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1. Inheritance

Dead silence so thick that
every word makes enormous noise
Immaculate able to penetrate
My thoughts the stream of consciousness

Their mystery
Obscure as much as their sins
I'm here to know the truth
So let the trip begin

My power is the result of common people's ignorance
Hidden behind the ancient rules
My old twisted body expresses perseverance
Great knowledge heightens courage
But I can't escape from my hermitage
I'm just a tool in the hands of god
His will but my tears sweat and blood

Free of supremacy plunged into secret codes and formulas
With geometrical harmony
I sketch thin line between my faith and your trust

I'm cursed for all I see
My dignity
Raised monuments that will last for centuries

No more humility
Replace me if you think you could understand my visions
Stay away I create chaos with a surgical precision

My mystery
Obscure as much as my sins
I made the most of the chance
So I leave you my inheritance

2. Everlasting Mmanderers

Gust of wind on my face as I strut
Dust in throat mile by mile
Everlasting wanderer
Doomed to the eternal exile

Running blindly to the goal
That is as misty as our future
We are driving along at a crawl
But the path we walk doesn't draw to a close

Never will draw to a close

Blinded by a vision of new life
For the hope I sacrifice my youth
From nodding I feel the pain in my neck
I am the one who was proved right in the end

I know the legend will come true
Sail to discover something new
We're walking in through open door
Leaving the world rotten to the core
Drop of water on the desert's sands
All the rage captured in one cell
In the darkness lives the stream of light
To build "New Heaven" I find power in my own hell

My own private hell

3. Broken Link

Before the dust falls down
The fury turns to peace
A figure stoops under weight of the crown
Looking for target to spread deadly disease

There's too much suffering
I know who pulls the strings
The witch hunt has begun
For spoils they broke the link

Being in the center of attention
With my indifference I contribute to this nightmare
Their blood stings my hands
Their screams inside my head
It is a matter in which my life is concerned
The fire, the pyre made of books that must be burned

Involved I turn the blind eye to injustice of others
With my work I earn the favour of the fathers

Persecution in good faith
Flames leave no doubt who's guilty

I did not a hand's turn
When they were cleansing infidel souls

4. Flying Over The Freetops


5. A Pure Formality

The wind brings the news that the new one arrives
The night shed a tear driven to despair
The fate does not belong to him anymore
He must take part in spectacle the nature prepared

Life, it is nothing but a clean
Blotted out and patient sheet
What a great responsibility
For this who holds the pen
Reminiscences of youth
Closed in the old photographs
Testimony of reality
Writing it down is a pure formality

I can see him sitting at the table
In manners and gestures he behaved so exquisite
I'll never forget the words he said
"The world you brought to life I often visit"

The darkness came
Scenes before my eyes
Now I know
Where the truth lies.

I close my eyes I can feel no pain
The sound of blast echoes in my head
His face with a worried frown
I can see myself lying on the ground

Life, it is nothing but a clean
Blotted out and patient sheet
What a great responsibility
For this who holds the pen
Reminiscences of youth
Closed in the old photographs
Testimony of reality
Writing it down is a pure formality

6. Catching The Falling Knife

In the shade of skyscrapers
Live the children of crisis
Their minds are absorptive
Fed with empty promises

Catch the falling knife
In captivity the animals rarely thrive
Wealth whets appetite
For victory in this unequal fight
Who's gonna cease this nightmare
Only the strongest will survive
They put their hands in the air
To catch the falling knife

Classification of priorities
The obligation of receiving the highest fees

Devaluation of our points of view
Denomination of the law and rules
Observe the fluctuation of the sense
Bumptious speeches to close our emotional balance

7. The Source Of Constraint

Balancing on the edge of a dream
Unfamiliar faces passing me by when I'm tottering
Behind the wooden door the smell of dust and mould
In the shade a silhouette sitting back to me

Peaceful mood causes
That warmth replaces coldness
Tension's in the air
Interrupted by words said with care

"Don't be afraid
It's the beginning of your journey
And I'm filled with fear
I'm must hurry before it reappears"

"Cut this crap off
You don't have the right to talk in this way
He is not ready
To hear what you want to say

For hundreds years
I've been imprisoned in the human's shell
I am the source of all conflicts
I chime the constraint bell"

"The Evil is his fodder
Parasite gnaws my flesh and soul
To New Home is calling him your voice
Your consciousness will make the choice"

He rose from his chair
And was the old man again
That I wanted to embrace
'Cause I looked in my old, wrinkled face

8. The Day When The Sun Went Out

Shake yourself free from torpidity
Rub your eyes to see the nearness of insanity
Lightless corridors too winding for the goal to be seen
Walls imbued with blood watch with silent reproach

Trapped in the maze of their own rage
Ground burns feet and hides the curse of the age
Is there any chance to save humanity
When the only view is a rod of your own cage.

Reload your gun bearing on mind that the last bullet is destined for you

Country underground
Oxygen is running out
In the day when the sun went out
Dripping water measures persistence of time

Candle's burned down and I feel so tired
The limit of the common sense allotted by barbed wire
It's our private war
Senseless as the true one
In the day when the sun went out
Killing is the only fun

9. Two Minutes To Fullmoon


10. Killing For Killing Time

Come for more you hungry one
With drooped head you reach for more
Eagerness to satisfy your primitive senses
The stream of information turned into sea of madness
Another turnpike in the no-man's-land

We're drowning in the absurd
Trying to count what's simply surd
With white gloves we touch the dirt
Pleasant jingling works like lure

Wipe your screen dripping blood
To see your turned in grimace face
Cheap tricks to entertain us
Fresh meat for brainless masses
The closer is the precipice the more I quicken my pace

Message sending
Without personality
No chance for self defending
Canned reality
Artificial tears
Vanity and greed
Make the wish

I ask you 'where's the limit
When can I forget about my pride.'
Let the show begin killing for killing time
Extorted taste, obedience
Affected laughter lasts too long
It's like a snake-charmer that makes us all dance to his song

Murder in prime time who's gonna resist
Temptation of being beholder
Watching through fingers yet public negation
The weapon is humiliation
You laugh at one's faults but your screen is the mirror
Curiosity drives tide of the market
Creates cast to another performance
Boredom gives the chance of degeneration

11. Fire


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