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1. World In Flames

Fighting for money, fighting for death, shaking the enemy, beaten and shamed
Riding fast out the sunset, devils and horses advance
Thunder and lightning and honour, the army of sabre and lance
Destroying and laughing and slaying, leather and metal and blood
Death is the lie we are living, hungry for battle and war

Digging the graves for enemy, for us, it's our future, the planed suicide

World in flames - what remains after conflicts
World in flames - how to stop nonsensical wars
World in flames - where's going the humans race
World in flames - it looks like Armageddon

[Solo: Pajak]

Howling pain burn like sun, out of break black inside
Evil grins, creep and crawl, lost the race, cancer grown
[missed lyrics]


2. Kill All Of Them

Look into the face of danger, I know how to make a dead
I don't want to make a deal, might be murdered in your bed

Make them deaf, make them blind - Tooth for tooth, eye for eye [x2]
Make them die [x2]

Don't touch me when I'm dead, can't believe that I'm here
Cold in the arms of the dead, leave me now, admit your fear

I know all the words of power, all about the witching hour
I know the reason why you're scared and here comes your nightmare


[Solos: Pajak]

Wake up, don't run, I'm here, I came to kill you my dear
You could start to dig your grave, slaughter in the room, make my bleeding day
I'd like to feel a pleasure to kill, easy to be cruel, hard to be kind
Tell me what do you feel, your slowly death is make me glad



3. Travel In Past


[Solo: Vitt]
[Solos: Pajak]

4. Sacred War

Black or white, death or life, Satan - God
Destruction, creation, right or wrong

Grave or torch, fire and water, earth and air

Heaven and hell, inmortality and death, silence and noise, darkness and light, hush and scream
Sadness and glee, love and hate, fortune - bad luck, fight or give, future and past, reality - dream!!!

Outbreak of war, light and noise, explosion
Survivors, hunger and death, radiation

Every night, every day, deathlike silence
The end of world, the end of civilization

[Verse & Verse 1]

[Solo: Pajak]
It'll remains only powder and dust, some people will restore a human race
No countries, no cities, without divisions, it's only the last battle for their life

[Solo: Pajak]

They lost by pride and greed of some of us, primitive tests of human resistance
Now teaching theirselves to live without hate that this situation will never repeat

[Verse & Verse2]


5. Nightmare

Your life was my nightmare, suffocate, muted, crushed your burden...
Existence...The end of your life become my obssesion...
The purpose which I wanted, desire to live for, I released by you by killing you
Forever you're gone!!!

[Solo: Pajak]

"...in pain I cried for my beloved" - Joy, relief, realization of life mission

Huge hangover was a blessing, alone to forget about you,
Not what I've done I still stick knife in your heart once again

And you still come back, worse...uglier...and more and more I hate you!!!

Blood on my hands - hot, uncongealed...I revel in the view in the thought that you've gone
I killed and I'll do it again, I'll kill my nightmare!!!


6. Unreal

I'm the system, I'm the law, I'm corruption, worm in the core
I'll tell you everything, the best of lies, the Prince of wounds, the Lord of Flies

No one hears the scream, faceless crawling fear
Dead voices speak through me of all the things they see

Lie back and dream of me, red death to set you free
Black terror stalks the night, I turn the screws to make you die


You hope it's only a dream, despair - you can't resist
No one knows your name, learn to fight the pain
Wonder - worker, doing death, killing all, friends and foes
Wonder - worker, from the dream, create evil, it's nightmare

[Solo: Pajak]
[Solo: Vitt]

[Chorus, Verse & Verse2]

7. Atlantis

Wicked land, where is the future, I will wander about the world
As long as I live or secure the objects I reach the heaven on this world or I die

I feel like a wonder - worker, I feel I could to change the world
I hope I am the chosen one and I'll bring the light to this land

I need to go by the mountains, by the forests, by the rivers and seas
I need to go that to search my life, escape from the death and seeking the light

I create my own reality and it will be for other people
When I'll access to the end of my way I'll change the future of human beings

[Solos: Pajak]


[Solo: Vitt / Solo: Pajak]

No sympathy, sex and outrage, endless fights, people will never change

[Solo: Pajak]


8. New Land


[Solo: Pajak]

9. True Lies

The sacred wars, the crusades, the nation's terminate and all done in my name
I decided their fate, thousand years of misery, years of torture in my name
Your eyes will adorn my crown, Your bones will build my palaces
Christianity - go to the church - Pray to your God - for victims
Fall to the knees - kiss the cross - Listen the God's words - created by me

[Solo: Vitt]

I rule over the world, I create the truth you believe
I create your morality, I decide your fate

I'm emperor of lies and I'm creator of truth
My name is religion, I'm the politician

Thousand years of misery, years of torture in my name
I'll lead you to your destiny, I'll lead you to your grave

[Solo: Pajak]

10. Guitar Explosions


[Solos: Pajak]

Line up:
Pajak - guitars and vocals
Vitt - guitars
Lud - bass
Bart - drums

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Fonoplastykon Studio (VI 2000 - IV 2001)
Music by Marek Pajak; Lyrics by Sui except "Nightmare" by Panek

Website: esqarial.czademall.com

Thanks to yog_sog for sending these lyrics.

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