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1. Conqueror

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Tybalt, Azrael]

Black clouds obscure the moon,
And with darkness comes death.
The coldest winds rape my soul,
As night spreads her wings.
Serpent tongues speak to me,
Whispering my name upon the wind.
With the fire of hate in my heart,
I travel across this plain.

Enshrouded by mist and sulphur fog,
I walk through the valley of death.
Harken the shrieks of dying men,
Sworn to take their last breath.
Heretics of the bible despair,
One by one they are swept away.
Confined to eternal sleep,
Among them I set my throne.

Death walks upon the earth this night,
Glory commanded by my will.
Steadfast brothers of mine,
The conquered now lie still.
Moonlight breaks upon the land,
Revealing faces of the fallen few.
Your empire lies in ruins,
As mine is built anew.

2. Under Crimson Skies

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Azrael]

I hear the cries of the suffering,
I hear the whispers of the dead.
I hear the screams of the helpless,
I hear the voice of imminent dread.
I hear the prayers unanswered,
Elapsed by their merciful god.
I hear a tempest arising,
I perceive the escalating fog.

I feel the splendour of the wind,
Singing to me like death.
Feel the sting of my blade,
Stealing your last breath.
I see the might, eternal,
The return of the pagan flame.
I see the blood of liars,
And martyrs bereft and slain.

Hark upon the maelstrom, the ravens call,
That foretells of a great empires fall.

"I can see your virtues and innocence,
Yield as I take these from you.
What must ensue, what must be done,
A prophecy coming true."

This is hell on earth,
Arriving under crimson skies.
The heathen brethren cometh,
As Christendom fades and dies.
Our kingdom will cast a lengthy shadow,
Heritage that echoes throughout time.
A monument of a fateful day,
To be remembered how we lived and died.

3. The Road To War

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Tybalt]


The sun climbs over battlefields,
We make the journey with haste.
With full clan attire,
We walk the road to war.
To take the enemy by sword and force,
And full patriotic pride.
Only the strong will survive,
So stand together my brothers and fight with pride.


As we march with strength in our hearts,
We must have the will to fight.
In honour, we praise our elders,
Upon this path to war.
With the legacy of our forefathers,
We shall give them hell.
And to show our strength on their own soil,
They will perish, die die die die die!

Within our hearts,
Within our blood,
We shall defend our legacy of old.
Upon this soil,
Upon this land,
We take your life to regain our glory once more.


4. The Call Of Ancient Times


[Music and arrangement are by Azrael]

5. Rule Of The Tyrants

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Tybalt, Azrael]

As the pale moon gracefully rises,
As all nocturnal beasts awake.
An indescribable hunger,
Ravishes the land.
Abounding coldness, full of hate
Rotten flesh, rotten dreams
Desolation lands in its beauty
To enter and never return to this world

Would you ever want to?
I think not.
With the rule of the tyrants,
We must move onward...

Forward march!
Forward march!

The sound of a gathering storm,
We raise a sword to the archaic ones.
A legacy to be carved in flesh,
A treachery that is bathed in blood.
Into eternal damnation we tread,
Into chaos, we know no fear.
For our will is greater than death.
Lightening cracks the sky.

Can we taste defeat?
I think not.
With the rule of the tyrants,
We must move Onward....

Carving this world anew,
They wield their cross of lies like a scythe.
A thousand deaths my eyes have seen,
Blessed are we with the truth..

Forward march!
Forward march!

We are the true essence of the earth,
Heathen brothers bonded by blood.
In the darkest places I see death,
In the darkest places I hear lies.
Retribution for the holy men,
Their putrid blood upon our steel.
To destroy altars of betrayal,
Upon heathen soil they shall yield again!

6. Of Valour And Glory

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Tybalt]

As we march on,
Tension grips and our blood begins to boil.
Getting forever closer to war,
To crush our enemies with all of our might.
On our way to glory,
In life or death we will find honour.
Upon this day our hearts will guide us,
Through rock and stone we have found our way.

My kin and I,
Stand now on this fateful day.
Staring at death with a glint in our eyes,
With blade and shield by our side.
We now begin our charge,
With gods by our side.
Singing our ancient song,
The clash of steel against steel.

Death is all around us,
We will fight until the end.
We must press on like legends of old,
All I hear are screams of fallen warriors.
My fallen brothers are now in great company.


We fight on and on,
We've killed many men.
With valour and pride,
This last struggle on heathen soil.
As the sun dies,
On this field of death and decay.
When we leave this world,
A new dawn shall await us all.

7. Across The Pagan Labyrinth

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Azrael, Tybalt]

Upon my throne I hear the wolven cries,
Fires burn deep in the dark.
Jubilation cries as my words take flight,
Luminous stars gild the night.
I summon you all, the ancient true,
Baptize in flame the Christian fools.
Heed my words, a call to arms,
Honour me now in war.

A splendour that is heathen pride,
Give your strength to me.

We are brothers, bonded by blood,
United we stand, together we fall.
Heathen lords of true wisdom rise,
Destroy the dreams of Christian lies.
The stench of death reaps this land,
Beset like a plague of winter.
Enthroned, creeping on the wind,
Enshrouding daylights glimmer.

The rain falls upon my face,
Yet I no longer feel her grace.
I hear cries upon the wind,
As chaos secretes this place.

Darkness and death cloud my eyes,
Under blackened winter skies.
A pyre will surely burn this night,
Claiming our fallen sons.

A splendour that is heathen pride,
Give your strength to me.

The glory of battle is surely nigh,
Our glorious banner flies ever high.
Heathen steel cuts through flesh and bone,
Brave men sworn to die alone.
Legions of men charge once again,
A battle cry pierces the night.
Ablaze with hatred and death in their hearts,
My brothers and kin prevail.

Behold as the new dawn arises,
Her pale light cracks the sky.
Across my pagan labyrinth,
Where my brothers fought and died.

8. Ethereal Forest


[Music and arrangement are by Ethereal Forest]

9. Boudica

[Music is by Ethereal Forest. Lyrics are by Azrael]

Her unyielding chariot tears across the horizon,
Boudica, Queen of the Britannia shores.
Scorned and betrayed by invaders from the east,
A bloodline defiled and a kingdom left to ruin.

The august Icenian lands shall rise and have its rightful vengeance,
Heed the words for they are forged in hatred and fire.

Trinovantes march with us, a time of strife is here,
Retribution for the annexation of our sovereign lands
To extinguish the usurper's reign, to bathe in their pain,
Camulodunum is blighted, Londinium's fate now awaits!

Fire rains from the sky, onward chariots storm,
Swords raised to the sky for our Icenian queen.

Lest we forget our fallen lands, certitude of victory nears.
Into the fray where destiny lies, for we know no fear.

Begat the slaughter of life,
With sword and spear, blood runs red.
Fire begins to rise,
The scythe of death reaps the land.
Legions fall in their droves,
Destiny graved upon their flesh.
Unrelenting rage to the last,
This is Iceni pride.

Together we marched to die, or capture our victory,
Swords were raised to the sky for our Icenian queen.

Across the waves of time, her legacy still lives on,
For she walked upon a relentless path and met with victory.
Her unyielding chariot still thunders across the sacred sky,
Her ancient crusade immortal, true legends never die.
Never die...

Azrael: main vocals, guitars, acoustic guitars and bass;
Tybalt: drums, percussion and backing vocals.

Recorded at Strand Studio in Oslo, Norway.
"The Call of Ancient Times" recorded at Mirkwood Studios, Derbyshire, England.
Mastered at Abgrund-Tonstudio, Berlin, Germany.

Thanks to marchoyland for sending these lyrics.

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