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1. Nothanx

Stay focused son and it will be all right. Although I must admit life is trite but that's all right. Keep moving on and try to
keep your mind occupied. No sense in stressing, though it hurts, memories won't die. A tear falls under a blood red sky. Close
your eyes, if you want to die, True people represent when times get difficult. Think about who's looking out. No you can't tell
me no. I grab what I can't have ... I take. I don't need your help. I knew it. I saw that shit way back when, things were
different then, all the promises and such and such. I didn't know much. You thought. I don't need your help. I help myself kid.
Life was never easy on my Mom Duke's, raising up two youths, with no loot and no future to boot. But she got it done, with out
help of anyone she got it done.

2. Time 2 Shine

1-9-9-6, it began. Spawning a king, dawning a reign. Learn to live with pain and you won't complain. That which doesn't kill
you, only makes you stronger. That which doesn't kill you, only makes you wanna kill. One day I'll reign.

Now I'm getting mine by taking yours, Time 2 Shine. All my life I hated those who had more. But now I'm getting mine by taking
yours, Time 2 Shine.

Please excuse my fucked up attitude, but I don't give a fuck about you.

3. Hindsight

Coming out of the woodwork, and here we go. On a steady climb to get mine, just so you know. Shots in the night cause two wrongs
make a right. I got mad peeps, so I roll mad deep. ETAC's got my back, no need to worry kid.

Never look back, never look back, I Repeat. Never look back, never fuckin' look back. Time to seed out the ones in which I could
confide, from all the other suckas just along for the ride. Since the day one, I was a stray one, who was there for the other
suckas just along for the ride. Since the day one, I was a stray one, who was there for there for me, no one see, and that's the
way it will always be.

Always an obstacle, but still you managed to succeed on your own with no help and two mouths to feed. Through all the fights in
the middle of the night you still raised us right, and said, "Never lose sight." Red and blue sirens and do not cross signs, boy,
those were some fucked up times. But now I put it in the back of my mind so I don't sweat it. I keep it in, but I will never
regret it.

Give me some room, gimme some room.

You killed yourself for us, and eveayr night I watched you cry. You'd sit me down and tell me listen, "He doesn't know what he
is missing." Constantly broke my heart and torn apart from the start. I had my head on straight. Life headed straight for the
ground. Until you caught grip, and slowed that shit down.

I had a dream, I dreamt the pain was gone. Headed left, right, right, left behind. Poisoned my world, grown man at the age of
twelve. There's enough hate in my veins.

4. 4 The Fame

It gave me chills the first time that I saw that nigga since he shot LaGhram. They had him locked down. he got his weight up,
and now he swears he's the fuckin' man. No remorse, that niggas cold, he's runnin' shit now or so I'm told, word up the devil
done stole his soul in fact, I heard he sold it long ago, no doubt to break out, from the ghetto that be making fiends out of
moms, car alarms, packin' heat when the beef is on. Word is bond, son, in this triteness it's all the same, watch your back it's
a god damn shame, who's fakin' jax, your best friend will sell you out and no doubt, he's makin' a name, he'd die for the fame, I
don't want much I just want everything. Die for the fame.

"Some get a little, and some get none, some catch a bad one" yo, that was my anthem. 17 long hard years of blood tears, nigga
you were never there, nigga you would never care, fuck the word cause the world fucked me, you could take me outta' hard times,
but you can't hard times outta' me.

Run your shit, bitch ... we was tight but now I look out for myself, only for myself. I'm a changed man with a changed game
plan, hung out together, grew up, you was my main man. But shit's just not the same; I'm in it for the fame.

Childhood nightmare scenes that souped his head up, his broken heart and broken dreams got him mad fed up, the pain done got his
eyes, he cried for the first time since his mother died when he was 5, sinkin' his sorrows in Jack D and Old E, just then he
wasn't glad he reminded himself of his daddy who made the pipe his wife and hit it every night, his tears were thick, his
thoughts were mad hectic he's not pretending, he's thinking of ending the reminiscing over hard times and hard luck, nobody gave
a fuck again the agony struck, he the barrel in his mouth, bit down, and just bucked.

5. Cycles

All is well life is hell, sometimes I wanna cry, a tear will never fall from these eyes. Misfortune turns to knowledge, and
knowledge turns to strength, strength helps you move on, and move on is what I did. It's what I didn't do that mattered.

