The challenge ahead of me
Join me on the journey
As we race to infinity

Take me back to the days when I felt alive
Living with regrets that I can’t deny
I’m crushed by the weight for eternity
To the point where I lost belief
It all went wrong and integrity disappeared
Those days are gone and there’s nothing left to lose
Turn the page and write something new
It’s the only way to truly exist

If the wheels fall off and you spiral out of control
Will you find the strength to go alone
Fallen paradise lays forgotten
Torn apart by arrogance and corruption
I don’t want to repeat the failures
Mistakes I wish I could change
Everything you do will come back to you
When dreams will come true

Don’t know when I lost my way
Don’t know where I’ll find the faith
But we all go down in a sea of flames
That’s all she wrote for me
Running away from the truth until it’s nothing but a distant memory
It’s just a fragment of my imagination
The last step in my recovery

Eternal suffering within
The rise and fall of a tortured mind
Thinking what could have been
Is the death of everything
The darkness and light
The screams of innocence
The thorns will follow me
Back to reality
The past can’t haunt me
I’m desperately holding on to the last strings of my sanity

I’m nothing but a spark in history
For many years I wandered aimlessly
To the stars we’ll make it another day
For the future’s shrouded in mystery

Take me back to the place where I felt alive
Living with regrets that I can’t deny
I’m crushed by the weight for eternity
To the point where I lost belief
In the end we’re just preparing for death
The day the when the light returns to you
Fight or flight
Dark or light
That day I was never the same again

I’m a scapegoat for an illogical system
Paid the price for a lack of defiance
Walking through the shards of broken glass
It’s a death by a thousand cuts
Reflecting myself in the mirror won't become any easier
As I crash into the wall
You're the one to wake me up

5. Cravenness

How can you tolerate this symphony of pain
When the world laughs you’ve been left behind
Questioning all the inconsistencies
That sink me deeper into misery
In deafening silence as the clock ticks down
Revelations arrive when the lights go out
Only death can break the spell
From the merciless arms of insanity

In the heart of chaos I stand alone
Watching my back for the next attack
Where I’m alienated by society
A lost cause for the outcast
It’s crawling back into your veins tonight
Feel your heart burst as it ignites
It’s cravenness coursing through my brain
No wings to bring me back down to earth

Distant messengers telling me who I should be
Dark voices resonating within
A humble introduction to the real world
Now comes the pressure I cannot take
Frustrating progress in denial
Mental instability is on the rise
Don’t patronise me with your self-delusions
I’m not to blame for your exile

Through dedication
Determination inside
I crave to make a change
Reveal my ambition
A vicious cycle
Disturbing rhythm
Shifting momentum
Until the end of time
Invasive methods
It’s killing me
Until the end of time

When the dark arrives and dictates your life and your nightmares turn into reality
When the knife cuts fine and the fear controls your every move into insanity
A taste of weakness
A thirst to break
Inside this living hell where I dwell
It numbs your senses and fuels your hate
For the one I used to be is gone
I’m just a shell of a man now
A puppet in the show
It feels like the walls are closing in and I can’t get out of here

6. Oblivion

The inquisitive eyes of a nameless traveller
Undefined and misunderstood
Only friend is solitude
Only wish is to feel the sun again
Unfulfilled potential
This search bringing me to my knees
I cry for the remnants of a life
Once flourishing

Ride towards the storm
Feel the energy flow through you and guide you through the night
Wonder what’s beyond
Follow the light at the end of the tunnel that’s burning bright

Remembering the hopes and dreams of yesterdays
I’ll never let them fade away (coming back from the brink of death)
Sacrifices I can’t forget
Now I’ve see what’s left of me
Tell me where have those feelings gone
Cast into oblivion

Staring at the autumn sun
Will leave me hanging on for someone to get me out of here
The past can’t be undone but the world keeps turning for everyone
Through the looking glass of time
I’ve seen through the gates of time and it all will be mine once again
I’m lost in the game but I’ve got something to believe in

The tide will turn when you least expect
Gates flood open to memories
Everything I touch turns to grey
Nothing will ever feel the same
Superstitious I arrive (and I die)
Silence is the enemy (of our kind)
Hunger for another chance at life
Beyond redemption I ride

Remembering the hopes and dreams of yesterdays
I’ll never let them fade away (coming back from the brink of death)
I’m back from oblivion
Hapless in the face of adversity
You turned your back on me
Ultimate sacrifice at the end
I’m back from oblivion

Until the final breath is drawn
Don’t hesitate and throw your life away
Nothing can stop me now
The doubts inside will be laid to rest as I fall asleep

I found solace in the rain
Lived to tell a tale of escape
Shouldn’t be this hard to understand
Why this land keeps leaving the weak for dead
And everytime I run
I see the damage I’ve done
To the sacred order of the earth
When it’s all said and done
I won’t be the only one

7. The Grand Becoming

The ultimate prize awaits the ones who seek redemption
In the dead of the night
Uprising for the right to a revolution
Comprehending gravity of the situation
I’m blazing through a trail of flames (as I search for)
Pioneering the great escape (what I live for)
Shielded from the elements
Relieved to be alive

In the hour of awakening
Do my eyes deceive
It’s all becoming clear now
Behold the power
Come back and face your adversary
Triumphant return of the great redeemer
The last act
The grand becoming
Don’t relent
Let your downfall fuel the fire in me

Brace yourself for the new horizon
A false sense of security is hovering
Awoken to serenity
Engraved in stone and carved into my memory
No longer held by degeneration
Mythological spirits rising from the dead
Guarding your precious life
I will not listen to what they say

There’s no way to ease the tension
Creations arise and restore the balance of power
Under cold light true colours begin to show
Seasons will change but desire remains the same

With the dying embers of the flame
We’re closer to the dawn of a new era
Break free and overcome the odds
It’s all happening for a reason
Celebrate newfound prosperity
Will be our legacy
With the sun we’ll rise again
To fight for supremacy

There’s no way to ease the tension
Creations arise and restore the balance of power
Under cold light true colours begin to show
Concealing your fate was a curse and all for nothing
Enduring the heat through the ages
A storm will rage with the force of a million stars
There’s no end to the tyranny
To end the violence that surrounds our world

Going nowhere on this journey to find out who we are
I’ve become a shadow of myself and it shows
I’m taking a chance when the night falls
No evil will take me down
Experience gained through adversity
I can’t become what they want me to be
I’m forever, I’m forever me

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