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1. On The Edge

Don't abandon yourself to the grief
Don't fall to an abeyance
Don't give up cause you're young
Fight with your second side

Don't waste your time for other things
Don't wait for a requiem
Don't hide yourself by the cross
Fight with your own demons

Thinking about my life
Thinking about the past time
Waiting for the answer from God
Waiting for the end of the world

Fighting for my right to life
Fighting for the justice
Thinking about Devil's deeds
Creating my own reality

Let's blessed the man
Who has won with his pain
Who has taken the possession of his fear
Who hasn't sold his skin

Researching for the other side
Wishing to my self a long life
Awakeing in the wall's shadow
Living in my own world

2. The Butcher

He's got his victim, he's killing her slowly
He feels nothing except the ecstasy, the excitement

He is smearing his body with her blood

Butcher... Butcher...

With an axe he's chopping her body
The suffer
Doesn't express what he has done
But it's too late
She's stopped to breathe, her brain was shut
The butcher's standing over she and loud

It's not a man, it's a wild beast
Without any feelings and conscience
People like to watch his next victims
Son of a bitch with no response

3. Galley / Intro


4. Obsession

Obsession- it's all your life
Obsession- chained the mind
Obsession- the war with yourself
Obsession- obsession

Don't kill the true
The evil is inside you
Go to dance with the fire
Don't block up your desire

You place your trust
In an invisible man
You must understand
That's a mistake

Fear before your God
Will reign over you
Fear before your God
Will kill you

The pearly gate
Is not a true
Your life is waiting
For your move

Fear before your God
gets poisoned your life
Fear before your God
Fills your mind

5. The Earth

The meadows' green, the flowers' smell
The sun's brightness on the sky
Birds' are returning to their sides
And searching for forsaken nests

Only for you my mother Earth
Only for you I'm coming back
And my heart's beating like not my own
I want to see my natal home

I've sought other places, but I couldn't find
My soul has still gone astray
I've desired your death, at least I've still loved
I've dreamed about the doomsday

An eagle is winging in mountain
He's seeking a refuge for him
I'd like to reach the sky with wings
If I could get the wings from him

I feel the land under my feet
I listen to the flowed stream
Why did nobody help me
When I've heard only my own scream

6. Invocation / Intro

7. Silent Lamentation

Was it a great sin that I was born
I haven't hurt anybody yet
Can't you understand me � I exist
And I want to live in happiness

What do you think where could I escape
Before your view, before your anger
Why am I cold and you're again drunk
Do you've to live me alone in the dark

Children slowly killed live in fear and pain
Don't understand what you want from them

What did I do I haven't had a childhood
Is this my fault that I was created

Children slowly killed live in fear and pain
Will be in the future our only way
The fruits of life, the flowers of life
So starved, so lean and still naive

I didn't deserve such a treatment
For the five years of my life

8. Amorphous

Fascinated by the nothingness
Conquered by the vision of the decay
I'm looking for my lady
The queen of life and death

She has come in the white
She has knocked to my door
I feel the nearness
She is my companion

Plunge the steel edge on my breast
Where my heart is rapping
Close in the cage forever
Waiting for your help

Close my eyelids the last time
Make me your eternally servant
Make me the patron of death
Make me cold and make dead

Defeated before my time
Destroyed by the brutal side of life
I'm waiting for my lady
The queen of life and death

The heart has stopped and with it time
I feel the death's nearness
The dead man life eternally
I'm forever youngI'm forever young

9. Centurion / Intro


10. The Earth (Instrumental Version)


11. Reality (Graveyard Caves)

What do you feel when you look at me
Don't you think that it's happened already

All those faces are looking for a
something new
Is this somebody who can amaze them

I think I've seen it somewhere,
An awaiting crowd
What may I give them to make them glad
Does a verse read from the Holy Book suffice them

The silence of graveyard caves
The whispers of cryptic tales

There are the two realms of shadows
First in hell, second on this land
And in the simply way
Satan must watch yourself

Graveyard caves...

Pajak ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Sui ‒ Vocals
Lud ‒ Bass
Bart ‒ Drums
Vitt ‒ Guitars

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