Dark Lyrics


1. Silent Hunter

Alone in the dark
I feel the enemies come
After all the fight
I welcome the night
Hidden int he shadows
I'm prepared to strike
One mistake and your life will be mine!
Target found, fire that will
Turn off your life
My soul is cursed
The job is done
My gun is my life
i need to keep alive
So I'll return to my homeland!
I work alone
My crew was left behind
Silent hunter they told me once...
Cold minded, and eagle eye
This nightmare has frozen my heart
Adversity may kill me at once tonight
Mission complete
That's the goal of my life
When the snow turns red
A life will meet the end
And once again, I survived
Cause I'm the best
Victory at all cost
Victory, despite of all terrors
Victory, however long and hard
The road may be
Now I stand alone on top
My eyes need some rest
And look back and see what I've done
It's time to rise above the flames

2. Eternal Life

Maybe you love me like before
Maybe it's not the same
I want to see your dark and red eyes
I need to feel your lips again
Maybe now it is over
Unfinished thoughts around my mind
Your words haunted my cold heart
Let me touch you one more time
Love is just the biggest suffering
As deep as the ocean
As far as the stars
And it's black like our heart
I'll never know how they found me
But like a knight I'm waiting
Ready to fight for you
Memories are killing me
How I've missed you
Cause you are blazing through the sky
But in my heart
You will live forever
Give me some sight, from far away
Help me believe
Wait for me a while
I promise, in time
We will be together
Don't let me fall and make me love again
On my eternal life

3. Where The Rainbow Ends

Now the skies are turning black
Can't you feel my aching heart?
I need you by my side
But you'll leave without me tonight...
Can't believe this is my life
I feel I'm fading out
You won't look into my eyes
The truth is painful, we know that
Remember those lonely nights
All by myself
Remember crying at last
After you left me behind...
Now I see my mistakes
But the time never comes back
You will not understand
Life will never be the same
If you find a place to forgive
I'll be waiting till stars fall
Find me where the rainbow ends...
I know you are not coming back
You can't deny my love
We are running from where we are trapped
There is no way out
My life is now lost in time
'Cause I cannot feel my heart
You will never understand
What we had to leave behind
Can't you see my crying eyes?
Why are you so blind?
Can't believe it's over
What I need is a beating heart...
My wounds won't heal till the time
We are together again
I feel death is coming
I would rather not face her at all
Let her, take my soul

4. Desires And Mistakes

Desires and mistakes
Put in my way before me every day
They seem to bring new end to this tale
My problems, I can't share that is something
I'd rather not say
My heart has conducted me to his lair
I thought that man was bad
But this brawl got stronger in my mind
Come little thane of mine take my heart
You looked my face again
I wish I could stop but it's too hard
This feeling was the same
I got damned
I finally realized
A fake feeling, a lie
Another spell to cast, and with your smile
Another broken heart
I try to realize my mind is out of me
Now can breathe again
Cause you complete me
Hell is now your life
You better like it
My heart calls your
So I will break it
Take my eyes with you
So I can see how you
Brake your feelings
Now that you've forgotten me
Dry your eyes on me
I'm on my knees for you
Love me, trust me, your lies sicken me...

5. Angels Never Gone

I remember when we used to talk every single day
Rays of light in cloudy days
When you say the words
This will never end
Now the wings have sent me so far away
Moon is rising, I'm the loneliest soul
Who only thinks of...
Fly with me, until the end of time
Will you follow me home?
Memories, forever will remain
Because the angels are never gone
Never gone...
In the night I've seen an image of you
Hoping it was not a dream
I would like to look again
Deep into your eyes
That is all I need
I count the days to seeing you
Wish I could speed up time
Moon is rising
I'm the loneliest soul
Who only thinks of...
I'm looking to the biggest star
Lost in the sky
Wishing you'll be there when I go home
Say my name, say it once again
I need to hear your voice, call me
Smile for me, it's my ecstasy...
Tonight, I only think of you