Look at what you've done, telling me I don't count, and that I won't amount to much it's such I'm losing touch and it's fucked
up, the shit that had you sucked up, when I was young it was all about hate, at a time I changed my mind but now it's back to
basics. Walked through the flame with this pain in my eyes, that's all right cause I'm doubtless, I will survive.

Why can't you just leave me be, why must you stand in my way. Now I wait, wait for the day, for you to see the light I see. Look
at what you've done!

If I took your life could I keep mine? Look at what you've done.

6. Justwatchastep

Back in the day, when we had nothing, and shit was fucked up without a buck, but who cared, gave a shit, childhood lost and I
grew up quick. Hope for the best but expect the worst, get mine, survive, the truth hurts. Things don't happen the way we want
to, can't understand why true friends are so few. Shit's at a standstill and it just doesn't fit right. I'm getting tired of
everything, of try to impress, your fake, guess it shows. Fucked it up and now your slipping, looking back you'll be alone and
then you'll wish you did things different.

Keep your head up son and watch your step. Tables turn people learn. No remorse no regrets, tables turn people learn.

7. One Life To Live

When I breathe I live a little less, because with each breath I take a step closer to death. Word bond it's kinda' fucked up how
we're born just to die. Live a life of poverty underneath dark skies. Sometimes I wonder does God hear me, is he there, does he
know that life sucks, and if so, does he care, it seems as the he helps those he doesn't need to making good niggas turn illegal,
forget their peoples. I'll cheat you duke, I wanna make that green too, it's hard to feed 2 so I don't need you. Why do what's
right when it all goes wrong? Fuck that sad song, I'ma be the bomb word is bond it's on its all about the cream nigga and I'ma
live out my dream nigga and be the richest, rock the flyest clothes get all the bitches. Fuck them jealous niggas they can lick
my dick tip, and catch the stiff one son, we only got one life to live dunn, so might as well do your thing now and make the best
of it, or regret the shit you wish you did for the rest of it. We only get to represent temporarily so damn right I'ma get mine before the bury me.

8. Hold Up

I got no time for silly niggas cause ya'll can feel me nigga I'ma make a milli much quicker than ya could ever figure. What the
deal? Ya'll don't feel how I feel, I keep it real when I see the tow mil in U.S. bills. Jealous niggas try to shoot rocks, but
what they got? E-Town drops jewels non-stop, wait till the album drops. Niggas gonna be riding cock, and watch us knock their
team off the top.

Shut the fuck up, I grew up the fuckin' hard way. Where niggas don't play. Time to get mine become a star, shine, get paid. You
got nothin' to say comin' from the top cause you got no desire. I'm comin' from the bottom, and all I want to do is reach

higher and higher.

Get your weight up son, hold up, before you get your side sprayed up son. Hold up, my whole team is getting paid up front. Hold
up, you best hold your tongue, cause I ain't the one to fuck with.

9. I Got This

The future was bright, begin a new life. No more waking up at night from the fights at the bar across the street. Finally I can
fuck in peace without my little brother sneaking peeks, it's deep. I'll miss punching holes in the walls when I'm upset. I'll
miss arguing saying things that I regret. And yo, even though it was planned and we was set, I knew inside, it wasn't over yet.

As his body deadens, her eyes redden, become puffed out and let one tear out to celebrate two years out. It's two years less I
guess, moving back, losing everything got you stressed. It's kinda' sad though, we was on the map, and now we're going back. No
fear I got your back, always forever, always. I got your back, I got this.

Don't you worry, if things don't work out, (which they will) I'ma blow up still and pay off your bills. For real, I'll take
these presidents, hit you off with something elegant - a house that's lovely - have you living plushy, sleeping comfortably,
living way too dope to be having worries. I got this.

The start of another ending. If you feel hate throw your hands up, if you ever felt pain throw your hands up. You gotta'
maintain, step up and never fall back, keep it true through and through, and you can do that. Realize, open your eyes your best
friends are you worst enemies ... sometimes.

10. End of the Rainbow

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Look at me, I can see it all. I went off, niggas turned soft, view from a coffin. Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. I lost my train of thought.

Always on the E.T.A.C. and never on the defense. Defend yourself, motherfucker.

It never used to be easy, but now it's falling into place. What never came around, now is coming my way. Straight up, straight
from the streets and no fakin', I'm aching, what I see I'm taking. No time for napping, I don't believe in miracles, I'm making
my shit happen.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Hold me and lie to me, and tell me it will be ok. I won't hesitate to put a sucker on his
fuckin' back. Peace to all the peeps who represent. The few that keep it true, we won't forget.

It's time for some mother fuckin' action

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