Dark Lyrics


1. Rivers


2. The Dreaming Soul

Awakened from the dream
The spirits wailing around
Behind the falling veil
After the cursing bond

The broken heart
The lusting soul
Walks down the earth
Over a trail of tears

Where were you
During my downfall
These wounds
Won't heal the pain

The broken tree
The rotten roots
The cold morning air
Revealed the truth

We are reflections
Of a delusive god
The anger, the pain,
the sorrow, the fear

Alone the ghost
Questions this world
The missing words
From the hole in its soul

The missing words
From the hole in its soul

We walk alone through this world
We're just returning home
The senses might go numb
In reveries we'll find us

Illusions come to my mind
Darkness still awaits
Trying to hook my self
In the bottomless deeps
Of despair

3. Forgotten Shadows

At the darkness of the end
Memories have become blurred
Not even I can hear the echoes
Of my final judgement

I left all behind
As I erased the reason
From my mind
As the smoke raised

Keeping a tight hand
On my own mistakes
And trying to be freed
Biting me to death

Lost and now rotten
When the past can't be forgotten
And together we fall

We tried to be forgiving
Silent words in a deaf mind
And together we fall

My weary heart, just failed at last

We dreamed an unconscious dream
We were the priests of the cease
The carriers of the disease

From the deepest of your soul
I saw a myriad of dreams
But in this mourning world
Broken promises is all that we got

In another life, would I stay?

Even these days
Still I wear the flowers you made
Still I wait to hear your name
Leaves have come and leaves have gone
But these roots still feed from you

4. The Light That Fades

As the last ray shines
After the sun sets
I fall into the dark
And the shadows embrace me

Don't cry for me
It's time to make peace
For the agony to cease
For our last kiss

And beneath the cold soil
An empty husk will lie
And not anymore
Your soul will be alone

As I walk down this road
The passing of ages wore down
Darkness caress me
Like a mother her child

The river runs empty
The light fades away
The leaves are falling
I shall no longer stay

"The night falls in these woods
The wind carries your words

No, I'm not gone,
From your side and your thoughts

5. Apocalypse In Your Mind

Maybe we weren't suppose to feel
When the sun gave us its first ray
We were captured by its radiance
But the light blinded us and we were lead astray

This world is filled with sorrow
The blackbird lies dead in the ground
Where shadows hold their last breath
And pain last eternally

All lost in the embrace of time
When hours just keep passing by
All those skulls are now our homes
The bones that once were covered in flesh

Maybe we were lost in the descent
But don't forget you'll also be there
Under the dark earth
The peasant and the king remain

And pain last eternally

6. Shrouded In Mourning

Staring at the grey stone
The wind brought a distant thought

The summer breeze, the green grass
The moon was lighting our path

The winter rain, the grey clouds
Dreams of sorrow crawling like worms

It's cold and I'm alone
Sealed in this urn
I was lost in the return

As you walked into the night
The world was chewing my bones

Will ever the longing fade out?
Will I hear again those words?

My hands were trying to reach for yours
But my skin was shredded by the thorns

The howling of wolves in the night
Woke me up shrouded in mourning

7. Time

I was thrown into the dark
I saw no light at the end
Where there's no tomorrow
And the hollow craves the sorrow

The misdeed seemed so strong
But crumbled with the lightest touch
All those scars and marks
Time will erase them all

Oh darkness, free me of my woes
In your knees I rest
There I would see the oceans burn
And all the stars fade

Hear the silence of the void
The changing colors of the worlds
Lost traces of another time
Memories from a distant past

The irony of the cruel fate
The dense fog wouldn't let see
One has to bleed to be healed
Be hurt for the skin to grow thick

8. Flow Into The Sea

Through this valley of tears we wander
Awaiting for the dream to come
And give rest to our weary soul

We're dragged, by the currents of time
Always flowing, with no stopping
Never in the same direction
Pulling us apart

After the harvest
No name on my grave
No warning signs
From sorrow and despair

We're just the shadows
Reflected on the smoke
The searing heat of life
Leaving only ashes behind

We're just the shadows
Reflected on the smoke
When the blaze turns to embers
And the embers to dust

Walking through these empty halls
Hearing endless sirens call
Erratic and pleasing songs
Tearing away the roots no one can see


The light of the moon
Shines on the ghostly field
Dark shapes looming through the mist
Where memories lie hidden and safe

Our lives are the rivers
That gather downward to the sea
We're just shadows
Reflected on smoke

Thanks to etherealdarknessband for sending these lyrics.

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