Dark Lyrics


1. Awakening Of Insight

2. Winternight

End of a nature's cycle,
becomes in a silent death.
A ruler through centuries
gets the victory
with a solstice medal.

It is a cold night to live,
evocating the winter charm.

Freezing my bones,
a cold treasure in a chest
with golden leaves
and a book of memories
to sing the History.

This bonfire smell in (the) air
talks about my childhood,
about places where I was.

In thousands of snow horses,
with an iced shield
and a crystal sword,
the Winter Lord returns.

Hell of coolness ones
the city in this winternight.

The naked trees doing
a symphony of winds,
blessing those ice stars in (the) skies.

3. Between Light And Truth

Awakening for a dream,
History becomes a fake.

All that was evil is good,
all that was good is evil.
Oldest cities want peace
and mystic woods to think.

The dawn-bearer says:
"You want light or truth?"

Sorry for you, innocent one,
reality sometimes is not like in books.
Another vision about mankind
a new beginning of thoughts.

In cosmovision tales,
Creators are the writers.

Oh Morningstar!
Inside you, the key!

The hang-man got
an upside vision of all;
a new perception of forms.
Inside this prophecies of soul
to find your own truth in tale.

"Because truth comes with light,
but light not always with truth"

the seed in gold,
and gold in light,
and light in truth.

4. Dusk Of Oblivion

Chaos appears and doubt is your enemy
We're alone to seek in the spirit

See beyond the time,
the dusk of life is back.
Within me the oblivion falls again.

A tired soul for centuries
of wars and sorrow,
that disappears in the fog

Follow and embrace me

Return again in ages,
the dusk of life is reign.
Within me the oblivion falls again.

Once my mind
led me to dark places,
a tormented past
where in other times (I) lived.
A hidden secret
about own philosophy
comes to me again in dreams

With every heartbeat feelings come,
the past takes form and shows
in your world

A soul walker,
in the seas of night

Follow and embrace me

See beyond the time,
centuries of past, the dusk of life,
a shadow in oblivion

5. Nosce Te Ipsum

Welcome to my dark abyss.
Come here,
if you want to find me.

Your mind is the place
between the earth and the sky,
where (you) find all you need,
where (you) fly to be free.

No religion here, only eternity.

Noscete Ipsum,
and (you) will know the universe
and the gods.

You are in my dark abyss.
All the knowledge
inside you.

Inside you a universe
waiting to be discovered,
and give the powers
hidden for centuries.

No religion here, only eternity

Noscete Ipsum...

The power born,
the mighty comes,
the force in you

Noscete Ipsum...
Noscete Ipsum...

6. Sunrays Of Hope

Sunrays of hope,
enter in this ancient
virtuous place,
making a grey afternoon
in past images.

Times of tranquility,
Times of reflection,
Times of change,
Times of remember.

Melancholy angels,
receives the rain
in this cold stone temple.
Where time does not pass,
and oblivion comes.

Times of tranquility,
Times of reflection,
Times of change,
Times of remember.

The ominous clouds,
run through the sky
while sunrays of hope
trespass the cenital
playground of time.

7. The Walker

Here I am,
stopped in the start of the road
with my travel-bag of wishes.

My ancient memory of feats,
that in other lives happened,
today will be my faith.

A long road
draws in front of me,
surrounded by holes and trees.

The sky guides my path,
a soul like compass,
destiny comes.

I belive in my force,
to reach the end,
and the victory of wishes,
that rules again.

Before I should
travel through,
learn with proofs
and wisdom.

I begin the road,
there will be heat and cold,
but I never will stop

8. Quinta Essentia


9. Stonehenge

A tale of the Arcane age,
Druids walk and fly
through the wisdom of time.
His beauty robe and magic hands,
with old books and new ways.

Bring your blood,
to the sacrifice stone.

Mighty power from Nature,
comes to celebrate this gathering,
and a blue-silver light
embrace the stone circle.
To reborn your own self.

the sound of myth creatures.
the power of Earth.
The apprentice has left his corner;
all the skills live in his mind.

the sound of myth creatures.
The Order of Gaia awakens.
Nature and Gods wait for the illumination,
under this Solstice night.

Masters beyond all times
prophets of future insight!

10. The Destroyed Pages

I wanted to make a perfect world.
I tried to be a loved one.
Once I built illusions
in an unreal place.
I wasted my time
trusting in wrong ones.

Always we want peace and love
in a world of wars and pain.

The Life's Book has a dark chapter
about hypocrisy and love.

The yellow pages of experience
are wisdom for you
and these sad words
will be your sword.

Destroyed pages of fellowship
and confused trust.
Nobody can be saved,
unless (they) want to be saved.

The dark side of my loved ones
a shadow in my mind,
an unpredictable song
with anger notes
and sorrow chords.

Maybe I need to stay alone
one more time before the dawn.

Maybe I will stay alone
always after the storm.

11. Bleeding Moon

I can see the Moon crawling blood,
it's the time to live inside this power.

Your hands can touch
this endless time,
your soul... is transformed.

The Sun turns to darkness,
and (the) Moon turns to blood

Before great day arrives,
before great time comes.
And will die...

Bleeding Moon,
in the sky appears
Oh, Bleeding Moon

It's the end of this time,
think and fight for your life.

In prophecies the Moon
crawling blood,
and the Earth absorves
(the) anger of gods

Your eyes can see this endless time,
your soul... is transformed.

The sun turns to darkness...
Before great day arrives...

Bleeding Moon...

In the end, of the Nine,
born and die, to survive.

12. Equinox

The Earth changes,
transforms the Heaven
in a darkness landscape
drawing a weak Sun in an old page.

A cold call, soul under this arcane sky:
The shattering of the warmth.

Equinox, transition of Sun
Lament of the autumn

Behold and feel
everything is falling here:
souls fly
and the look (at) all the ache

Golden leaves, in a damned path.
Bringing the cold to your soul
Fall of Sun,
again and again... forever.

Enter and quest,
the real meaning of night,
while stars advance,
breathe the dusk
and moonlight.

From West to North
from North to Orient,
from Orient to South.

In the zodiac an ecliptic,
motion of Sun.

13. Indigo (While Poetry Is Written)

The night sleeps again on sunset,
a young man with an old soul,
waiting for the future,
crying in vain, crying inside.

Under a silver Moon,
protected by a pagan pentacle,
with a twelve-rayed Sun,
crying again, crying alone.

Keeper of a forgotten poetry,
warrior in a hyprocrisy world,
apprentice in Arts of Heaven,
crying for justice, crying for you.

The last incarnation of Indigo,
comes to care this world,
maybe he can rest in peace later,
in the duality.

Direct from the bowels of Earth,
comes to live once again,
between Heaven and Hell,
and play with darkness and Light.

Men without loyalty, malicious ones
and censorship swords,
menace of hunt and death,
nothing will be enough.

In this mourn, mistery of life exist,
with tears, gods warns to beings,
in night the young man prepares,
while poetry is written.

Pablo Pompa ‒ Drums
Francisco Roldán ‒ Keyboards
Nahuel "Ky" Blade ‒ Bass
Matt Tallón ‒ Guitars, Vocals (harsh)
Ashe Alder ‒ Vocals (clean)

Thanks to ashe.alder for sending these lyrics.

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