Dark Lyrics


1. Aurora Borealis

[music: Hiltula & Puolakanaho & Vetelainen]
[lyrics: Vetelainen & Puolakanaho]

Under a darkened sun they are born
When the moon is losing its shape
I'm here again to see
The nightly dance of the flames

Once my father bore his sword
To defend the clan till the end
Now he braves the battles
Between the red northern flames

In the silence of the night
I stare at those ancient lights
Which enlighten the way from the cradle
And lead warriors into the grave

They have always been
And they will never change
They light the fire of a soul
And keep it burning bright

And behind the scattered clouds
The star field of the sky
Brings back the dreams I already lost

Shall I ever be like him
The brave warrior of the night,
Whose name will be written
In the northern lights


2. Heart Of Wilderness

[Music: Kokko & Hiltula]
[Lyrics: Vetelainen & Puolakanaho]

The night's too strong
The light's so weak
This is where it all began
It's all the same once more

The times are so dark
They reach the end
The ancient omens are now here
The golden beast is free:it's free!

I seek to find
The lost piece of time
Is the dream the hidden truth
Or just a shadow of the past?

I fear to lose all that I have
I'm a prisoner of my own thought
And I can't find the way out

I look between the stars
I breathe between the dreams
I'm just the messenger of the truth
The distant voice in the dark

I see a falling star
Which makes my dreams come true
Could it be that now we have
All the time in the heart of the wilderness?

Wind through the fire
Light through the dark
Now it's the time to build something new
And break the wall of lies

The ruins of town I left behind
It's the time to choose a brand new path
And face the myths of life


3. Prophetian

[Music: Hiltula & Puolakanaho & Kokko]
[Lyrics: Vetelainen & Puolakanaho & Sankala]

A gap between the scenes
Severs the present and the time to come
On the layers of the outer heaven
Hidden omens are found

The one who seeks
May find the end of the line
But the one who also sees
Makes out the meaning of the signs

The brightest star is dying
The forgotten becomes the light
After the seventh circle is complete
Red sand will cover the ground

When the third man arrives
Red blood tames the hate
Gold turns into iron
Into the blade of the tyrant's fate

To the sign of the Raven
I connect my soul and mind
I'm a man with a vision
That is not tide to time

The eyes of the Viper lead
Me through the darkest woods
Under the wings of the Phoenix
I land onto the nest of the truth

4. Fall Of Man

[Music: Puolakanaho & Hiltula]
[Lyrics: Puolakanaho & Vetelainen]

The fire in your soul is fading
When our worlds collide
The charming serpent slithers
While an innocent dies

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire:

Cleanse yourself of all your sins
I can feel your sinful thoughts
Your looks stain my soul
You are the virgin, you are the whore

Who am I to forgive you?
Turn away from the evil eye
Obey.. You're mine..

Get used to the pain now
It's only thing that's real
I've hidden the truth behind the mask
Forever bending the truth

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire


Welcome to the afterglow of my past
The last chapter of the Fall of Man
Still, deep inside your weak heart
You know I'm the one.. For you..

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire


5. The River Flows Frozen

[Music: Kokko & Puolakanaho]
[Lyrics: Vetelainen & Kokko & Puolakanaho]

Like frozen leaves
We are falling
On to the soil so barren and cold

The rays of sun
No more warming
Our hearts now so cold

Through this field
Of the withered flowers
We go still one more time

The hidden beauty
Forever gone
The river's frozen once again

So came this time
When moonlight blackened my heart:
I can't stand this pain

The chain is broken
It's tearing open my scars:
I want to feel the flame...again

The shine behind
The frozen stream
Reminds me of your eyes

The spark of hope
Still in my heart
Shall dreams become true under the ice?


6. The Last One For Life

I hear the silent whispers,
Darkness still upon me,
All those empty words
from the buried heart

I don't know where fear ends
and where hate begins,
It's all the same to me,
Life is falling apart

Hand in hand...side by side
I walk with fate in the night

The red fluid of life is flowing right along my arms,
I feel the sweet blade diving deep inside,
This moment I've been waiting for so long a time,
when I know the last cut will be for my life

I've looked through the eyes of pain
and seen the smile of death
I've wandered in the shadows of my fears

The feathers of a white dove
were stained by darkened tears
The final tune is soon to be played

Hand in hand...side by side
I walk with death in the night


7. Sick, Dirty And Mean

[by Accept]

He's got the power - he's like a god
But he's a devil of flesh and blood
A '45 is his religion - code of silence his belief
It's a kiss of death
A '45 is his religion - code of silence his belief

