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1. The Gathering Of Witches

The Gathering of Witches
They will not burn
Deceived and led by the master of all

Beware of the snake
Beware of the three legged rabbit
Stealing the potions of life
By piercing the walls
Three drops of blood while casting the magic spell
Church bells gives the power of flight
Bringing chaos and disorder

Master, black hooded priest
A face of evil, with horns
Clothing of iron underneath
Directing the pace

The gathering of witches
Hear their song

Förbannad ware min fadher och modher
Förbannad ware syster och brodher
Förbannad ware himmel och johl
Förbannad ware mane och sohl
Förbannad ware den, som pa gudh tror
Och alla dhe, som pa jorden boor

Hör deras mantra om och om igen...
Förbannad ware min fadher och modher
Förbannad ware syster och brodher
Förbannad ware himmel och johl
Förbannad ware mane och sohl
Förbannad ware den, som pa gudh tror
Och alla dhe, som pa jorden boor

2. Dance Of Darkness

The rider of the black horse arrives
At the dance of the king's hill

Charming the guests and hosts
Elegantly he moves while his eyes are
Searching for beauty
He invites the fair little Anne to a dance
No one can ever turn his offer down

A dance never seen before
All other stop but the violins
The music refuse to stop, the song went faster, faster.
Fingers staring to bleed
Violins of blood and dark eyes

The Dance of Darkness, levitation.
Like the wind they rise to the top of trees.

Blood pouring like tears in all eyes
All gaze in red under the spell
They saw his feet up high, the hooves of a goat

A scattered audience running of fear
The dancing couple slowly fading away
Stories have been told of a crying girl by the lake
Never to be the same again.

3. Dispellation

Unholy seed, unholy breed
Poisonous death
Escaping from shame

She died alone in silent misery
The pain and loss of her newborn love

Her soul will never ever rest
See her pale face in the window so dark

The man of the church prays for her soul
The power of God has failed again

Her haunting shadows still remains
Unstoppable powers from beyond

She died alone in misery
The pain and loss of her newborn love

The wisdom of the woman from the old age
The old ways of spirits and ghosts
Bury all traces of the newborn child
And she will leave you be

4. Boatman's Call

A man in coat unknown
A voice so dark and cold
And skin pale and white
He walks throughout the land
Sickness and death in his trace
Men reeks of fear when he arrives
Slowly by foot he scorched the land
Until a river of greatness appears at his feet

Driven by a force from beyond
He must pass to complete his task
No one can deny his will
He can turn himself into a friend

Deceiving and deadly he is
And the boatman
Fooled to row the boat to the other side

After the crossing he said:
"I will not pay you
I'll give you a gift
A blessing from plague
When the others will die
You will live"

The boatman returns to his shore
Finding the mark of the plague
All are dead
Left all alone, he search the lands
All he ever found was death
The boatman's call
A wish to die, torment of solitude
The boatman's call

5. The Mistress Of Wisdom

A castle that holds goodness and wealth
Stands tall at the shore
In the land of the hammer
A mistress of wisdom so bright
And knowledge so fair
She Rules without fear
And without any despair
A castle of darkness at the other side of the river
With all of the trees tied to the blood
Of the dark lady of total deceit
With a hunger for trophies
She sweeps through the lands to retrieve
Damned are the ones brave in their heart
Who disobeys her command
In a gathering of power the two mighty ones
Finally have to meet

Darkness and greed is nothing compared
To the wisdom and knowledge she said
The light is too strong for the dark to prevail
Deprived of her pride her defeat
Degraded she crawl back to her chamber
Biding her time in the shadows
A seed of hate is starting to grow
Practice her dark arts to gain strength

The trees that she once gave her blood to be grown
Withered away to the ground
Strengthened her power and clouded her mind
Vengeance is all that she seeks
Hate has been growing in the past seven years
Building an army of darkness
The white mistress hear the sound of the steel
The sound of war inside the castle walls

Her inner eye can see
The day has come
The day of misfortune

She burn all the corners of her castle to fall
Upon the white horse she ride
Escape from the darkness and flames

The winter so long tearing her skin
A ride from her home never to return
The river she must cross
Warriors of the dark is at her heals
The breaking of the ice on a river so fierce
Seals her destiny, the world is in tears

6. I Djupet Så Svart

Förlustelse, beslöjar hans sinne
Det gömda och ensliga lägret
Fattigdom driver förnuftet iväg
Förhopping äger hennes själ
Hasta, svartklädda skepnader i natten
Mot boning i skuggan de rusar
Lögnen bäddar en brudsäng med rosor
Med taggar av gift

Slut ömt dina ögon medan famnen
Värmer din kropp
Kväver det brinnande hjärtat
Tills branden förvandlas till stoft

Spring du lilla flicka, rädda ditt planterade frö
I baten hon far sitta, med lugnande artag av kraft
Han plagas utav vanda, men lycklig hon ska bli
Därnere i djupet sa svart hon sjunker ner
Tills vattnet har tagit sin skatt
Ensam han ror i natt

När tidens tand har begravt
Hans nesliga dad
Och bröllopsklockor klingar
Sin Förtrollande klang
Mot det resta altare de tar sina steg
Brudar tva hans sida nu delar
Ena en blomstrande fägring
Den andra bleck och halögd med brudklänning vät
Hans sinnen har nu svikit hans lugn
Ensam han fick ro i natt

7. Seven

A child open his eyes for the first time
Meeting a world of the old age

Mother no worthy, denied by the witch
Marriage forbidden, a bastard child
Still the boy was born
No father nor protection
The curse of the Grandmother

Two years of sanctuary, safe and sound
Then the night consumes his mind

Not to be seen for seven years and seven nights
Seven is the key

His soul is leaving the flesh and leaps into a wolf
Howling and preying, the moon is forever
Searching without knowing what to find
Blood of the unborn will break the chains

Call him by his name
And the wolf skin will disappear
Father of cries
Granma of despise
Seven years and seven nights

Worn by The Years the witch is weak
Grandma's pain in the bed of death

Regrets of the betrayal of blood
Removing the curse
Chose the moment with care
Call him by his name
When she dies

Mats ‒ Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Ragnar ‒ Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Tord ‒ Drums

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