6. Knife

I do remember
When you opened that door
The time has stopped
But the memory is still burning
Don't hurt me, please I said
But in your eyes there was no mercy
The night was so cold
My tears still have blood
'Cause what you did
Has killed me inside
Listen to me, my friend
If you don't care, nobody will
Don't you feel, the disappointment
When someone put you an end?
All the human kind is going to do the same
Kill your friend, or do it because
He'll stick the knife in you
Cheat on your lover
'Cause he's gonna cheat on you
Listen to me, my friend
Life is so long and hurtful

7. Shine No More

Long time ago
When there was peace on the Earth
There was a lonely man
Who, in the night, hunted the prey
Lost in the shadows
When he smiles he showed the death
Strong like a wild wolf
He used to take lives
Heroes of town
Seek for him until night came
With the hope to protect their lives
But the time for us has come...
For thousand years
I have been suffering this tragedy
With all this rage inside
Trying to get back to life
Don't wait for me
I will rise again
When the sunlight shine no more
My heart beats again
Remember what I've said...
He was in love
With a girl who seemed like him
Two nightmares at the night
Eternal souls born to kill
Lucy my love, he said
One day we will rule the world
But the dream disappeared
When the humans...
Burned Aaron's cave
And condemn his soul to Hell
And she stayed alone waiting for him...
For thousand years
I have waited for you
Crossing through the seven seas
Trying to understand
If everything was in vain
Don't wait for him, he will rise again
When the sunlight shine no more
My heart beats again
I'm forever yours!!!

When the sunlight shine no more!

8. Disappear

I would like for just one time to live without fear
I would be so much happier if you just disappear
Sometimes, I think of you and smile
I smile inside
I smile because you are not here anymore
I want to live without fear
And close my eyes cause you are near
There's a disguise over your eyes
I found myself trying to hide from you
And all the memories
But anywhere I try to go
Your shadow still haunts me
Taking the only thing I am
Knowing how to break it
And makes a living out of my own ashes
Better shut your mouth, if it's going to tell lies
You are no longer my sweet valentine
So hard to forget you, I miss your eyes
I said I'd never trust in love again
You make me hate everything I like
And make me regret for everything I've said
You didn't want anything I am
So I became all that I hate
It was my fault for speaking the truth
You weren't ready for it
It's always nice to watch you go away

9. The Little Warrior

Far, far away, in a barren landscape
A little boy would become a warrior
Fighting among darkness, he will prevail
Little boy, carry on
No one can help you
Defeat your enemy, with gallantry and bravery
All big foes and even worse
They are no threat
Because you stand alone
Because you have the warrior heart
Several years, slaying monsters
Leaving the fear, and becoming older
Fighting among darkness, steel will prevail
Fight on, crush them all
You keep on trying
Flame of my soul, lasted for so long
Burn the foes around me
Slay them all, use your sword
Cut the Devil's throat
Fight to survive, fight to prevail
The last gasp you must spend
Seems you have won, but evil always turns back
Now I realize that I've become
Blindfolded by pride I've forged my path
My memories seem to fade away with time
Laying here, my mortality is revealed
Stand up, wield your sword
Your time is yet to come
Fighting among darkness, he will prevail

10. Hero's Name

This world has a lot of injustice
And unfair moments...
We need someone to trust
And those are your friends
We need a hero who can save the day
Against the evil of this cruel Hell
In this nest of whores and vipers
Ambitious of this world
We have to deal each day
Struggling a way out of this nest
We are losing our faith in love
You have the strength underneath it all
Open your heart, let me see
The courage inside your soul
My friend, don't you go away
Don't you forget the hero trapped in your heart
There's no time to go back
We have to fight
They're hungry of our innocent souls
We have to strike before the hope is gone!

Martín Miciudas – Bass
Max Mazzera – Drums
Sebastian Di Vito – Guitars
Iván De Noia – Keyboards
Luciana Queirolo – Vocals

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