You can find them in the gutter
You will find'em in your church
They always know each other
They call it family

You may end up six-feet-under
Anywhere and anytime
It's a one-way-street with a thousand lanes
And a million ways to die

A Thompson sub-machine gun made my day

Sick, dirty and mean
You can hide but you can't run
Sick, dirty and mean
Headhunters cut you down

A godfather's kiss - an icepick in your eye
Sick, dirty and mean
It's like a killing machine

Can you hear your mother crying
Can you see your father die
Can you walk away from children
Dying facedown in the dirt

But if you break a code of silence
You gotta do it all away
If you don't stop the violence
The mob is here to stay

A pair of concrete slippers -
they're all vultures all over your back


They will terminate your contract - they will finalize the deal
Sick, dirty and mean
It's a killing machine

A '45 is his religion - code of silence his belief

It's a double barreled shotgun with an Ouzi on the side


If you wanna be a songbird - there's an axe to clip your wings

Sick, dirty and mean
It's a killing machine

Sick, dirty and mean
Sick, dirty and mean
Sick, dirty and mean
Sick, dirty and mean

8. Blood Of Hatred

[Music: Kokko & Hiltula]
[Lyrics: Vetelainen]

All alone with bitter thoughts
I swear on the name of my rage
Those who made me suffer will now taste my hate

By the blood of hatred
I seal my wounds so deep
Now it's time to get back what belongs to me

I feel how my strength is growing...
I want to see some more bleeding...

I wait for a dawn to come
When the final war takes the place
And be sure you are the first one who will fall

I laugh on your grave
Instead of praising hymns
Your life belongs to me as well as your soul

By the rusty blade of vengeance
I caress your skin
I'm your saviour from the darker side of the grave

Insane smile now on my face
I cut another wound
It's payback time and I'm the one who pays

9. Aeon

[Music: Vetelainen & Hiltula & Puolakanaho & Kokko]
[Lyrics: Vetelainen & Puolakanaho]

Let the fire burn
And the ashes drown your past,
Let the rain fall down
And wash the ruins of your life

When the wind is blowing
It dries the sands of decades
A new growth is born
And it is ready for a new flame

At the moment of silence I feel like I am the one,
Who was chosen to stay and find out where this all begun
Fire is burning me
Desire to set us free

The choirs of glory
Have now turned to silence,
The sound of the aeon,
The arias of the oldest ones

Once so beautiful a flower
Has now lost its blaze,
The young fallen child
Is now sleeping so pale

At the moment of silence I feel like I am the one,
Who was chosen to stay and find out where this all begun
Fire is burning me
Desire to set the beast free

The wild stream of time is surging...
It's flowing free...
It has a grip on me...a grip on you...Eternally...

The dark dreams of the past are calling with agonies...
They are haunting me...haunting you...Eternally...

10. As I Die

[Japanese Bonus Track]
[originally by Paradise Lost]

As I die...
Stare as eyes uphold me
And wait to see right through
And curse me...The love has crippled you
Shadows haunt the nightBurning my disguise
As I die
Reaping through the truthLife becomes untrue

Sin the last diversionMy fate will be untouched
Dismissed now, the anger of a fool
Shadows haunt the night
Forgive me as I die
Taking a chance
And take what you gain
My soul it has no price
Total release is out of harms way until I can decide
You punish me, can't you see, I'm not real
Tears are flowing free, passing by, as I die

Spinefarm Records
SPI123CD, 10/01

Licenced to:
JP: King Record Ltd.
GER/AUT/CH: Drakkar / BMG

Altti Vetelainen - vocals, bass
Jarmo Puolakanaho - guitar
Antti Kokko - guitar
Pasi Hiltula - keyboards
Petri Sankala - drums

Recorded Dec'00 & May-Jun'01 at Tico Tico
studio by A. Kortelainen, and at Finnvox studios
by M. Karmila. Mixed Aug'01 at Finnvox studios
by M. Karmila. Mastered at Finnvox studios
by M. Jussila.
Produced by EToS. Layout by N. Sundin / Cabin
Fever Media. Photos by T. Harkonen.
Songs & arrangements by EToS,
except #7 by Accept. Clean vocals & vocal
arrangements #5 & #6 by J. Kylmanen.
Backing vocals #2 & #7 by A. Kokko.

Thanks to ofrimeme for sending track #6 lyrics.
Thanks to farzad_5016 for sending track #10 lyrics.

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