Dark Lyrics


1. Risen

I was a zombie, rotting.
Dead flesh, lifeless shell doing evil.
Then God gave me what I needed to find.
To bring my soul to life.

Risen, renewed in mind.
I am Risen. Risen with Christ.

My old sinful nature has died
and my new life is kept with Christ.
I am becoming like the one who raised me up.
He is the son.

Risen, I'm filled with love.
I have my focus on God and things above.
I am risen, renewed in mind.
I am risen, risen with Christ.
God gave me life.

[Solo: 1st Cory, 2nd Tommy]

You, you too can rise
Renew, renew your mind through Christ.

2. Power

The King was born in
Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene.
The Cornerstone begins His ministry
in Galilee.

Power from above.
Power to rule with love.

Prophet, teacher, savior.
Gods begotten Son.
He heals the sick
The blind to see, the
Christ has finally come.

Power, His story
Power, His glory
I'm not ashamed of the
Gospel of Christ
This is the power that
brings us new life
Power, The mercy gate
Power, a new life by faith

Persecuted by government
they could not understand
How could this Jesus before
them be both God and man
He was crushed for out evil
Punished in our place
He died for us, He rose again
Receive his saving grace


3. The Search

My search for You has come to an end
My hopes and dreams were not what they seemed.
Christ is the truth and the way
(I found out for myself.)
He lifteth me up and carries me away

Seeking for the truth. And you will find.
Find out for myself, no more lies.
Lies were told to me, but truth has set me free
Freed my mind
I have found the way, Know the only way
Seek out Christ.

I try to help you, cause you are my friend.
Your hopes and dreams are not what they seem.
Christ is the truth and the way.
(You'll find out for yourself)
He'll lift you up and carry you away.


[Solo: Cory]

4. Overflow

The day of atonement has come and gone.
Christ sacrifice sufficient for all.
The only son of my God above is my scapegoat.
His love for us it overflows.

Overflow, God fills me

When I was in a pit, God lift me up.
When I'm least deserving, He shows his love.
Jesus took my place on the cross.
He came looking for me when I was lost.

[Solo: Cory]

5. Things I Say

I am afraid I've let time slip away.
Do you feel betrayed now that you've turned to clay.

Things I didn't say to help you find your way.
I let you go astray, and now you've gone away.

If I had portrayed, would you have fallen prey.
Reaching out to late, gone is yesterday.


[Solo: Cory]

On my knees I pray, help me learn Lord from my mistakes.
Those I meet try to persuade.
No more living a pale charade.

Things I always say, to help you find your way.
So when you leave this place, Jesus you will embrace.

6. Fearless

Study the Word of the Lord, learning lessons taught
If God is for me who can be against this child of God

Not by might nor power, but by Gods spirit.
Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has removed all fears

Look at me can you see, strength and boldness.
I'm Fearless

God has never given me a spirit of fear.
But of live and peace of mind, and words for you to hear.


[Solo: Cory]

I will serve the Lord my God, even unto death.
And I will praise His holy name, With My Dying Breath!

7. Imminent Destruction

Woke up this morning, shot out of bed
When I heard the sirens running through my head.
Turned on the TV, saw my darkest fear.
Imminent Destruction was finally here.

Spoken by the prophets so long ago.
We should have seen the signs, we should have known.
So blinded by our wealth, we are spiritually poor.
Materials we worship will remain no more.

In the last days, like a thief in the night.
World peace deception, Imminent Destruction.

So much I've never done. I'm to young to die.
But the fear within me as I pray subsides.
Although it's not your wish, some will never see.
I want to thank you God, for your mercy on me.


[Solo: 1st Cory, 2nd Tommy]

8. Alive

Resurrection, Eternal life. I live through Jesus Christ.
Because He lives, inside of me I shall never die.

I am alive. To die is gain, to live is Christ.
I am alive. I'm saved by grace let God arise.
Let God arise in me.

Separation from my sin, as far as east from west.
Be magnified in my body, whether by life or death


[Solo: Tommy]

For God so loved the entire world
that He gave His only Son.
That whosoever believes in Him
Is covered by His blood

9. Turn

Seeking your face. I'm in need of all your grace.
Patiently I wait, for you to show the way

My open wound, in my pain I turn to You.
Choosing to believe, you return my hope to me

I will turn to You again, help me lay aside my sin.
Take my shame and make me whole again

More of You in my heart, solid from the start
Fill my cup, lift me up from this pit I'm in

[Solo: Cory]

I will Turn

[Solo: Tommy]

10. Hunger

Hunger, a hunger in my soul.
I hunger for your word.
I hunger , only you can make me whole.
You satisfy my thirst, I hunger.

I have strayed from your will on this path I've chosen.
I had closed up my heart, but now it's open.

Here, here am I.
Come, come live inside.

Hunger pains in my soul, telling me I'm empty.
Well I can see what I need, Your word can complete me.
Cannot move, cannot think, without You with me.
What I need, You freely give. Renew my thinking.

[Solo: Tommy]

11. C.T.G.

Disillusioned, by all you've seen
Men who tell lies and hypocrisy
You take all your pain, you stand alone
Struggle with life, peace never known

Come to God, come to peace
Find real love, find real strength

Things of the past, are leaving you scarred.
You have become, bitter and hard

No greater love, a man has known.
To lay down His life for you alone.
For you are my son, dead in your sin.
But you can be made alive again.


[Solo: Tommy]

12. Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground, I take the land I've found.
I claim this place for God, so his word abounds.
Where I tread, I'm Holy Spirit led.
I stomp on satans head with the word I spread.

God is here, can you feel him near.
I can shout my praises to him cause I'm feeling no fear.
Where I stand, I'm taking back the land.
Because I stand upon the Rock and not on the sand.

I keep on stomping.
You're on my stomping ground.

In my life, I'm walking in the light.
God is in control and I feel alive.
And so I live, I take my thoughts captive.
Subject my mind because it's not prohibitive.

God controls, I took Him in my soul.
The landscape of my mind Jesus calls His home.
Think it odd? In my mind He trod.
My thoughts are not my own,
they belong to God.

[Solo: Tommy]

Joe Chambless ‒ Vocals, Bass
Cory Boatright ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Tommy Torres ‒ Guitars
Kirk Campbell ‒ Drums

Thanks to blaze_13x for sending these lyrics.

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