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1. Unnamable

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

I'm unknown to history
Unspoken's my name
A secret to anthropology
My existence is obscene

Where eternal darkness covers the light
Perpetually shining bright
I dream in utmost solitude
Yet, none have seen my sight

I'll ride the wind that purifies
From my watery cage I shall arise
From the world of seven suns
To mock your world of lies

So keep alive the memory
Of my ancient ways
And shadow forth the prophecy
Of a returning to these days

For that what's dead moght live again
And that what lives must die
In a world beyond your sanity
I will twist your feeble minds

I, Unnamable
Age: Unexplorable
Origin: Unknown
I'm a lonely dreamer
In my silent dome

Where eternal bedlam covers the truth
Held within our youth
I dwell in utmost solitude
Yet, none have seen my sight

Deep Ones, follow my command
Spread your seed to roam the land
None shall be where I will stand

2. The Thresholds Of Sensation

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

I am the gate, the key and the way
Deliver fulfilment through passionate pain
Such wonderous sights you will admire
Appreciate my desciplined desire

I'll reap your sorrow slowly
Inherit all experience
Perception and its conquest
Recieve acqaintance absolute
In pleasures of the flesh
In essence of the most damned order
Of black configuration
Dark miracles that lie beyond
The thresholds of sensation

My liquid shadow seeping through
Penetrating every pore
Evasion of the blackest truth
To create the purest form
Let me free you from your carnal cage
To restructure your imperfect shape
Your lack of order does demand
The complex labour of my hands

I shall fill your curios mind
Through your empty and joyless eyes
I'll force your instincts open wide
To feel indulgence deep inside

You to me are everything
O splendour of demise
Transcendence of the dark design
So simple but precise
Infinite is my holy art

3. Anthem To The Seeds (Of Pure Demise)

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

Incarnation of infernal malice
Soaked with wincing life
Far beyond the boundaries
Of phantasmagoric rage

Deep into the reeling suction
Insane eruptions of destruction

Twisting dissociation
Into the radical void
Ascending cataclysm
Of divine delight
Spawn of the underworld
Seeds from the sepulchre

Time is extinct
In the seas of the unreal
Where limitless oblivion
Floats in me eternally

O Legions of voracity
Proceed on thy way
To shores yet undreamed
To reign with thy will

By the black altar of Tsathogguah
And the leathery wings of hate
I'll serve thy power absolute
Devoted to my fate

O Prince of the black seas
Bestow on me the powers
To crush my enemies
O Master of black skies
I chant this anthem
To the seeds of pure demise

4. Feaster From The Stars

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

The potion faints my view
As my mental journey begins
To places I once knew
They deliver my astral remains

My long winging flight through the void
I have to cross the universe of light
To claim what was, is and will be mine
Infinite quest through endless time

Recreated by the thoughts
Caught in the Trapezoid
Send me through the Abyssos of radiance

Oh feaster from the stars!

I am the fulfiller
Oh prophecy of BA'Al
Come speak to me in ancient tongue
Answer the elder's call

All my life, all my love
All my soul, all myself
I will give to you

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Oh feaster from the stars!

5. Rending The Veils

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

Deny the day
Onthrough the night
The light shines bright

Force my way
To the end of day
Onthrough the night
Hunt for prey
In rust of might
The only way

It's a return
To the mother, to the pleasures
And the comfort of the womb
To that ancient cauldron of plenty
That feeds all who come before it
The wisdom men seek far and wide
But is inside them all the time

Render of veils
Point me the way
To the place where I lost my sanity
Render of veils
Waste my life
Put an end to my way...

6. Kallisti

[Music: Eternal Dirge]

7. Like Roses In A Garden Of Weed

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

We are the joy and strength of this world

As we ride over night-skies
Through spheres once unknown
The breeze of the north wind doth lead us
Back to the land where my forefathers died
Back to the shores from which truth once
All that remains is a flash of red in the snow

We are an image of time and stone
Forlorn in darkness we roam alone

We are like roses in a garden of weed
We are as wolves that wander among sheep

Their false beliefs died under our horses' hoofs
Accepting their judgement - facing the truth

From a glorious crusade we proudly return
As soul-cleansing flames of redemption still
Watch them consume all life as it dies
As corpse-fire melts the so-long-frozen ice

All that remains is a flash of red in the snow
Wir sind ein Bild aus Stein und Zeit
Verloren steh'n wir still in Dunkelheit

We are like roses in a garden full of weed
We are as wolves that wander among sheep

All that remains is a flash of red in the snow...

8. In Praise Of Biocide

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

Der reissende Sog der Evolution
Erzwingt sich das Ende
Unserer Zivilisation
Das Ende einer jeden Art
Die finale Bestimmung
Bleibt der Menschheit nicht erspart
Und das warme Fett
Tropft von unseren Lippen
Hilflos wie die Lemminge
Fallen wir von den Klippen
Wir kuendigen euch an
Den kommenden Tod
Und ziehen Energie
Aus der Menschheit Not
Ja heute ist die laengste Nacht
Gott Kutulu ist erwacht

In praise of Biocide
of death arise
Here with our feast tonight
We praise the Biocide

By infection or starvation
or the bomb
Any which way...
Extinction must come.

9. Hymn To Pain

[Music: Eternal Dirge]

10. My Sweet Satan

[Music: Eternal Dirge]
[Lyrics: Eternal Dirge]

Burn within me, pleasures
Fees my empty mind
Strengthen my desire
My perfect queen of night

And I'm receiving more
Than I bargained for
Dedication everymore
To the order of the sore

My own Satan
Oh sweet Satan
Say you love Satan
My own sweet Satan

Every man
And every woman is a star [AL 1,3]
Thou hast the right
To do thy will
None shall say nay [AL 1,42-3]
Slaves shall serve
Love is the law, love under will [AL 1, 57]

Thrown onto this world
So unknown and unreal
And no-one seems to share
The emptiness I feel

Deep within my heart
The Flame of prometheus burns
And I will swim against the tide
Until it turns!

Thou shalt not lead my way of life
Ride my soul onthrough the night.

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