Dark Lyrics


1. Out Of The Eons

Fear ate my mind
Corroded my substance
Leaving me happily blind

For that what ascended
Might perish again
And for that what lies sunk
Maybe rises once again

Alien encroachment from the outside
From undefined dimensions
Lost within the night
The dreadful awaits and dreams in the depths
Desolational aura, the insane god's caress

An always distinct, disastrous scent
Putrefaction of centuries is omnipresent
This vortex of chaos grinds
Consciousness out of my mind

I saw the All-In-One and One-InAll
Where piscomorph perversities crawl
Where stridently whistling insanity
Praises all sickening sublimity

For that what ascended
Must perish again
And for that what lies sunk
Has to rise once again

Out of the Eons - Onto this world

2. The Crawling Chaos

Everyone listened -
And everyone was listening
As it lumbered slobbingly
Into sight and gropingly
Squeezed ist immensity
Through the black doorway
Into the tainted outside air
Of that poison-city of madness

Nyarlathotep, great messenger
Bringer of strange joy
Father of the millions
To Yuggoth, through the void

So from the wells of night
To the gulfs of space
And from the gulfs of space
To the wells of night

Now that we've come together
Our mind's unite as one
The stars are standing right
For Cthulhu to come
Chant the ancient rhyme
That maketh the Absu gleam
Iae Hastur c'fayak
Come forth, Archaic Lords

Shubb Nigghurath
Goat with a thousand young
Lord of the black woods
Arise and spread your breed

Nyarlathotep ... have mercy
The lightning ... no longer flashes
I can see all ... that is not sight
Where light is dark ... and dark is light

I've seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim
Where they roll in their horror unheeded
Without knowledge or lustre or name

Nyarlathotep, I call to thee
Return from the black star
That lies within the Hyades
Not far from Aldebar

3. Exploring The Depths

Your expectations, whatever they are
Blind illusions, pour justice lies far
The deal is a fraud, the bargain's in vain
The intention's exploring the deepest domain

Solving the puzzle means using the key
Time is eternal for the suffering, you'll see
The final invitation must not be recalled
Perpetual quest for the pain's last resort

Begin the procedure, your part is done
Now my turn's approaching for having the fun

The penetration of your skin
Enlightment as the steel slips in
The barbs do fasten, flesh is extent
Tissue is stretchung, repulsive intent

Let us sharfe experience, be docile to my erudition
Rejoice at all capacity of your sensuous perception

Exploring the depths
Exploring the depths

Arm yourself in patience, revel in dissection
Agony's intensity, beyond all expectations

Feed on the infinite depths of suffering
I live your fully life of anguishing
Enlarge emotions by the crucialst strain
Investigate the possibilities of pain

Enthusiastic feasting to enforce some ecstasy
Convulsivic remains of agony's enormity
Devote yourself to my most skillful techniques
For if the mind is willing, the flesh can still be weak

4. Blind Idiot God

Nameless is this ancient city
Beyond the R'lyeh gate
Blasphemies from elder stars
That dream beneath the sea

The green spawn of the universe
Shall awake to claim his own
Regurgitated from his tomb
Now finally free to roam

Praise the three-lobed burnig eye
Ascend from below through the gates
Ever the praises of mighty Tsatthoggua
And Him-who-can't-be-named

A kind of force
That doesn't belong
in our part of space

A twisted truth
That is all wrong
And can never be a fake

If heaven is mercyful
The sight I saw
Will some day efface

And if there is a god
In the heavens above
Let me live my last days in peace ...
... of mind

Blind Idiot God

5. The Decadence Within

See our cities, our civilization
Sick termite disorganisation
Ant colonies, divided in floors
Stocked up in sections
Like segments of worms

Domesticated primates strive
In ignorant mindless policy
Claiming evolutional enormity
For dehumanizing life

Crawling embryonic beings
Protected by weak crusts of ego
Yawn infantile obedience
Of vegetative decadence

Excessively producing cubic isolation
Eroding the need for communication

Sluglike, larval citizens in embryonic phobia
Roam sinister vaults inside the tombs of metropolis
Harmonized the unity of insectoid construction
Mercylessly cloning more machineries of consumption

Reveal bio-intelligence, the dominance of species
Emerge from tubular cavities, show necropolitic faces
Populate a dying world, bare of vegetation
Dwell forth in anguish, citizens - complete degeneration!

Creeping larval creatures,
No longer individuals

The decadence within

Crawl forward to obliteration
Efface in self-immolation

6. We Are The Dead

As you gain for power
Pain has been hurled
Opression every hour
It's a dog-eat-dog world

Now as you can see
Dream turns into insanity
Only the Thought-police mattered
Your dreams of a free life are shattered

Total reconstruction of the past
That won't last

No truth - but propaganda
In your head
Slowly dicovering that

Total control
By permanent supervision
Absolute power
By manipulation
No correspondence
Between facts and their representation


7. Sinusitis Maxillaris

Catching cold, infiltrating nasal cavities
Eroding, malfunctioning
Secrete production multiplied
Swollen flesh, respiration prohibited

The putrid caves deteriorate
Aural system in a deafened state
Infectious mass of virulence
Festering slime increases my hate


Penetrating sterile metal tubes
Proceeding to the core of pus
Ultrasonic waves detect the nucleus
Now injecting solvatating aerosols


Eyes gouge in, pus sucked out
In my skull, behind my face
Pressurize ... DEHUMANIZED!

Passing through membranes that divide the brain
Meningitis - consequence, damage of cerebral flesh
In chronical development, no use in sucking out
Now feel the chisel in your head's front

Free me, Oh please release me
Kill me, Oh won't you kill me
I, I can't defy
Cry, in eternal lie (to let me die ...)

[Repeat 1st verse]

Hack into the rotten holes
Recognize a spoon is carving mucus
Abrasing, infiltrating
Secretial biopsy ... HATE!

8. Evolved Mutations

Economy prevailing morality
The principle on which we are all lived
More inventions to accumulate prosperity
To feed the greed of industry

The crushing wheels of society
Greased with our bloody sweat
Spill forth some new deformity
Mindlessly blind, outrageously mad

What extent of degeneration
Can be achieved by exploitation
My generation rots at consciousness
Just mere sad crawling putrescence

Not more than raging human scum
A waste of spermial fluidum
Desoyribonucleicacid rape
A twisted mass, a morbid shape

Evolved mutations
Warped by your inheritance
Walking perversions
See us suffer without sense

A passion for dying
A craving for death
Tomorrow is worthless
We are already dead

Engineered by Heimi Mikus & D. Mohrmann
Published by NIWO - Music
Lyricks, Musick and Magick by ETERNAL DIRGE
Timo : Lead guitar & Lead Vocals
Ralf : Drums & Cymbals
Pethe: Guitar & Vocals
Boehni: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Thanks to arkon for sending these lyrics.

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