Dark Lyrics


1. Ars Moriendi

My hate is deeper and stronger than ever!
rabid schizophrenia
is destroying my own soul but not my kind
some live, some kill, some die
feel your essence purified as pus
this is infamy
a subliminal fire
hysterical lunacy
beholding the illuminated spaces
contaminating my own suicide
for the weak and worthless masses
for I am the narcissist
neurotic, addicted
and I am full of death
may the wrathful hell be my eternal place

2. Physical Comatose & Mental Overdose

Death is all around me
I can feel the cold, can hear the silence
This is the time I've yearned for over the ages
This is the last call accelerate
Thus his voice will resonate forever
lunatic heresy is rising!
Repeating voices, blasphemy and chaos
Are my will!
I still feel the cold, still hear the silence
Reach my dead body
Spit on me, slice my flesh into pieces
Suck my blood over and over again
Vomit on me, cut my skin until it seems
Like the corridors of emptiness
Seep into my veins !

3. Unmensch

Stay away from that fucking shit
Belief! is my sworn enemy
Blood we shed, Blood we swallow
Blood is the answer
To all your prayers
To all your fears
so sick, razors are painting the skin
So overfucked is my brain
Bleached truth would be revealed
As the nature of living!
Within my skeptic scene
Of all (the) pleasures in one hand
The one hand will wash the pain
I will retrieve my pain
With all ascending snowhite in my scale...
(Go and get your weapon.
Be deprived...of all that you have inside)

4. Ignorance Is Bliss

If the time stands still
Your guide will disappear
Until I chase my shade
I'll walk the same way,
Ignorance is bliss
Close to the end
I found myself
I found it..Fucking Hell!
I found myself
Illuminated by the darkness...

5. Ultimate Sterilization

Look down upon mankind and it s destination
feel it..so close to your mind
all I want is to manipulate your lives
I abandon you with a knife of lust
this is an order !
stab them in the back
I will never pray to your god
Fuck you..I am another kind
Do You think I ever believed your lie?
With all disrespect to your side
This is my only way out
Ash to ash dust to dust
Dehumanization is our must

6. Worthless

Inhale the dust
Dismiss all calculations
This is the age after humans
Civilization, flags, religion
Don't exist any more
They forgot that wisdom should lead
(they) let the weak and the corrupted breed
Constantly banished from every captured field
Now it s turning out Suffer and bleed
DEATH reclaims the earth...
Final existence of the human era is demolished
A fucking sustained slavery is vanished
Father of surviving servants hail the new king
Now it s turning out Respect and bleed !
Initials How can t you see .. How can you dare?
Visions.. Why can t you feel .. Why can t you see?
Death reclaims the earth...(you fools)

7. Spread His Word (Fanaticism)

Now...look at yourselves people
you weak, you feeble creatures
And I will commit myself to death
To His glorious duty and eerie majesty
look at yourselves people
you weak, feeble creatures
did you see the blowing
are your eyes kept closed again ?
And I will commit myself to death
To his eerie majesty
Yes I will commit myself to death
To Him!
Set off the dynamites !
infected is my heart
for I can hear your vulgar voice
5 times a day!
he was everywhere
he is everywhere

hi will be everywhere
just one path
the one. And the only.

Thanks to astraldivision for sending these lyrics.

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